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                                               IRLAM & CADISHEAD COMMUNITY COMMITTEE

                                                 Minutes of meeting held on 19 January 2012

                                                        At Irlam & Cadishead College

Meeting commenced: 7.10pm.       Meeting ended: 20.45pm.

PRESENT:              Ann Cavanagh - Poorlots Allotment & Leisure Society - In the Chair - Voting member

Councillors:          Roger Jones - Irlam, Christine Hudson - Cadishead, Jimmy Hunt - Cadishead, Joe Kean – Irlam

Voting Members:       B. Myles - S.R. Hospital, G. Marshall - St Clements, Irlam, Sue Ness – Ladies Craft Group, Sybil Norcott - Irlam W.I.
                      John Morley - Rotary Club, Nancy Heap – I&C Hazard Initiative, Mary Cherry – Local History Group, June Winspear - Irlam

Member of Public:     Y. Yates, D. Hall, Joshe, J. Hickson, Chris Williams - Cad & Irlam Labour Party, John Donaldson - Dean Road, Glyn
                      Treharne, Saeed Ali, P. Hodson, Tracy Kelly - Labour Party, Tracy Townson, Jackie Wright, Lisa Brealey,
                      Resident- no name supplied, A. West, B. Edmunds, K. Barr, Vic Palmer - PROBUS and Salford Older Persons Partnership
                      Board, C. Wall, Mr. Lever, Mrs. D. Lever, Mr Rogerson, Mrs.R.Rogerson, Y. Yates, Joan Morgan, Marion Hassall , Keith
                      Hassall, Resident - Boundary Road, M. Dixon, C. Nelson, D. Pike, Tomo Reilly - Community Plots.

Officers:             Julia Block - Health Improvement Team, Stephen Hands - Urban Vision, Martin Vickers - Area Co-ordinator, Dawn
                      Williams - Salford Community Leisure, M. Pringle - G.M. Police, P. Elliott - G.M. Police, P. Greenhalgh - G.M. Police,
                      Gale Blackburn - Salford Ranger Team, Fay Flatt - Community Arts Officer, Salford Community Leisure, Ursula Sossalla-
                      Iredale- Neighbourhood Manager, Chris Trueblood- Community Development Worker

Agenda item/Subject                                                                                                      Action

Apologies were submitted on behalf of John Walsh, Terry Handsley, Cllr Bramer-Kelly, Sean Kilgarriff, Jean Dodd,
Norman Lowndes, Steve Moss and Insp. Jill Gorse.


John Donaldson had been wrongly noted on the attendance sheet as Joyce Donaldson.

The item regarding the Parliamentary Boundary Review was incorrect and required the following corrections: - Irlam &
Cadishead would be part of the Leigh parliamentary constituency, not Leigh County Council.
- Salford would be reduced from 2 constituencies to 1, not 8 to 4.
Martin Vickers, Area Co-ordinator agreed to circulate the final submission.                                                  M. Vickers

RESOLVED: THAT subject to the above corrections, the minutes of the meeting held on 17 November 2011 be
approved as a correct record.

Containers on Boat Lane.
Stephen Hands, Urban Vision had sent a second letter regarding the concerns of the Community Committee. No reply
had been received to date.                                                                                                   S. Hands

Cadishead Fit City
Dawn Williams, Salford Community Leisure, had confirmed that the music volume had now been reduced.

Astley Road.
The road surface had deteriorated, mainly due to use by H.G.V.'s. Irlam & Cadishead Community Committee had                  S. Hands
approved funding repairs from the Highways Devolved budget. Work should start in February/March 2012.

Parking problems on Cromwell Road.
Cromwell Road residents were in attendance at the Community Committee meeting to seek the Committee's support
in pursuing a solution to parking problems on Cromwell Road. Specific incidents were raised, including ambulances
not having access and a school bus being blocked in. It was also noted that there was no filter on the traffic lights from   S. Hands
Station Road to Cromwell Road.

The following actions were agreed:-

- Stephen Hands to investigate possible solutions and costs and raise the issue at the next Highways Devolved Budget

Group meeting. Uschi Sossalla-Iredale to advise Cromwell Residents of date of next Highways meeting.                   S. Hands/Uschi
- Enforcement action to be taken against inappropriate/illegal parking.                                                S. Hands
- Reminder to be sent to school staff re. considerate parking.                                                         Uschi
- Stephen Hands to contact Traffic Control to see if phasing of traffic lights can be changed.                         S. Hands

RESOLVED: THAT the above information be noted and agreed actions taken.
Irlam & Cadishead Police had relocated and now had a Police room at Irlam Fire Station. Opening hours for the public
were Mondays 10am to 12 noon, Wednesdays 5pm to 7pm and Fridays 3pm to 5pm. It was noted that this service
was not well used as the public now favoured contact by Twitter, phone and email etc.

Sergeant Mike Pringle from Irlam & Cadishead Neigbourhood Police Team presented the year to date crime figures for
the area and the following points were noted:-

There had been a 41% reduction in reports of anti-social behaviour over the past 12 months. Hotspot areas for youths
gathering were the Moss Vale Estate and the site of the former Council offices on Astley Road.
Criminal Damage had increased by 5 more offences this year. Incidents peaked during the bonfire period in November

Domestic burglaries had increased by 24 offences this year, with the majority occurring during the night and in
Cadishead. Police were targeting their resources to tackle this problem, with PCSO's carrying out 'super cocooning' of
30 addresses within the immediate vicinity of the burglary. Community Committee members suggested that
Cadishead PCSO's should attend the Homewatch meetings. Sgt. Pringle agreed to liaise with Barbara from Homewatch
to arrange this. The Community Committee thanked Barbara for all her hard work with Homewatch.                         Sgt Pringle/Barbara

RESOLVED: THAT the above information be noted and agreed actions taken.

Gale Blackburn, Salford Ranger Team, gave a presentation to inform the Community Committee of the work carried
out by the Ranger Team in the area during the past year. Gale gave specific examples of how the work related to the
City's 7 pledges.

RESOLVED: THAT the Community Committee thanks the Ranger Team for the work carried out to date and looks
forward to the projects planned for the coming year.


Fay Flatt, Community Arts Officer, explained that her 18 hour post was part funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and
the Community Committee. She gave an overview of the projects she had undertaken in Irlam & Cadishead during the
past 12 months and outlined the priorities for 2012 and beyond. Community Committee members noted that the
Irlam arts sign was obscured by overgrown trees. Fay agreed to get this investigated.                                    Fay

RESOLVED: THAT the above information be noted and agreed actions taken.

Details were submitted of the recommendations made at the Irlam & Cadishead Budget Panel meeting held on 3
January 2012.

RESOLVED: THAT the recommendations made at the Irlam & Cadishead Budget Panel meeting on 3 January 2012 be
approved and that the deferred application re Neighbourhood Beacons after further discussion at the Parks and Open       Uschi
Spaces Group be rejected.

Uschi Sossalla-Iredale, Neighbourhood Manager explained that, due to costs, advances in technology and
administrative changes, the format for publicising community news needed regular evaluation. It was no longer
feasible to produce the Irlam & Cadishead Community Committee newsletter - although Community Committee
funding had been ring fenced and was still available for this. Community news was currently being publicised via the
'Friday Focus' bulletin. Community members had indicated that there was still a requirement for a paper newsletter,
so a proposal to include community news in the M44 business directory had been investigated.

Uschi distributed some sample copies to show what the new M44 Community magazine could look like. The
magazine would be delivered monthly to every household in Irlam & Cadishead and would create four part time jobs.
Partners had also been invited to partake in the enterprise to promote their own news.

The Community Committee requested assurance that the directory would be distributed well in advance of the events
advertised in it. They asked if it would be possible for the 4 part time jobs created to be allocated to local people.
Subject to these requests, they advised that they were in favour of the proposal.                                        Uschi

RESOLVED: THAT the Community Committee endorse the proposal to have a Community News section in the M44
Directory, subject to their requests regarding timely delivery and employment of local people being                           Uschi


Stephen Hands, Urban Vision gave an update on local highways issues and the following points arose:-

Speed tables on Lord Street: The Highways Inspector had inspected the speed tables in both directions but found no
actionable defects. Community Committee members disagreed with this verdict. Stephen Hands agreed to inspect                  S. Hands
the tables.

Cutnook Lane - particularly near Moss Farm: HGV's have a right of access on this road. Defects will be repaired on
the adopted section - but the part over the M62 is not adopted so no repairs are currently planned for this section of        S. Hands
the road. The issue is being further investigated.

Bollards along Liverpool Road: Bollards in the centre of the road were in a poor state of repair i.e. dirty and/or not lit.
Orders had been issued for repairs.

Tesco - Steps: As requested by Mrs Cherry, Stephen Hands had written to Tesco re. the steps.                                  S. Hands

Lights at Crossfield: The lights had been switched off as they were detrimental to the flow of traffic. G.M. Urban
Control were examining signal timing along the whole stretch.

Cadishead Park - Crossing: Surveys by the Accident Reduction Team did not substantiate a crossing. A new pedestrian
count would be carried out when the estate near Hayes Road was complete.

Traffic Calming on School Lane: Consultation had been completed and found to be in favour - traffic calming would go
ahead. The road was being increasingly used by H.G.V.'s (especially P.P. O'Connor vehicles). Stephen Hands to                 S. Hands
telephone P.P. O'Connor to discuss this. He will also request a weight restriction for the road.

Liverpool Road parking bays - near Cadishead Park: Vehicles could not pass through due to road works by National              S. Hands
Grid Gas. Stephen Hands to arrange an inspection.

Moss Side Road and Prospect Road: Community Committee members asked if a 20 mile speed limit could be imposed, S. Hands
due to the school. Stephen Hands to investigate.

Stephen Hands advised that the January 2012 Highways Works Programme and the November 2011 Reactive
Maintenance Works list for Irlam & Cadishead were available for collection at the Community Committee meeting.
Stephen advised that the list of recent planning applications was available for the meeting - but none were significant.

RESOLVED: THAT the above information be noted and agreed actions taken.

(a) Issues to be raised at Parks & Open Spaces Meeting.

Community Committee members raised the following issues:-

      The children's play park behind St. Mary's school was filthy - i.e. full of dog fouling and bins overflowing.
      Lighting in Prince’s Park, Irlam - along the large path near the football pitches - was inadequate so the path was
       too dark.

RESOLVED: THAT Uschi Sossalla-Iredale will raise these issues at the Parks & Open Spaces meeting.                           Uschi

(b) Rotary Club.

£7,500 was raised by the Rotary Club Christmas float. The Rotary Club thanked all who were involved and all who


Thursday 15 March 2012, 7.00pm. Venue to be confirmed.

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Irlam and Cadishead Budget Group Recommendations (double click to open document)

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