ETEC562 058 TechPres Annette by dBI8Y9J


									   mimio Notebook
How to use a mimio Notebook in
        the classroom.
     Set –up Procedures

• Load the software on computer(s)
• Connect the cable to the mimio and the
• Attach mimio to clean white board about
  2” from the top
• Connect projector
• (mimio must be on the edge on the
  projection screen on the white board)
       Set-up for an
     Interactive Board
• With the equipment connected,
  project the computer image to the
• Adjust the projector so that the left
  edge is next to the mimio device
  Set-up for Calibrating
• Open mimio Software
• From the main menu select tools, mimio
  studio settings, interactive (you must still
  be connected via USB)
• Click on calibrate and follow the
  instructions on the screen. This will take
  you through a process of tapping the
  center of a circle with and X inside; it
  gives the perimeters for the board.
Calibration Page
   Spotlight tool – Why?

• With an image projected, you can
  highlight (spotlight) a portion of the
  screen for greater attention, while
  hiding the rest of the screen.
     Spotlight tool – How?
• Click spotlight tool at bottom of screen
• You will get a circle in the middle of your screen.
• Drag the circle to where you want it by clicking
  the four-sided arrow
• You can change the shape and size of the
  spotlight area (upper right corner)
• You can change the transparency of the
  background (upper right corner)
• Exit the spotlight by clicking the red X (upper
  right corner)
     Reveal Tool – Why?

• With some students if you show them
  everything at once, many of them will
  read ahead and not pay attention to
  the section you are discussing. This
  tool will allow you to hide a portion of
  the screen. It works like a blind that
  can be raised or lowered.
     Reveal Tool – How?

• With an image projected, select the
  reveal tool from the mimio tools
  floating palette.
• Whatever is on your screen will be
  partly covered, you can adjust the
  blind by clicking and dragging the
Reveal Tool Example

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