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									Quality in Play
Mentor training application form
Quality in Play is a quality assurance system developed by playwork
practitioners for staffed school aged play provision.

As a trained mentor, you will support providers through the quality process.
Mentors act as critical friends and work with providers to develop a portfolio
of evidence and ensure that they are ready to apply for accreditation.

Play England holds a register of trained mentors and provides regular
feedback and training to support their continued development. Play
England also maintains an online forum for mentors to support each other
and keep up to date with new resources.

If you would like to become a Quality in Play mentor and you meet the
criteria in the attached person specification, please complete this form and
return by email.
Applicant details:

First name:                                 Last name:


                                            Post code:
Phone:                                      Mobile:

Requirements: (access, dietary or other)

Local authority area:

Have you been involved in any other quality assurance scheme?
If yes, please provide details:

Please briefly describe how your work and past training or development experiences
have helped prepare you for the role of Quality in Play mentor:

Please describe how you have used the playwork principles in practice (provide specific
Skills and Knowledge assessment
Below are some of the key skills and areas of understanding needed as a Quality in
Play mentor. Please read and indicate where you see yourself against each of them.

Your answers will help determine the agenda for this first session and inform future
training. Each person attending training will bring different experiences to their work as
a mentor. Therefore we don’t expect everyone to have all of these skills at the
beginning; we hope the training will help to develop your skills and knowledge base.

Quality assurance knowledge
Basic understanding of the principles of quality improvement and assurance
Very strong    Good basic Basic skills            Little to no   Other
understanding skills           Further training experience,      (Please explain)
                              would be helpful support needed

□                □              □                 □                 □
Communication and people skills
Engaging with play providers and supporting them as they assess their work and
implement changes; speaking with parents, carers and children regarding their play.

□                 □                 □               □                 □
Understanding of play concepts and theories
As referenced in the Quality in Play manual: Playwork Principles, Manchester Circles,
theory of loose parts, etc.

□                 □                 □               □                 □
Understanding of Quality in Play Programme
Standards for assessments and accreditation, acceptable evidence, roles of mentors,
assessors, panel members and Play England staff, etc.

□                 □                 □               □                 □
Understanding of the bigger picture around Quality in Play
National play policy, place within Play England and the greater play sector, etc.

□                  □                   □                 □                □
Organisational skills
Timekeeping, preparing for visits, keeping records and meeting deadlines, etc

□                  □                   □                 □                □
Please give the names of two referees, one of whom must be able to confirm your
declaration on conflict of interest. References will be taken up.

Referee one                                 Referee two

Name:                                       Name:

Contact address:                            Contact address:

                Postcode:                                   Postcode:
Phone:                                      Phone:

Email:                                      Email:

Your relationship:                          Your relationship:

Your confirmation:
   I have discussed and agreed my involvement in the Quality in Play mentor
      programme with my employer/manger (if applicable)
   The information I have given is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge, I
      have listed all providers that could give rise to a conflict of interest.
   I agree to become a member of the online forum for mentors and to regularly
      update my progress and development, including ongoing training for mentors
      provided by Play England.
   I agree to be bound by the requirements of the Quality in Play assessment
      policies and procedures, including checks, observations and training, and to
      notify Play England immediately of any changes in my circumstances that could
      affect my suitability as a mentor.
   I am aware that the cost of the two-day training is £500 (£450 for Play England
      members), and that this includes lunch, refreshments and all support materials.
   I confirm that the person named below will process the invoice for the cost of the

Name (Please print or type):                               Date:


The cost of 2 day mentor training is £500 (£450 for Play England members) including
Quality in Play manuals, materials, lunch and refreshments.

Please provide details of where to send the invoice of your training:


Job title:



Phone:                                        Mobile:

Are you a Play England member?                Yes   □                 No   □
If yes, please provide your membership number:

To book:
Please email your completed form to or post to
Quality in Play training. Play England, 8 Wakley Street, London EC1V 7QE

Confirmation of registration and venue details and directions will be sent by
email. Thank you.

All cancellations must be received in writing by post or email. In the event of a
cancellation with less than one working week’s notice, the full training fee will apply.
Please contact Quality in Play on 0207 833 6837 or if you have not
received confirmation at least two weeks before the date of the event.
Quality in Play
Mentor Person Specification
To qualify as a Quality in Play Mentor, applicants must meet at least one of the
following criteria:

        Be play or childcare staff working in support, development or training settings in
         local authority or voluntary sector children’s services

        Have at least three years’ experience of school age play or childcare

        Have NVQ Assessor status and occupational competence/experience

        Have substantial playwork management, support or playwork experience

All applicants must also meet all of the following criteria:

        Have a current Criminal Records Bureau enhanced check or show proof that you
         are in the process of applying

        Be able to attend the initial two-day training programme and attend follow-up
         training from time to time

        Have a basic knowledge of quality assurance principles

        Have a working understanding of the Playwork Principles

        Have a broad knowledge of out-of school play provision

        Commit to the annual appraisal and development process of Quality in Play

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