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					                   Homework Menu Board
This year we will be keeping a “Homework Notebook”. In it you will
keep a Reading Log (read 80 minutes) and your homework activities.
Every week select one activity from each row to complete for homework.
Complete the activity in your notebook (posters may be turned in to
Mrs. Shafer). Have your parent date and initial each box you complete.
Homework is due on Friday. I will check your menu and notebook at
that time. This menu is for a four-week period. Once we have
completed the four weeks and all the activities you will receive another

               1. Do you have    2. Secret  3. Make a set      4. Write a “lost
               your own idea?    Agent      of flashcards      and found” ad
               What is it?       Words      to study your      for one of your
               ___________                  words. Use         spelling words.
   Spelling    ___________       Number the the                In the ad,
               ___________       alphabet   flashcards to      describe the
                                 from 1 to  study.             missing word so
                                 26, then                      that someone
                                 convert                       else will
               Complete your     your                          recognize it
               own idea          spelling                      immediately!
                                 words to a

               5. Create an      6. Identify   7. Design a     8. Define five
               original game     four          robot using     of the unit’s
               using the facts   ways the      only one        vocabulary
    Math       you have          concepts in   shape. Choose   words with
               learned.          this unit     a square,       sketches or
                                 are used      circle,         drawings
                                 in the real   rectangle,
                                 world         hexagon,
                                               octagon, or
                                                 Everything in
                                                 your robot
                                                 has to be
                                                 that shape.
                 9. Write a       10. Write a    11. Create a     12. Create a
   Reading:      poem about two   song about     puppet that      Venn Diagram
List title and   main events in   one of the     looks like the   comparing and
  author of      the story.       main events    main             contrasting two
book used for                     in the story   character in     characters
each activity.                                   the story.       in the story.

               13. Build a        14. Write a    15. Design a     16. Make and
               model or           report         Science          share a science
Science/Social diorama to         relating to    experiment       puzzle.
Studies        illustrate what    our Science    about the
               you have           or Social      topic.
               learned.           Studies

I have completed activities:

Week 1: # _____       #_____      #_____     #_____

Week 2: # _____       #_____      #_____     #_____

Week 3: # _____       #_____      #_____     #_____

Week 4: # _____       #_____      #_____     #_____

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