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                        SCHOOL SUPPLEMENT TO “CHOICES”
                                       GRADE 10
                          2011 - 2012 COURSE SELECTIONS

Parents and Students:

Choosing your courses needs to involve a great deal of thought and consideration as it may affect
your future plans. To help you with the process of selecting your courses, you will be given
“Choices", a document that outlines information that will assist you with the course selection
process. The information in “Choices” is also available at www.tdsb.on.ca. Your parents and
teachers will also be asked to make recommendations and you may, of course, speak to any
Guidance Counsellor for advice.

Not all courses described in “Choices" are available at Woburn and there are a few available at
Woburn that are not described in “Choices". Thus, this supplement will assist you in making
wise, appropriate choices for September 2011.

Please note that throughout the supplement, where an asterisk (*) accompanies a course code,
there is a description of that course in this supplement.
     a “6” designation in a course code as the sixth character, is for Gifted programs only;
         descriptions are contained in a separate Gifted Course booklet
     an “8” designation in a course code is for English as a Second Language/English
         Literacy Development

Our Student Services Department has counsellors who will assist you in your planning of
educational and career goals. Please do not hesitate to consult with them. Have your
questions ready for them when they visit classrooms in the next few weeks.

Please take care to make informed decisions that will guarantee school success in 2011- 2012



Parents and students should note that some courses have fees attached to them to offset costs
specific to the special nature of these courses. These fees are determined by the Department
Heads in consultation with the Administration and are reviewed annually.

The Administration will determine the time frame for the collection of these fees with the intent
to stagger their collection throughout the year. Should the payment of such fees pose a financial
hardship, students should speak with their teacher privately or to a guidance counsellor. Options
to a single payment might include payments in instalments or payment at another time or student
assistance in lieu of a fee or another suitable arrangement.
                                  COURSES OFFERED AT YEAR 2

Students must select EIGHT subjects

PART A:                                COMPULSORY SUBJECTS

          Subject                       Level            Code         Prerequisite/Notes

        ENGLISH                   Academic              ENG2D1          ENG1D1/P1
                                    Gifted              ENG2D6           ENG1D6
                                   Applied              ENG2P1        ENG1P1/ENG1D1
                              Locally Developed         ENG2L1        ENG1L1/ENG1P1

           ESL                         Level 1      ESLAO8 & GLS1O8         None
                                      (2 credits)

                                       Level 2      ESLBO8 & GLS1O8       ESLAO8
                                      (2 credits)

                                       Level 3          ESLCO8            ESLBO8

                                      Level 4/5         ESLDO8            ESLCO8

                                       Level 5          ESLEO8            ESLDO8

    PRINCIPLES OF                     Academic         MPM2D1         MPM1D1/MPM1HT
    MATHEMATICS                        Gifted          MPM2D6            MPM1D6

  FOUNDATIONS OF                   Applied              MFM2P1        MFM1P1/MPM1D1
   MATHEMATICS                   ESL Sensitive          MFM2P8        MFM1P1/MPM1D1

    MATHEMATICS               Locally Developed         MAT2L1        MAT1L1/MFM1P1

        SCIENCE                   Academic              SNC2D1          SNC1D1/P1
                                    Gifted              SNC2D6           SNC1D6
                                   Applied              SNC2P1        SNC1P1/SNC1D1
                              Locally Developed         SNC2L1        SNC1L1/SNC1P1

     CANADIAN                     Academic              CHC2D1
   HISTORY IN THE                   Gifted              CHC2D6
   20TH CENTURY                    Applied              CHC2P1
                              Locally Developed         CHC2L1

         &                              Open            CIVCAR
       CIVICS                           Gifted          CIVCA6
     (Two Half Credits)
PART B:                               OPTIONAL SUBJECTS

             Subject                   Level        Code          Prerequisite/Notes

            Visual Arts                Open       AVI2O1          None

            Jazz Dance                 Open       ATC2O1          None

              Drama                    Open       ADA2O1          None

            Media Arts                 Open       ASM2O1          None             $20 Fee

          Music – Vocal                Open       AMV2O1          None

       Music - Instrumental            Open       AMI2O3*       AMI1O1             $15 Fee
                                       Open       AMI2O1        AMI1O2             $15 Fee
                                       Gifted     AMI2O6        AMI1O6             $15 Fee

          Music – Guitar               Open       AMG2O1          None             $15 Fee

       Music – Stage Band              Open       AMH2O1     Teacher Approval      $15 Fee


     Introduction to Business          Open       BBI2O1                 None


            Application                Open        ICS2O1                None

          Problem Solving              Open       ICS2OP*                None


              French                 Academic     FSF2D1              FSF1D1
                                       Gifted     FSF2D6              FSF1D6
                                     Beginners’   FSF1P2        No French Experience

             Spanish                 Academic     LWSBD1                 None


  Large Group Activities - Male        Open       PAL2OM*                None
 Large Group Activities -Female        Open       PAL2OF*                None

    Individual & Small Group           Open       PAI2O1*                Fee tbd
 Activities: Racquet Sports - Coed

   Fitness and Training – Male         Open       PAF2OM*                None
  Fitness and Training – Female        Open       PAF2OF *               None
         Subject                         Level                Code                   Prerequisite/Notes

        Food & Nutrition                 Open               HFN2O1                           None


         Manufacturing                   Open              TMJ2O1*                  None             $10 Fee

     Technological Design                Open               TDJ2O1*                 None

   Transportation Technology             Open               TTJ2O1*                 None

     Computer Engineering                Open               TEJ2O1*                 None             $10 Fee

                                 YEAR TWO COURSE DESCRIPTIONS
ICS2OP               The assignments will be modified, within the course expectations, to accommodate the
Problem Solving      problem-solving emphasis of the course.
Introduction to      This course introduces students to computer programming. Students will plan and write
Computer Science –   simple computer programs by applying fundamental programming concepts, and learn to
Problem Solving      create clear and maintainable internal documentation. They will also learn to manage a
                     computer by studying hardware configurations, software selection, operating system
                     functions, networking and safe computing practices. Students will also investigate the
                     social impact of computer technologies and develop an understanding of environmental
                     and ethical issues related to the use of computers.
                     * Please note:
                     * All work is provided and submitted online.
                     Prerequisite(s): None
PAL2OF/M             This course offers you a broad spectrum of team sports. The following activities may be
Large Group          offered: basketball, volleyball, team handball, soccer, ball hockey, softball, rugby,
Activities           football and games of low organization. The focus of this course will be active
                     participation and an understanding of fundamental rules and strategies of various games.
                     *Health topics to include healthy growth and sexuality, decision-making, substance
                     use/abuse, healthy eating and conflict resolution.
PAI2O1               Students who take this course will learn the concepts and strategies that are similar to
Co-ed                many games and sports with racquets. Activities may include: badminton, racquetball,
Individual and       pickleball, tennis, table tennis and squash. A fee of $75 is charged for trips to squash and
Small Group          racquetball facilities.
Activities           *Health topics in all courses to include healthy growth and sexuality, decision-making,
                     substance use/abuse, healthy eating and conflict resolution.
PAF2OF/M             This course focuses on the development of a healthy lifestyle and participation in a
Weight Training      variety of enjoyable physical activities that have the potential to engage student interests
                     throughout their lives. Students will be encouraged to develop a personal competence in
                     a variety of movement skills and will be given opportunities to practise goal setting,
                     decision making, social and interpersonal skills. Students will also study the components
                     of healthy relationships, reproductive health, mental health and personal safety.
AMI2O3               This course is for the student who has successfully completed grade 9 instrumental music
Experienced          and has a strong commitment to his/her own musical development. Students in this
Instrumental         course will continue to play the same instrument they played in grade 9, and will become
Music                members of the Wind Ensemble. The Wind Ensemble rehearses once a week and
                     rehearsal attendance is required. Students will be part of an award-winning ensemble,
                     which will perform and compete throughout the year.
                      YEAR TWO COURSE DESCRIPTIONS - Continued
TEJ2O1           This course introduces students to computer related concepts. Students will be introduced
Computer         to electrical and electronic concepts by building small electronic circuits and writing
Engineering      computer programs to control devices such as traffic lights and other peripheral devices.
                 Upon the completion of term 1, students will be introduced to computer components and
                 operation by disassembly, assembly and repair various types of computers. Students will
                 also be exposed to various computer operating systems. (50%Theory50%Practical)

TMJ2O1           This is an open level course for students who enjoy working with metal. This is a “hands
Manufacturing    on” course that develops skills and knowledge in the field of tool and die. Students will
                 work with a variety of manually operated equipment to fabricate projects, such as lathes,
                 mills and grinders. (10%Theory/90%Practical)
TDJ2O1           In this course, students apply a design process to produce a product following a SPICE
Technological    model. (Situation, Problem, Investigation, Construct and Evaluate) During Term 1,
Design           students will focus on Robotics with the introduction of VEX robotics. Students are
                 expected to produce a robot to meet a variety of challenges while researching design
                 models, building prototypes and incorporating strategies. During term 2, students will
                 focus on F1 in schools. Here students will once again follow the SPICE model while
                 producing a CO² propelled scaled race car. Students will test prototypes using a variety
                 of software and build models using computer numerical controlled equipment. Students
                 will also become familiar with CAD and CAM software, as they are encouraged to
                 produce products using a 3-D printer. (30%Theory/70%Practical)
TTJ2O1           Our grade 10 course emphasizes auto service. The course begins with a thorough
Transportation   discussion related to personal safety. Students are then introduced to various hand tools
Technology       and specialty tools and equipment. The major project for first term is engine service.
                 Students will learn maintenance and repair techniques while disassembling and
                 reassembling a cars engine in small groups. Upon completion of this unit, students will
                 study electrical and various ignition system designs and operation. The final term will
                 also include an introduction to brakes, suspension and driveline.
                 (25% Theory/ 75% Practical)

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