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 tailoring the document to fit your situation. This memorandum must be reviewed and approved by a
   representative from Human Resources and from the City and County Attorney’s office before it is
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MEMORANDUM TO:                Employee, Position Title

FROM:                         First-Line Supervisor, Position Title

SUBJECT:                      Corrective Action -- Letter of Reprimand

DATE:                         (DATE)

You are hereby reprimanded for the following violations to the Personnel Merit System
of the Broomfield Municipal Code:
Section 2-14-160 (E)          Unauthorized absenteeism or unauthorized tardiness.
Section 2-14-160 (F)          Leaving assigned work area without prior authorization by a
Section 2-14-160 (G)          Violation of any ordinance, resolution, the Charter, or
                              personnel or departmental policy, procedure, rule, regulation,
                              order, or code of professional ethics.

You are scheduled to work Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with an hour
lunch break to be taken at 1:00p.m. On Friday, January 12, 2001, you did not report to
work nor did you notify me of your absence. When asked about the absence you stated
that you had called in and left a message on my voice mail. There was no message on my
voice mail and no voice mail system anomalies were present. On Tuesday and
Wednesday of the following week (01/13 an 01/14, 2001), you were not at your desk for a
period of two hours each day from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. You stated that you had to go
out of the office to meet a friend regarding a personal issue. I had previously counseled
you on December 29, 2000 regarding leave request notification procedures
                                        Applicable Policy

The Broomfield Leave Policy for Full-time Employees states that:

                                                     Corrective Action – Letter of Reprimand – Page 1
      All employees are expected to be in attendance and on time at their assigned work
      stations as scheduled in accordance with the "Personnel Merit System" and
      departmental rules and regulations unless on approved leave.
      Annual leave may be provided to full-time employees for the purpose of granting
      paid time off during an absence from scheduled working hours.
      Except in emergency or unforeseeable situations, as approved by the employee's
      immediate supervisor, annual leave must be scheduled with the employee's
      immediate supervisor at least 24 hours in advance of the use of the leave.
      Approval of annual leave use is at the discretion of the immediate supervisor who
      will consider the employee's wishes and the scheduling needs of the department.
      Employees taking time off without approval of the immediate supervisor may not
      be paid for the time absent from scheduled working hours and may be subject to
      corrective or disciplinary action.
                                      Action Taken

As a non-exempt employee, you are paid for any hours worked with the inclusion of any
approved leave. Since you did not request and receive approval for annual leave you will
not be paid for any hours on Friday, January 12, 2001. Further, you will be paid for
working 6 hours each on January 16th and 17th (not the 8 hours that you were scheduled to

Please be advised that I expect you to adhere to the requirements of the Broomfield Leave
Policy for Full-time Employees. This means that you will schedule all planned leave at
least 24-hours in advance (Planned leave of one week or more requires at least two weeks
notice). I also expect that if you have to take any unplanned leave you talk to me directly
about it. If I am not available you will leave a telephone number where I may reach you.
If I am not in the office, you will seek approval from the second-level supervisor.
Future violations of the Personnel Merit System will result in disciplinary action, up
to and including termination. This corrective action will remain in your personnel file
for future reference.
If you believe that this corrective action is not justified, you may file a grievance under
the grievance procedure outlined in the Personnel Merit System at Section 2-14-190 of
the Broomfield Municipal Code. This corrective action will be placed in your personnel

                                                Corrective Action – Letter of Reprimand – Page 2
[Insert for full-time employees only] If you feel that a personal problem is contributing
to your inability to meet these expectations, be advised that the Employee Assistance
Program is available to assist you with personal issues. You may contact this
confidential service by calling 1-800-865-1044.
Should any questions arise regarding this process, please contact Suzanne Smith, Director
of Human Resources, at (303) 438-6325.

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