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					                PARISH COUNCIL MEETING
               Monday, 2nd July, 2012 at 7.30 p.m.
                 at 1 London Road, Kegworth.


 1. Apologies for absence.
 2. Declarations of interest.
 3. To approve and sign as a correct record the Minutes of the last
 4. Items raised by any member of the public present. (5 minutes 31.7.89)
 5. Police matters.
 6. Business arising from the Minutes (see attached list).
 7. Correspondence, (see attached list)
 8. Business remaining from the last meeting.
 9. Reports from Committees, (Minutes attached).
10. Notices of Motion.
11. Sign cheques for accounts due.

1. Parish Council’s New Code of Conduct and the completion of new Registers of Interest - vide
   Minute 147k. Copies of the North West Leics. District Council’s Code of Conduct, which the
   Parish Council adopted at its last meeting is enclosed with this Agenda.*
2. Kegworth Cemetery – overhanging trees – decision on how to proceed following inspection by
   Councillors - vide Minute 151k.
3. North West Leics. District Council’s Local Plan: Core Strategy (Pre-submission) April 2012 -
   vide Minute 154k.


1. Letters of thanks have been received from Mrs. Jean Hayes on behalf of the St. Andrew’s Flower
   Festival and Mrs. Annett Fowkes of behalf of the KegworthVillage Hall Management Committee
   for the grants that those organisations had received.
2. A letter had been received from a local resident which set out the details of her 4 year old grandson
   breaking his leg whilst using the roundabout on the Sideley Recreation Ground. The Clerk had
   asked the Inspector, who is carrying out the annual inspection of the recreation ground equipment
   on behalf of the Parish Council, to pay particular attention to the roundabout.
3. A letter from a resident offering a shrub and two small trees for The Flash.*
4. VAL invitation to a Voluntary and Community Forum which will take place on Tuesday, 3rd July,
   2012 at Ashby de la Zouch between 10 and 12 a.m.*
5. Information from Leics. County Council about the Parish Council’s web site and notification that
   the invoice for the annual charge will be sent out by the 31st July, 2012.
6. A communication from Ruth Mulvany, Street Environment Manager at North West Leics. District
   Council, offering anyone who picks up litter support and a free litter picking pack.
7. A copy of the Order for the installation of double yellow lines on Hollands Way.

8. Planning Decisions received from the District Council since the last Parish Council Meeting:

Application No. 12/00348      9 The Dragwell         rear extension to annex              approved

*copies attached (Councillors only).

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