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									                MY ICELAND REPORT
          Knowing the heart of Abba Yahuweh
This is a most exciting report--not because of me, because I mess up
too much--but because of what Yahuweh’s love pulled off so that His
servant could accomplish the task that He gave me to do in Iceland,
on the eve of the Hebrew month of Elul. I’m glad He said that He takes
the foolish things of this world to confound the wise, and the weak
things of this world to confound the things that are mighty--I
Corinthians 1:26-31…”so that no flesh should boast in His Presence”.
So, this report is not about this weak and simple servant, but about
the greatness of Abba’s love and mercy for all of the House of Ya’cob.
As I’ve said in recent updates, this is the most strategic Elul in human
history – the pivot point, the turning point, towards Tishre 1, and the
final things before the coming of Messiah Yahushua.
This story began last Shabbat, August 27th (2011), and ends this
Shabbat (September 3, 2011) with victory. It ends with victory
because of His love, mercy, and eternal purposes! The fact that He
trusted me to do this is amazing. I’ve walked with Him since I was
four. He’s endured my sin and wrong decisions, and yet, from the
foundation of the world He knew me, and chose me to do assignments
for Him in these last days, with understanding.
For weeks now, He has been showing me about this Elul and Tishre,
and the extreme importance of these two turning points towards the
coming of Messiah. As you’ve read in “The Shmittah Year Prophecy”
and “The Forty Eight Hour Transition”, and others like “Pole Shift”, and
“What Are the Elite Doing to Prepare Their Ark”?
We are in the last seven-year cycle before the return of Messiah – the
famous “seventh week of Daniel” (Daniel 9:24-27). The 2, 730 year
punishment of the House of Ephraim (Joseph/Israel), the ten not-lost-
anymore tribes of Ya’cob ended September 7, 2007, and now the
prodigal son, Ephraim, is freed to return and join with the “elder
brother” Judah, to do final exploits before the coming of Yahushua to
set up His 1,000 year Kingdom on earth--in the 7th day from creation.
Much prophecy is being fulfilled very fast, and more is soon to be
fulfilled, especially beginning this Fall/Autumn (2011).
The greatest passion of the heart of Abba Yahuweh, and the reason for
the coming of Messiah Yahushua, is the return of the twelve tribes of
Ya’cob to Abba Yahuweh. (Ezekiel 37:15-28). This is the greatest
theme of the entire Bible!

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Messiah said: “I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the House of
Israel” (Matthew 15:24). He told His Apostles not to go to the
gentiles, (heathen, barbarians) or the ½ breed Samaritans, but to only
go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. (Matthew 10:5-6)
The renewal and restoration of the covenant with Yahuweh for His
people--the sons of Ya’cob (Jacob)--has been the greatest passion of
His heart. Of course, He has always dealt with a small remnant that is
aligned with Him in His Spirit.Thus, in the restoration of the House of
Ephraim He says that He will take “one from a city and two from a
clan”, “one here and one there” and bring them to Zion.
We are in the days of the fulfillment of a return of Ephraim to Israel, to
join with Judah for the final “Gideon 300” army-type exploits, even in
the face of the coming world ruler (Beast, anti-messiah)--Daniel
11:32. The joining of the two houses together again in His hand is the
greatest theme of the Scriptures. His heart was broken, but He had to
expel the northern tribes for our horrible sins, and later Judah also.
But, Isaiah 11:12-14 tells us that a remnant returns to do military
exploits with Judah before Messiah comes. And now is the time! There
are military exploits to be done, and there are spiritual warfare
exploits to be done!
For understanding of the “two houses”, and why He never calls His
people “gentiles”, nor did He ever make a covenant with gentiles, go
over the studies “Are You a Gentile?” and “Who Are the Ten?”
This Elul begins the fulfillment of the “time of the restoration of all
things”--spiritual restoration to the covenant of Yahuweh, and natural
restoration to the Land of Israel (Abraham, Yitzak and Ya’cob).
Acts 3:19-21: “Repent, therefore, and turn back, for the blotting out
of your sins, in order that the times of refreshing might come from the
Presence of the Master, and that He sends Yahushua Messiah, pre-
appointed for you, whom heaven must receive until the time of the
restoration of all things, of whom Elohim spoke through the mouth of
all His set-apart Prophets from of old”.
Without humility, repentance, and obedience, in the fear of Yahuweh,
no one of the House of Ephraim can be used of Abba in these last
days! But, as I have written, there is a phenomenon among a remnant
who are “putting the ax to the root of the tree” in their own life. He is
purging this tiny remnant, and preparing them for His instructions.
Now to proceed with my report:
This report has such an awesome conclusion. All praise to Abba
Yahuweh! HalleluYah!
A week ago Tuesday, I needed a haircut. So, I went with my daughter

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to a lady’s house to get my hair cut. I learned that she was going to
Israel for the first time. She was to arrive in Israel the late afternoon
of August 31st. I felt I should take her my study entitled “We Welcome
Elul and T’shuvah”, about the significance of this time-period. Elul
begins the six weeks of T’shuvah, before the Day of Atonement (Yom
Kippur), in which we are to repent of sin, and do all we can to be
restored to those we’ve hurt, and to get our lives ready for the
Messiah. Elul 1 marks the set-apart season of return.
The next day she called me. She had read my report and wanted to
talk with me. So we set up Friday to meet for breakfast. She came
with a friend who was hungry for truth. The meeting lasted for six
hours. We touched base with the heart of Abba and never once was
there any disagreement. This lady going to Israel had come out of the
church system and was Spirit-taught. All those taught by the Spirit
alone are fitted into His purposes. I did not know that beforehand, but
since she is Spirit-taught, and I am Spirit-taught, we flowed together
in perfect unity. I told her that Abba had shown me she was “first
fruits” of the tiny remnant of Ephraim to return to Israel at this
strategic time – a symbol of the return that is imminent, for war in
Israel is imminent. She understood totally. She was learning to guard
Torah. It was like He made us a team.
I was to go to do the intercession in Iceland, to call back the remnant
of Ephraim, and she was to be representing the “first fruits remnant
company”. She has a ministry of her own, so put out this information
to all her friends. I look forward to her good report!
In Genesis 6:3 Yahuweh says He will give mankind 120 years. This is
ancient Hebrew understanding to be 120 Jubilee years, or 6,000 years.
Indeed He has given modern man 6,000 years! As of September 29,
2000, Tishre 1, Yom Teruah, Feast of Trumpets, beginning 2001 from
creation, we entered the 7th millennium since Adam. Man’s history has
been timed by seven-year cycles since creation. Now, we are in the
final cycle before Messiah returns to set up His Kingdom in the 7th
millennium, or the “third day” since He first came to redeem us.
(Exodus 19; Hosea 6:1-3) Refer to: “The Shmittah Year Prophecy”.
That Wednesday, Abba had given me more Scripture to proclaim from
Iceland—more confirmation of His assignment.
On Friday afternoon after they left, I checked to see if hurricane Irene
had dissipated and left the east coast of America. But, not only had
Irene not left, she was going to hit New York, and then Boston full
force, carrying massive amounts of water--on the very day I was to fly
to Iceland out of Boston--Sunday August 28th. I sat in front of my

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computer horrified to see that my carrier to Boston had cancelled all
their flights for the entire weekend.
And, because I had been following the fear-reports about hurricane
Irene, even though I knew better, and allowed the news media’s fear
to override the clear, direct word of Yahuweh to me, was sucked into
fear and I panicked. I did not consult Him as to His plans. This is why I
warn you. It is very easy for us all to let go of what He has said in
times of distress, if we listen to the voice man, or devils.
I tried to call the carrier to Boston but could not get through, so I went
to the prime airline, Iceland Air, who gave me two options to fly, out of
Toronto, Canada. The first option was to fly on Saturday the 27th,
taking Air Canada to Toronto, and then Iceland Air on to Iceland that
night. The second option was to take Air Canada to Toronto on Monday
the 29th, and then Iceland Air, arriving in Iceland early morning the
30th. My assignment from Abba, which He had been preparing
me for weeks, was for the 30th and 31st of August.
All I could think about was salvaging the assignment. I couldn’t image
arriving the 30th and doing all He had asked me to do in two days,
returning September 1st. My strength-level is so low. My original trip
was only for 5 days, with 3 days in Iceland. So, I told her I’d leave
Saturday. When I did, I felt a knife go through my spirit. I guard
Shabbat very well. The last thing I’d want to do would be to offend my
Abba who gave me the assignment. With all my faults, I am an
obedient servant. But, at that point, I did not know what else to do,
since I could not fail in His assignment. That was all I could think of.
That’s our main problem “our mind’s thinking”!!!
My mind programming, which I’ve fought since early childhood
onward, in fear, terrifying trauma, anxiety, projecting the worst-case
scenarios, kicked in. That’s why I warn you so much regarding this
faith-destroying mental disease we’ve been inflicted with since Adam
and Eve. Negative emotions block Abba’s ability to help us!
I figured I’d pack food, which I did, and since my plane ticket was paid
for, I would not spend any money, or do any work on Shabbat. The
flight of Iceland Air out of Toronto was at 9:10 PM.
Originally, when I went to book the flight, I had August 28th in my
spirit. I did not understand it, but when I went to book that date, I felt
uneasy, as if something was wrong that I could not put my finger on.
It was the week of August 28th that was so strategic with Abba. Later,
He began downloading so much revelation knowledge about Elul and
the importance of this one, that I knew it was not about August 28th
per say, but about Elul 1.

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When I went to Bolivia in March 2010, it was a 3-day trip, 7 one-way
flights, with 1 day to do the intercession at the ruins of Tihuanaco. It
was a hard 3 days, but one filled with His strength and help. Yet, I did
not remember Bolivia in my panic.
I got to the airport Saturday morning and the flight said “on time”.
Famous last words! About an hour later, the flight said “delayed until
3:20”. I figured that was OK because it still gave me 3 hours before
the flight went out to Iceland. But, about 30 minutes later, the board
said “delayed until 6:20”. I knew I’d miss the Iceland Air flight. I was
sick inside. I had the choice of chucking the whole thing and calling my
daughter to come get me, or pressing on. That indecision kept up until
I actually boarded the plane. I called my daughter to ask what she felt
I should do. She hears from Abba! She asked “Did Father give you that
assignment?” I said “yes”. She said, “then you have to go”. I weakly
said “yes”. She said she didn’t understand all the obstacles. I told her
about Rav Sha’ul and II Corinthians 4 and 6, in which he relates
that he encountered all sort of obstacles, but still his assignments from
Abba were completed. After talking with her, still I just wanted to go
back to her house and forget it. My son-in-law was ready to come get
me. I wanted to just stay in a fetal position, and wait for my trip to
Israel. But, I also know that when He gives me an assignment, no
matter what obstacles come in between, I have to go. I had to see it
through, to see what Abba would do. I really could not, nor would not,
turn back! It would be against everything in me! Remember my
articles “Forward March” and “I Have Set My Face Like A Flint?”
I had been repenting all morning for choosing Shabbat to fly out. He
wasn’t going to let me get by with it. Thank you Abba!!! Shabbat is
very precious to me. I knew He was in control!
Between the time of the first delay announcement and the second one,
while still repenting, Abba came down by His Spirit on me with such
incredible peace that I was almost numb from it. I just let it happen. I
knew all was well between He and I. But, when He does that,
oftentimes I know something is wrong in the natural, but that He will
pull it off anyway.
Well, to shorten this story, I did go, and arrived in Toronto at 9:10--
the very minute the Iceland Air (on time) left for Iceland. The next
flight was Monday night, arriving Tuesday August 30th. That meant
two days in a hotel in Toronto. I had a chance to cancel the ticket with
Air Canada, and reschedule it for Monday, but I declined. Later on, I
realized I had made the right decision. That still mind-boggles me.
While sitting in the airport, waiting for my flight, I tried to contact my
on-line travel agent, but couldn’t get hold of them. I tried contacting

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Iceland Air, but their offices were closed. One of the Air Canada reps
gave me a phone number to try. She didn’t know it, but it was the
personal cell phone of an Iceland Air executive who was on vacation in
Florida (smile) He re-scheduled my flight to go out Monday night the
29th. Later I confirmed that from Toronto with an Iceland Air
In Toronto, for 2 days, Abba poured more into me. It was two days of
being with Him, and learning from Him, and praying a lot. I could not
cry, though I wanted to. Then I got an e-mail (the hotel had free
computer service) from a lady in Aqaba, saying that Abba had given
her a Scriptures passage for me: Psalm 138:7-Psalm 139:6. When I
read it, I began sobbing. It was His word to me. Later my daughter
said He gave her Psalm 120:1 for me. I had so many people praying
for me. I got several e-mails of encouragement.
The only way to fight fear is by praising Abba. Only by praise can faith
be restored. And so I spent two days in Toronto praising Abba for His
goodness. It gave me the strength and resolve I needed to press
forward with joy. I use the Psalms almost exclusively in praising Him.
Praise quiets anxiety because it puts Him in control. We step back and
let Him to do it all. Then we continue to praise Him for His goodness,
kindness, mercy and love. It is in praise that faith builds. Many years
ago, He spoke to me: “Praise is the confession of faith”. Negative
emotions bring defeat, because they are self-centered. You’ll never be
a servant of Yahuweh if you are self-centered! So, the more I praised
Him, the greater joy and peace I had. My two days in Toronto were
victorious! We must have victory before we see the results, or else we
really do not have victory! He gave me the victory as I praised Him!
I was so excited--I would be there to do what He asked of me. The
airport hotel in Toronto was very kind. They extended my checkout
until 3:00 PM Monday afternoon. About 5:45, I got in the Iceland
check in line. When I got to the counter, they informed me that
there was no record of my flight change in their computer. But,
I had such peace. They called in a “big wig” and I told her my story.
She sat down at another computer, and the bottom line is that she
issued me a boarding pass. HalleluYah!
I was on assignment for the King of Kings, and He gets all my praise.
But, I do want to say that Iceland Air was fantastic to me!
I was in a daze, to say the least. I did not sleep on the plane. The
flight was only 4 hrs. 30 minutes. I arrived in Iceland at 6:15 AM.
I had sent an E-mail to my hotel, telling them not to cancel me, but I
had no confirmation on that. Neither did I have confirmation that the

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carrier in Boston would take me back to Florida. I was going on Abba’s
goodness 100%, which I always do. If He doesn’t pull off the
assignments, then they were not from Him in the first place. I’ve never
had Him cancel an assignment, or leave me stranded. He is so good!!!
I’ve been at this assignment thing a great part of my life, so I know
His voice. I know His ways, His thinking, and His nature. But, on this
assignment, I learned much more about Him as a Person. His mercy
endures forever! His love is endless! We can trust His love!!!
I got to the hotel at about 8:00 AM, and they let me check in, and said
my two nights were all paid for. HalleluYah!
I had wanted so much to intercede over the sea, looking west. I had
booked this hotel, and then noticed it was near the sea. I had
forgotten that. I walked into my hotel room, looked out the window,
and stood there numb from shock. The large window faced the sea!
I began doing the intercession though I was so tired I was dizzy. But,
as I did, the passion of His heart came through me, and I felt His
heart, His love for His rebellious children whom He had to divorce, cut
off, send into captivity, because of our sin, my sin. Now after 2, 730
years of captivity, we were freed. I spoke to the tiny remnant of His
choosing, who would join with Judah to do end-time exploits of valor
for His Kingdom’s purposes. It was an amazing intercession time, as
He poured His Spirit through me with the passion of His heart. I felt
His grief. I felt His pain. I felt His longing for the Scriptures to be
fulfilled, and for His precious set-apart ones to be restored to His
favor. I felt the heart of a Father. I felt the heart of the father in the
parable of the prodigal son. For Luke 15:11-32 speaks of the return
of the prodigal Ephraim, covered in pig slop, but with repentance and
humility to his father. I felt the father’s love as he saw the rebellious
son returning, and he ran to embrace him, to kill the fatted calf for
him, and celebrate his return. This is our story fellow Ephraimites!
This is the story of the heart of our Father, who loved us so
much that He sent Yahushua to die for us. Yahushua only came
“for the lost sheep of the House of Israel” – to redeem us from
AMONG the gentiles and restore us to the covenant with His
Abba. HalleluYah!!! Of course Judah is included!
Iceland was drizzly but not too cold. I was prepared. I had booked a
three-hour whale watching tour for 1:00 PM that day--the 30th. I did
not know how I was going to do it, since I was exhausted from not
sleeping, and from all the stress and confusion the last three days.
That’s why I write so much against fear, because I know how it

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separates us from Abba’s ability to help us. Faith and fear don’t mix! It
was so hard to stay in faith with all the obstacles coming against me. I
would wake up in the night shaking--my nerves were so bad because
of my internalizing trauma. Yet, He kept bringing me His peace!
I went on the whale watching boat. I was not prepared for that much
cold on the sea--so I froze for 3 hours. But, I was not out there to
watch whales and dolphin. I was out there, to be the furthermost west
I could go to do intercession proclamation and declaration of His Word
for the House of Ephraim. I thought that Elul 1 would begin the night
of August 30th, so I had to do the intercession before sunset. All I
could think was to join with Abba’s passion for the restoration of
Ephraim, and Judah.
Yahuweh speaking, From Jeremiah 32:37-41: “And I shall rejoice
over them to do good to them, and shall plant them in this land
I proclaimed all that He gave me, prayed, and then proclaimed some
more. I got back to the hotel at about 5:00. I had dinner and went to
bed. Wow did I sleep good!!!
The next morning, I had another trip booked--the pick-up bus would
come at 8:30 AM. I knew I was to book this trip into the interior of
Iceland, but did not know why until the tour guide provided the linking
As we were on our way towards Geysir (gay-zeer), he gave the history
of Iceland, and also information about the volcanoes and the
geothermal activity there. He also said that their Prime Minister was
the first openly professing lesbian Prime Minister in the world. Not
something to be proud of! But, Iceland is a very humanistic society--
no illiteracy, and most of the 300,000 Icelanders have college degrees.
Most all can trace their heritage back to their Viking founders, too.
As we were going towards Pingfellur (pronounced Thingfellur) National
Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the tour guide gave the
information I needed to learn why I had to go on the tour, and why I
had to go to Iceland.
I knew that Reykjavik, the capitol of Iceland where I was staying, was
like the mouth of a megaphone to blast His Word towards Canada and
North America. But, the information the tour guide gave went into my
spirit: He said that three tectonic plates came together under
Iceland – the Asian, the European, and the North American
plates. Iceland literally is the joining place of Asia, Europe and
North America. I got chills just repeating this information.
One of the Scriptures Abba gave me to proclaim was Isaiah 43:5-6,
in which He calls back His children from the west, east, north and

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south. But, in Isaiah 24:13-16a He specifically mentions the east and
the west. I was to call out His remnant from the west, so that
Scripture, I thought, didn’t fit. But, as I heard that the Asian plate was
also included, I realized that Iceland was the meeting place for east
meeting west! (Other Scriptures: Jeremiah 31:7, 10, 21; Isaiah
59:19-20, 60:9) Refer to: “Aliyah Scriptures” for more.
Hosea 11:8-11a; Jeremiah 3:14-15) Refer to the study of Hosea
(May 2011): “How Could I Give You Up Ephraim”, to know the heart of
Abba for His children. In this little book, written to the House of
Ephraim, Hosea the Prophet gives the heart of our Abba very clearly!!!
I was returned to my hotel a little after 5:00 from the tour. I had
thought I’d be so tired that it would be impossible to go to the sea
below the hotel to do any more intercession. But, as I approached the
hotel, I felt a surge of energy like I had not known in a long time.
Thank you so much, you have prayed for me during this trip!
Your prayers were answered!
I saw that the walk to the sea was not as complicated as I had
thought, and I was using my cane, which was very helpful! I walked to
the walk/bike path towards the little bench I had seen from my hotel
window. I sat down and proclaimed the Scriptures He had given me
again, with boldness. I looked at my watch. It was 5:30 PM. Hardly
anyone was on the path. There was a field between the road and me.
I lifted up my voice and shouted His Name towards the west, out
towards the bay of Reykjavik. As I did, that anointing came on me
with great power. I turned towards the north, the south, the east, and
again to the west, calling out His Name and the message He had given
me to proclaim from that mouth of the megaphone of the North
Atlantic. I kept it up for an hour. Shortly after 6:30 PM, I returned to
the hotel, had dinner, had a good night’s sleep, and was prepared for
my return to the US the next morning.
Here’s where His sense of humor came in. I had no confirmation that
once I got to Boston that the carrier was going to fly me to Florida. I
had not heard any weather reports after I left Toronto. I did not know
if Boston Logan was even open.
I waited outside my hotel. The Fly Bus came and took me to the
airport. I check in with Iceland Air, no problems. I had requested a
wheelchair for going through Logan. The lady gave me my boarding
pass for my flight, and another pass, which I assumed was for my
wheelchair assistance confirmation. I thought I had to recheck in with
my carrier in Boston, go through security again, and then to the gate

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for Florida. Again, “I thought” – our downfall--our greatest obstacle to
faith, to victory, to anything of Abba!
The wheelchair was to take me to the carrier’s check in, and then
another wheelchair was to take me through security to my gate. That’s
what I thought—smile.
So all the way across the Atlantic, I’m praying that I will get to Florida
with no problems. All that time, Abba was assuring me all was OK.
Before landing I got my documents together with my passport for
checking into my carrier. As I looked at what I thought was my
wheelchair confirmation, I sat there numb staring at my
boarding pass for my carrier. Talk about humor! All the way from
Iceland to Boston I already had my boarding pass. I chuckle with tears
even now. When’s the next assignment! I’m ready to go again, but
with a ton more wisdom and insight into His ways, His nature and His
thinking. His ability to overcome obstacles is what we need to have
down pat, so that we can endure through the tribulation time without
falling apart! We need to learn patience, endurance, and hard-headed
stubborn faith (bull-dog faith) that won’t let go no matter what! If
Abba says something, in His Word, or to us personally, it is a “go”, no
matter what things look like. True faith does not go by what it sees,
what it hears, or what is feels. The soul uses the brain to figure out life
here on earth, using the five senses, but that is NOT how we are called
to live. “WE WALK BY FAITH, NOT BY SIGHT”! We can know
something in our head, but unless we live it out, we don’t really know
anything. Faith has to be walked out. If I had given up, this victory
would have never happened. I am a weak human, with many
faults, but one thing I know, is that my Abba loves me, and He
loves you!!!
I took a picture of that boarding pass. We docked in port 8--of course-
-new beginnings. Then He spoke to my spirit: “Go for it”. I knew He
meant to walk it through--not use wheelchair assistance. So, I did.
And, I did great. I felt great. The plane went out on time, and my son-
in-law picked me up. HalleluYah!
Now for the final HalleluYah, for now: Yesterday I checked on the
Karaite Korner site, to see when the new moon for Elul was actually
sighted from Jerusalem. Here is Nehemia Gordon’s report:

Karaite Korner Newsletter #527: Sixth Biblical Month: On Tuesday
August 30, 2011 observers across Israel looked for the new
moon but it was not sighted. Visibility was uncertain even
under ideal weather conditions due to a short lagtime of only
35 minutes. Lagtime refers to the time between sunset and

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moonset. This month the moon set only 35 minutes after the
sun. During those 35 minutes, the light of the sun had not
faded enough for the moon to be visible, and by the time it got
dark enough, the moon had already set or was too close to the
horizon to see. Normally when the moon has a short lagtime, it
coincides with a small percentage of the moon's surface facing
Earth being illuminated. This month the short lagtime of 35
minutes coincided with an unusually high illumination of 3.71%
making a concerted effort at sighting the moon worthwhile.
Despite our efforts we did not see the moon. Clouds may have
played a factor in our negative sighting. New moon day will be
tomorrow evening, Wednesday August 31, 2011. Nehemia
Gordon, Jerusalem

IsraelKaraite Korner Newsletter #528: On Wednesday August 31,
2011 the new moon was sighted from Jerusalem at 6:56 PM by
David Cachicas followed by numerous observers all over Israel.
That means that my new friend arrived in Jerusalem within the very
timeframe in which the new moon was sighed, the 31st.

What gives me chills and causes me to rejoice further is that I
was on the walk/bike path overlooking the sea in Iceland,
proclaiming His Name with His power and His authority,
turning to the north, south, east and west, proclaiming His
Word to open the portals for His entrance to fulfill His will, just
a few minutes after the new moon was sighted in Jerusalem!!!
The true intercessor (Refer to: “Intercession: Knowing the Basics”) is a
gatekeeper. The gatekeeper opens portals/gates for the King. The
gatekeeper has to be trusted by the King to fulfill His will. Since King
Yahuweh knows the future, He knows who will keep His mo’edim, His
“divine appointments” and who will not. The King trusts the
gatekeeper to make the right decisions on his behalf, because he
knows the rules of the kingdom, and is astute to obey them. The
gatekeeper is the most trusted position in the kingdom. Daniel, after
receiving so many high positions from Nebuchadnezzar, became his
gatekeeper. The end time job of gate keeping is appointed only after
tremendous training, discipline, and an intimate personal relationship
with the King. The gatekeeper has to make decisions to open or shut
the gate for the protection of the Kingdom, and for the King’s will to be
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Isaiah 28:5-6 is the promise for the gatekeeper: “…strength to those
who turn back the battle at the gate”. As He spoke to me a few
months ago: “It is time for the watchmen to come down from the wall,
for the battle is at the gate”.
And so it is – the warfare is increasing, and the job of opening the
portals for Yahuweh into this earth is coming with more and more
obstacles and battle from enemy attacks. I praise Abba for His mercy
and kindness to me! I have entered into His heart, and now know
more of how He feels than ever before. He is in great pain, for He has
to judge. But, His father’s heart is so compassionate, that He forgives
and loves the repentant ones. Please read carefully Luke 15:11-32
now with more understanding, and let Him show you His heart!
I have learned more than ever how to please Him, and how not to fail
Him. It has been a tremendous test of faith! But, His faith in me
carried me through. What a difference a week makes! It was
preparation for assignments that will be more difficult than ever in the
End of story for now! In all of my humanness--frail in body and mind--
Abba gave me the strength to finish my assignment in joy and peace.
Only He could have pulled it off!
Humility is nothing more than honesty about oneself. We must
view ourselves as He does--with all of our frailties and weaknesses,
yet knowing that as long as we submit to Him in fear of Him, He will
bring all His promises to pass in our life, and we will receive the words
“well done good and faithful servant” from Master Yahushua.
In II Corinthians 5:14-15 and 12:9-10, Sha’ul says: “For the love
of Messiah compels us…and He died for all that those who live should
no longer live for themselves, but for Him who died for them, and was
raised” “And He said to me, `My favor is sufficient for you, for My
power is perfected in weakness’. Most gladly, then, I shall rather boast
in my weakness, so that the power of Messiah rests on me. Therefore,
I take pleasure in weakness, in insults, in needs, in persecutions, in
distress, for the sake of the Master. For when I am weak, then I am
strong”. HalleluYah!
I look forward to my next assignment with joy--understanding more of
Abba’s heart, His nature and ways, and how He views things. I
understand more of His passion for the remnant that is blameless
before Him, those that fear Him, honor His covenant, are blood-bought
by the Lamb, and with whom He will spend eternity. Are you ready for
your next assignment, servant of Yahuweh?
Shabbat Shalom with love, blessings, and joy,
September 3, 2011
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