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					Benefits of a Web-based classroom.
Enable students to learn by doing.
If the students are not high achievers under traditional methods, they can gain the courage
from what they can accomplish the required works. In web based learning, there are
interactive exercises for them to finish.
Increased Learner Control
Students may select the paths and materials that suit them most so they will feel they have
increased control over what they learn and how they learn. It motivates students to learn.
Arouse students’ interest in using and learning English
Arouse students’ interest to learn English by engaging them in interactive learning and
introducing some English grammar games on Internet.
Train students to be lifelong learners
That is a good way to train the students to learn how to learn. Students learn how to search
materials for them through Internet during web based lessons and which is an important
skill to be lifelong learners.
Save time in class for more interaction with students
Web based learning enables teachers to reduce time spent on writing on blackboard so
teachers will have more time for observing and communicating with students.
Make students more willing to learn and use new technology
People are reluctant to use computers because they find learning how to use computers
difficult. Young students can absorb new things easily. The popularity of the Web means
make students get used to the technology and be more willing to learn and apply it.
Skill training
Web based learning can make students proficient in the basic technological skills needed to
take their place in society, whether they enter the working world directly after high school
or pursue further formal education.
Broadcast education
Web based learning can make it possible for educators to teach at more than one locations
simultaneously. It expands opportunities for students to learn.
Need for flexibility
In a commercial training program environment, flexibility is essential. Due to pressure of
work and personal responsibilities, it is beneficial for students to be used to web-based
learning so that they can attend lessons at desired time and desired locations.
Increased Expectations
As most consumers, students are now demanding equivalent to the cost. Many students
want more feedback, more attention and more resources to help them learn. From web
based learning, students can get feedback from interactive exercise and e-mail.
Meet the changing nature of knowledge
Along with the rapid growth in knowledge comes the requirement for people to become
increasingly specialized in a particular field. Nowadays, information is being delivered
faster and faster by Internet.
Increased Communication
The Web allows students to communicate with each other or as a group and to send
questions or hold conversations. It is believed that people will talk more electronically
than they do in a face-to-face situation.

   Disadvantages and problems for using Web-based learning
The Web-based classroom is not a solution to every problem. Some of the problems
noticed are listed in the followings.

Access and Resources
Many students don’t have computer in their home. Even they have, their parents may not
allow them to connect to Internet.

For many schools, students can access to Internet through leased line. No charge is
required for students. But still they have to pay the Pnet charge and the member fee. It may
cause anxiety about marking extensive use of their Web-based classroom. Anxiety and
learning never make a good combination.

Although the use of the Web is becoming popular, many students still require training for
special skills, such as zipping files and downloading. It is important that both teachers and
student dare to receive new challenge of the era.

Adapting to New Methods
Both teacher and students who have experience of traditional didactic methods may have
problems adapting to this new approach.

Infrastructure, Support and Administration
Complete web-based learning needs support and administration. Nowadays, there are only
one to two computer rooms in most schools. It requires a lot of resources to support it.

No Uniform Quality
There are two browsers. One is IE and the other is the Netscape. But they are not fully
compatible. By the way, those Chinese characters form can’t be seen if the student have
not installed the form before.

Copyright, Privacy, Security and Authentication
Despite the freedom and privilege allowed in the educational sector, the problem of
Copyright, Privacy, Security and Authentication can’t be ignored. Before using the
material from Internet, we have to take it into consideration.


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