Minutes of the meeting of the UKCEA Executive Committee by xit6H7


									                  Minutes of the meeting of the UKCEA Executive Committee
                     held on Thursday 17 2005 March at the RCGP

PRESENT: Dr R Flew – in the Chair
         Dr J Bilkhu; Dr M Grenville; Dr A Hibble; Dr S Holmes; Dr J Howard;
         Professor N Jackson; Dr Vish Kini; Dr A McKnight; Dr I McLean, Dr M Taylor
         Mona Lindsay

1) Apologies
Apologies were received from: Dr K Hill; Dr T John; Dr M Lewis; Dr T Mathie; Dr B Savage
and Dr R While.

2) Minutes
The minutes of the meeting held on 18 November 2004 were received as a correct record.

3) Matters Arising from the Minutes
i) It was questioned whether the Executive should discuss their displeasure regarding the
position of the NI pay scales and it was decided to wait until the next meeting by which time
the matter should have been resolved.
ii) The NAPCE handbook had been distributed with financial support from UKCEA.

4) Treasurer’s Report
 The Treasurer reported the balance at the bank as at 28 February 2005 was:
            Deposit account £31,520.56
            Current account £22,352.46
The year end accounts will be emailed to the Executive for approval and presented for
approval and adoption at the AGM.
Morgan Cole, Solicitors will be writing formally to Medify regarding non-payment of
accreditation fees. The Executive agreed that in future cheques should be cleared before
programmes are assessed for accreditation.

5) Chairman’s Report
The Chairman stated the joint NAPCE/UKCEA Executive meeting had been very productive
and all bodes well for a positive relationship between the two organisations.

6) DBL Panel
Received: a) Paper from Professor Jackson on the current DBL process.
Received: b) Paper from Dr Flew on the future options for DBL.
The above papers were produced following a meeting to discuss DBL between Dr Flew and
Professor Jackson. There was a proposal to merge DBL and the RCGP’S Higher
Professional Development (HPD) accreditation. At a recent RCGP Educational Network
meeting there was discussion on taking forward the CPD programme. The RCGP had a
system in Scotland which accredited educational providers and was impacting on a small part
of the market.
The Executive agreed the DBL Panel should continue for at least a further two years until the
outcomes of revalidation are

Action: Dr Flew to contact the RCGP suggesting a meeting to discuss accreditation with the
guidelines of both DBL and HPD considered (Dr Alison Baker to be involved).
7)   Feedback from Joint UKCEA/NAPCE Meeting
     i) Joint website
     UKCEA had tried to develop a website without success. It was suggested UKCEA could
     join forces with or have a page on the NAPCE website. There would be costs involved.
     NAPCE were about to upgrade their website. At present it contained no private areas.
     It was proposed to have a joint log-in page for each organisation. Costs would be less if
     a joint front page was produced than if one was set up independently. It would cost
     £1,500 to set up and £1,000 per annum for maintenance. From a charity point of view,
     UKCEA had to make clear what the funds they spent was doing for members. It was
     agreed to join forces with NAPCE and produce a joint website with separate log-in
     buttons – members would be able to go to any page they wished.
     Agreed: Dr Kevin Hill lead from UKCEA.

     ii) Combined Newsletter
     It was proposed that UKCEA have a page in the NAPCE Newsletter and it was
     considered sensible to share the costs of distribution. It would cost £6,700 for materials
     and £4,700 for distribution.   NAPCE proposed UKCEA pay a quarter of the costs.
     UKCEA would bring additional weight to the newsletter. The cost in such an electronic
     age was questioned. The newsletter was an important paper which was distributed to
     among others PCT Chief Executives and Clinical Governance leads.

     There was concern that UKCEA could become consumed by NAPCE who were larger,
     and ACO views on UKCEA getting so closely involved with NAPCE.

8)   UKCEA Think tank Meeting
It was agreed to hold an Executive brainstorming session either the night before or the
morning of the AGM. Details will be circulated.

9)   The GP Education Workforce
Received: a) Paper on the Employment of Primary Care Educations in the 2005 NHS
This draft paper included comments from the ACO and was considered a good model to take
forward. UKCEA as a body could develop this piece of work and present it to the BMA.
The appraisal section did not differentiate between people at different levels. Appendix 1
containing pay scales had potential for country differences in the way scales are interpreted.
The paper should have another set of competences for medical and non-medical primary care
Received: b) Responses on the paper on Educator Employment in the NHS.
Received: c) Document on Educational Governance in Primary Care.
This was considered a valuable document for educationalists. It should be made simpler and
Agreed:      This document be circulated to UKCEA members for their comments which will be
discussed at the AGM along with the role the UKCEA could play.

10) UKEA Bursaries
The Executive agreed on an assessor panel to look at the bursary applications against the
criteria. The panel to be:
             Jas Bilkhu
             John Howard
             Richard Flew
             Agnes McKnight
The panel would also review the criteria. Bursaries will be announced at the AGM.

11) Election of New Executive at Annual Conference
Received for information, section from the constitution on the membership of the Executive
To Elect at AGM: new Vice-Chairman and new Treasurer.
Richard Flew would be standing down as chair of the Executive. Dr Jas Bilkhu will be the next
chair. Five Associate members will be up for re-election. Voting will take place at the
conference and appointments announced.

12) Other Business
Dr McKnight presented the draft agenda for the AGM in Belfast.
It was agreed to invite Dr Mayur Lakhani chair of the RCGP, to the conference.

13) Next Meeting
The next meeting of the Executive will be held at the AGM – time to be announced.

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