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									                          HASSOCKS PARISH COUNCIL

Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting held on Monday 15 February 2010
          at 7.30 pm in the Parish Centre, Adastra Park, Hassocks.

Present:     Noel Thomas (Chairman)            Judith Foot
             Leslie Campbell                   Phil Mead
             Frank Rylance

Clerk: Linda Baker

Also present were 4 members of the public.

   1. Apologies for Absence. Apologies for absence were received from Kristian
      Berggreen, Mavis Flowers and Bill Hatton. In the absence of Kristian
      Berggreen, Noel Thomas was appointed as Chairman for the meeting.
   2. Declarations of Interest. Noel Thomas declared an interest in item 9, Weald
      Lawn Tennis & Squash Club as a social member of the Club.
      The meeting was adjourned for public participation. A resident of The Minnels
      raised objections to application HA/09/03645/FUL, 78 Keymer Road,
      Hassocks , which had been considered by the committee on 5 January 2010.
      Noel Thomas would speak to District Councillor Sue Hatton to see how far
      consideration of the application had progressed at MSDC. A resident of
      Clayton Avenue raised objections to application HA/10/00104/FUL, 5 Clayton
      Avenue, Hassocks.
   3. Minutes of the Meeting held on 25 January 2010. The minutes were taken
      as read, agreed by the meeting, and signed by the Chairman as a correct
   4. Applications.
      HA/10/00073/LDC 69 Dale Avenue, Hassocks.
      Proposed works to include hip to cable and rear dormer.
      Response: the LDC was noted.
      HA/10/00081/COND Lodge Farm, New Road, Hassocks.
      Wood-cladded, wind & waterproof storage container.
      Response. MSDC deemed it necessary to impose a condition. If MSDC now
      considers that the need for this condition no longer applies, the Parish Council
      has no objection to the removal of the condition.
      HA/10/00104/FUL 5 Clayton Avenue, Hassocks.
      Construction of detached, single storey Eco dwelling.
      Response: recommend refusal.
      The Parish Council reiterates its comments in respect of application
      HA/08/01451/FUL . The only change to the previous application has been to
      change the height of the building, but the area is larger, and the proposal by
      virtue of its bulk is out of keeping with the surrounding area, and out of
    keeping with the street scene. The provision for parking has also been
    reduced from two spaces to one.
    HA/10/00118/FUL 59 Downs View Road, Hassocks.
    Demolition of existing garage and two storey rear extension.
    Response: recommend approval.
    HA/09/03780/LBC Oldland Cottage, Oldlands Lane, Hassocks.
    Insert 3 rooflights to southern pitch roof. Erect fence & gate. Remove internal
    ceiling. Provide remedial support to bowing purlin etc.
    Response: recommend approval.
    HA/10/00190/FUL 19 Beacon Hurst, Hassocks.
    Front & rear extension.
    Response: recommend approval.
    HA/10/00234/FUL 15 Mackie Avenue, Hassocks.
    Erection of white UPVC conservatory, demolition of existing garage, and
    erection of new brick garage.
    Response: recommend approval.
    HA/10/00312/FUL Claylands Cottage, Underhill Lane, Clayton.
    Two storey chalet style extension. Revised proposals following 07/02617/FUL.
    Response: recommend approval.
    WSCC/026/10/HA Downlands Community School, Dale Avenue,
    Existing courtyard to be in-filled providing additional dining hall building &
    construction of car park to provide additional 20 parking spaces.
    Response: recommend approval.
5. Results.
    The following approval was noted:
    HA/09/03884/FUL, 10 Clayton Avenue, Hassocks.
    The following refusal was noted:
    HA/09/03816/FUL, Westcroft, 9 Stanford Avenue, Hassocks.
    The following application had been withdrawn:
    HA/09/03402/REM, Allwoods, London Road, Hassocks.
6. Clayton Mills Development, Mackie Avenue. The Parish Council had
    written to Steve Ashdown at MSDC regarding noise on the site, and had not
    yet received a response. The letter would be followed up if a response was
    not received before the next meeting.
7. Grand Avenue Traffic Calming. The notes of the meeting held on 28
    January 2010 with WSCC were noted.
8. Station Goods Yard. There was nothing further to report. The item would be
    included on the agenda for the next meeting.
9. Weald Lawn Tennis & Squash Rackets Club. There was nothing further to
10. Old Granary, Oldlands Lane, Hassocks. There was nothing further to
    report. It was possible that the Planning Inspectorate site visit would take
         place in march 2010, and Noel Thomas would follow this up through the
         Planning Inspectorate website.
     11. Beech Tree, 29 Hurst Road, Hassocks. The response from the MSDC Tree
         Officer was noted. A copy would be sent to the HPC Tree Warden.
     12. Date of Next Meeting. 8 March 2010 at 7.30 pm.

There being no other business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.05 pm.



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