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trial kill _nick tffinger thriller_ review


									Trial Kill (Nick Tffinger Thriller) review

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              Product Description-Trial Kill (Nick Tffinger Thriller)
  In this riveting novella (75 print pages) from acclaimed author R.J. Jagger, Denver homicide detective Nick Teffinger frantically
    hunts for a vicious killer only to find himself increasingly tangled in the hypnotic web of a beautiful private investigator who is
           working for a high-profile attorney.Previously published as The Zero File.PRAISE FOR THE THRILLERS OF R.J.
JAGGER:WITNESS CHASE“Witness Chase is a terrifying, gripping cross between James Patterson and John Grisham. Jagger
     has created a truly killer thriller.” --J.A. Konrath“The pace never slows in this noir thriller.”--Carolyn G. HartBAD CLIENT“As
 engaging as the debut [Witness Chase], this exciting blend of police procedural and legal thriller recalls the early works of Scott
   Turow and Lisa Scottoline.” --Library JournalLAWYER TRAP"The well-crafted storyline makes this a worthwhile read. Stuffed
 with gratuitous sex and over-the-top violence, this novel has a riveting plot"--Kirkus Reviews“Verdict: The pacing is relentless in
         this debut, a hard-boiled novel with a shocking ending. The supershort chapters will please those who enjoy a James
       Patterson–style page-turner”--Library JournalPRETTY LITTLE LAWYERA “clever and engrossing mystery tale involving
    gorgeous women, lustful men and scintillating suspense.” --Foreword Magazine ATTORNEY'S RUN“Part of what makes this
thriller thrilling is that you sense there to be connections among all the various subplots; the anticipation of their coming together
       keeps the pages turning.” --Booklist NEVER DEAD“This is one of the best thrillers I’ve read yet.” --New Mystery Reader
    Magazine “Way creepy, a little taudry, but boatloads of fun.”--BooklistCLIENT TRAPNick Teffinger "knows he shouldn’t let a
 woman get in the way of investigating his latest case, but that’s the way this homicide detective rolls. *** A throwback to the era
    of Mike Hammer and Shell Scott, Teffinger is old school all the way—and that means good retro fun.” --Booklist “Hard-boiled
        thrills with an electric jolt of the occult.”--Mario Acevedo Jagger’s “hottest creation. A superb thriller and an exceptional
   read.”--Midwest Book ReviewANCIENT PREY"A well told tale with a masterful blend of intrigue, murder, greed, lust, and that
  little touch of horror will keep you reading." --New Mystery Reader Magazine “Brilliant! Ancient Prey held me glued to the edge
            of my seat and kept me in wonder of what was around the next corner of this spine-tingling, sensational work of
fiction.”--Midwest Book ReviewA TWIST OF SINDenver homicide detective Nick Teffinger "leaves for Japan on an unsanctioned
    pursuit. As [Teffinger] draws closer to the killer, more victims are discovered, and the pattern of a twisted murderer revealed.
       Drawn into the intrigue is a cast of provocative characters who move in and out of Tokyo’s gritty underworld. Verdict This
fast-paced book offers fans of commercial thrillers a twisty, action-packed thrill ride." --Library Journal This book "is creative and
      captivating. It features bold characters, witty dialogue, exotic locations, and non-stop action. The pacing is spot-on, a solid
  combination of intrigue, suspense, and eroticism. A first-rate thriller, this book is damnably hard to put down. It’s a tremendous
      read.” --Foreword Reviews DEAD IN HONG KONG“Another masterpiece of action and suspense." --New Mystery Reader
Magazine ALLEY LAWYER“I love the way this man writes! I adore his style. There is something about it that makes me feel as if
I’m someplace I’m not supposed to be, seeing things I’m not supposed to see and that is so delicious.”--Rebecca Forester, USA
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