CMHD omain Descriptor Mild by r29355TZ


									Child Mental Health Domain Descriptors for Revised Target Populations

CMSED: LEVEL I - MILD: Mild Problems/Assessment

Child, over 3 and under 18 with atypical development (up to age 5) or serious
emotional disturbance (SED) by the presence of a diagnosable mental, behavioral,
or emotional disturbance that meets diagnostic criteria specified in ICD-9; AND
functional impairment that interferes with or limits his/her role of functioning in
family, school, or community activities.


SCHOOL – Some behavior problems at school, generally attends school, some In School
Suspension, Non-compliant behavior

HOME – Some relational difficulties with some family members, but adequate
relationships with others, caregivers concerned regarding living situation with the child,
Occasional disrespectful to parents, breaking rules and curfew has to be watched or
prodded to do/complete chores, temper tantrums.

COMMUNITY – Shoplifting, Trespassing

BEHAVIORS TOWARDS OTHERS – Defiance towards authority, some lying,
stealing and manipulation.

EMOTIONAL – Some difficulty controlling anger, risk taking, reckless behaviors, poor
judgment, poor attachments, poor boundaries, sad, withdrawn.

SUBSTANCE ABUSE – Living in an environment that makes abstinence difficult,
associates with peer groups that use substances, experimenting/infrequent use of alcohol
and drugs.

MENTAL HEALTH – Some problems with impulsivity and distractibility, placing self
at risk, mild to moderate depression, recent negative life event, mild to moderate anxiety,
excessive masturbation, promiscuous behaviors, some intrusive thoughts regarding
traumas, but still functioning in most life domains.

LEGAL – Shoplifting, Trespassing

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