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									The Rumor of the Dead review

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                      Product Description-The Rumor of the Dead
 Lovecraft´s Necronomicon History. Fabulous and haunting novel about the search for the Necronomicon, the mysterious book
      emerged from the imagination of Lovecraft. A thrilling history, which travels from the past to the present to narrate the
 vicissitudes of the original manuscript over the centuries. Is there really the Necronomicon? Who is the possessor of the book
  mysterious? What happens to those who dare to read it? Intrigue, mystery, adventure, history, passion ... "The Rumor of the
                                      Dead" is the most fascinating novel of the year 2012.

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Customer Reviews:
2 of 4 people found the following review helpful A Fabulous and Haunting Tale, August 12, 2012 By Brooke D.
This review is from: The Rumor of the Dead (Kindle Edition) This book was a wonderful and thrilling read that I absolutely
couldn't put down! It kept me interested and engaged all the way through. It encompasses so many elements of a great story,
including mystery, adventure, intrigue, and passion and I would recommend it to anyone who loves any of these! Great read...I
highly recommend it for anyone!!!

2 of 5 people found the following review helpful

Gripping, start to finish. 5 Stars!, August 11, 2012 By Liz Cornwell
This review is from: The Rumor of the Dead (Kindle Edition) A very good book.This one glued me to the book from the first
page. It is an easy read and the story flows seamlessly from one action to the other. I give it high marks for suspense. A very
entertaining read.Simply one of the best thrillers you can actually buy.

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