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					The LOW GARBAGE Weight Loss Plan review

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      Product Description-The LOW GARBAGE Weight Loss Plan
   Would you believe there is a simple, effective way to look better, have more energy, and increase your chances of enjoying
   better health? Could it be that garbage is the only thing getting in your way? Now, “The LOW GARBAGE Weight Loss Plan”
   offers a lifestyle approach for men and women of all ages that will enable anyone to lose weight without dieting. It’s ideal for
   those with no interest in diets or who are already fed up with the hassles and hunger pangs of dieting, and who are ready to
     achieve weight reduction through practical, realistic lifestyle choices. In its upbeat and easy-to-read approach, “The LOW
  GARBAGE Weight Loss Plan” sheds invaluable light on how some foods should be considered as nothing more than garbage.
    These foods offer little health benefit or satisfaction, and instead pour empty calories into the body that result in unwanted
  weight gain. Easy to start and easy to follow, the brilliantly simple weight loss plan served up in this book is based on common
 sense and low-hassle strategies. “The LOW GARBAGE Weight Loss Plan” contains four simple and sensible segments. Part 1,
 Mental Preparation, explains how this approach avoids the problems of traditional diets yet leads to weight loss in a reasonable
time frame, and focuses attention on three key benefits of losing weight. Part 2, The Core, presents a six-month plan introducing
 a simple strategy each month that has a big impact on weight loss. Part 3, Choices, presents tactics for making knowledgeable
  choices that lead to further weight loss. Part 4, Tracking Progress, details an easy method to both monitor progress and keep
 one's focus. Traditional diets often entail mind-numbing calorie counting, complicated weighing and measuring of portions, rigid
   recipes and meal plans, unappealing food, and a general feeling of hunger. Who wants that? “The LOW GARBAGE Weight
      Loss Plan” is sure to motivate anyone to start a weight loss plan today, and stick with it to achieve the desired results.

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Customer Reviews:
6 of 6 people found the following review helpful

Must-have book, January 12, 2012 By Carroll
This review is from: The LOW GARBAGE Weight Loss Plan (Paperback) I wish I had had this book years ago when I first
started trying to lose weight. It's a well-organized quick read, and would have been the perfect first book to help me get
started.After years of trying everything possible to lose weight, what finally worked for me was the same approach described in
this book, slow and steady weight-loss over the period of a year. The book recommends adopting one new life-style behavior
every month for six months, slowly building new, healthier habits. It's a terrific approach to weight-loss because by taking a
step-by-step approach you're not setting yourself up for failure. When these small changes start showing up on the scale, it is
incredibly motivating.In fact, even if you are already trying to lose weight, this book should help keep you on track. The concepts
will complement whatever nutritional approach you are using, no matter what plan you are on. And the short chapter on
motivation is simple and effective. I know that will go...

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What a great approach to weight loss!, May 16, 2012 By Chris
This review is from: The LOW GARBAGE Weight Loss Plan (Paperback) The author clearly understands why so many people,
like me, have never been able to stick with diets. This book lays out an approach to weight loss with such logical, small,
incremental changes that I can do them without feeling deprived.As I follow the book's advice, I realize how easy it is becoming
to incorporate changes. If you find it hard to imagine your food tastes or your lifestyle preferences changing, this book will show
you how.I am losing weight and, for the first time, I feel hopeful I can keep it off. The book is motivating and offers a helping
hand to guide you through the process.

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