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                                             REGULAR MEETING
                                               February 8, 2012
                             MWERC - Mendocino Rm., 631 S. Orchard Ave., Ukiah, CA
                               Golden Nugget – 129 Fremont Street, Las Vegas, NV

Members Present & Absent (A):
Dennis Aseltyne        Ann Everett-Cotroneo (A)                      Lee Kraemer                        Camille Schraeder (A)
Emilia Bartolomeu      Candy De Los Santos                           Brooks Lockhart (A)                Sandy Stolich (A)
Glenna Blake           Dottie Deerwester                             Steve O’Mara (A)                   Scott Taylor (A)
Patty Bruder (A)       Susan Goff                                    Pamela Patterson (A)               Ernie Waugh
Jack Buckhorn          Ron Haugen                                    Terry Poplawski                    Wes Winter (A)
Joanne Chiles          Pamela Jo Jensen (A)                          Scott Schneider (A)

Guests Present: Gabriel Garcia – Employment Development Department, Workforce Services Division; Tammy
Gildea – Employment Development Department.

Staff Present: Debra Donelson, Lenord Swope, Julie Soinila

Call to order and introductions – First Vice Chair Glenna Blake called the meeting to order 1:15 p.m.

 1.   Announcement regarding Cathy Frey – Glenna announced that Cathy Frey had accepted a new position with the Central Valley Health
      Clinics and had tendered her resignation from the WIB effective January 1, 2012. Glenna noted noted she cannot assume the Chair
      position as she represents government and not business as required by the Workforce Investment Act. Subsequently, an election to seat
      a new Chair will take place at today’s meeting (item #14 on the agenda).

 2.   Review and approve agenda –
      Motion/Second to approve the agenda. The motion passed.

 3.   Approve meeting minutes of November 9, 2011 –
      Motion/Second to approve the minutes of November 8, 2012. Passed.

 4.   Opportunity for public comment for items not on the agenda of which no action may be taken – None.

 5.   Consent Calendar – General
      a. Receive Minutes: Executive Committee Minutes of November 9, 2011 and January 18, 2012; Partnership Council Minutes of
         November 10, 2011 and January 12, 2011; Youth Council Minutes of November 14, 2011
      b. Approve WIB and WIB Youth Council Applications:
          Approve WIB Application received from John Kuhry, Economic Development and Finance Corporation under the category
          Approve WIB Application received from Norm Hall, G3 Enterprises under the category “Business”.
          Approve Youth Council Application received from Amber Munoz, Youth Probation, to replace Michaela Barlow who previously
            provided representation under the State-mandated category “Juvenile Justice”.
          Approve Youth Council Application received from Alicia Lower, Arbor on Main, to replace the seat vacated by Stephanie Paige
            under the State-mandated category “WIA Eligible Youth”.
      c. Approve Policy 1-C, Priority of Service System for Adults
      d. Accept for consideration, applications for membership on the Youth Council submitted by interested members of the
         Transition System of Care (TSOC) in their capacity as individuals contingent on the following: That this not be considered a
         “merger” between TSOC and the Youth Council; that this results in a moderate expansion of the Youth Council only; that the name
         “TSOC” (or Transition System of Care) is not incorporated under the Youth Council name; and that the activities of an expanded
         Youth Council remain harmonious with the historical focus of the Youth Council and compliant with its roles and responsibilities under

WIB Minutes – 02/08/12
         the WIA.
         Motion/Second to approve the Consent Calendar-General. The motion passed.

 6. Executive Committee Report – No report (the Executive Committee meeting was cancelled due to lack of a quorum).

 7. MPIC Service Provider Report – Candy De Los Santos advised provided a verbal report, noting the current Multi-Close Grant has 90
     enrollees to date (which exceeds MPIC’s projection). She had attended an earlier meeting on the “blending” of the Virtual One-Stop
     System (VOS) and the State’s version of VOS known as the California Workforce Services Network (CWSN) with a goal of integrating the
     two systems to make them synonymous for users. She reported there had been two Rapid Response Business Services Forums (one in
     Ukiah and one in Fort Bragg) with Rob Gamble from the Business Services Roundtable Forum presenting and facilitating both. She is
     hopeful about starting a new Business Services Network for businesses that are either new or struggling in the county in order to address
     their needs.

 8. WIA Coordinator Report – Debra Donelson
       Participant Reports (November and December 2011) – It was noted Attachments 9 a. and 9 b., include the enrollment information on
        the November and December reports and reflects enrollments in all WIA-funded programs. It is important to track the numbers
        because the WIA enrolled participants have critical outcomes that must be met to comply with State requirements (part of what the
        Admin Unit tracks and oversees to ensure any concerns are brought to the attention of the WIB).
       One-Stop Report (December 2011) – This report reflects the actual numbers of customers using the One-Stop Resource Centers. It
        delineates unique customers and notes the number of times they make use of the services. It also shows the number of customers
        being served by each partner agency within the centers.
       Other –A State Directive on the implementation of Senate Bill 734, is in the process of being formulated between the CWIB and the
        State EDD, Workforce Services Division. The State now mandates the utilization of 25% of Adult and Dislocated Worker Formula
        Funds for training, beginning July 1, 2012. While awaiting the final language, it is important that we monitor the current trend of
        expenses for training as this will impact our line items when contracting with MPIC next year. Debb noted this is the first time in WIA
        history that the State or the DOL has dictated a line item on a budget for program service delivery (other than the 10% admin cap).
        The critical piece of information we are awaiting is whether supportive services provided to support training activities will be allowable
        in the training costs category. (It is clearly absent in the bill). Of the 49 WIBs in the state, some already meet this requirement while
        others have concerns regarding the mandate. Currently, we do not meet the requirement. The Implementation language in the
        directive will affect how the Service Provider contract is written.

 9. One-Stop Consortia Report – Debra Donelson advised that members of the Consortia would be alternating in providing reports on a
     volunteer basis (depending on their availability at upcoming WIB meetings). For today’s meeting, Sue Goff reported the focus of the last
     Consortia meeting had been a review of One-Stop brochures and updating the Mendocino Works Mission and Vision statements, copies
     of which were sent out to all Mendocino Works partners asking for their feedback. Marketing materials are being reviewed to sure they
     encompass the services, programs and resources available through each partner, their website addresses, etc. Debb noted the One-
     Stop Consortia meetings are convening monthly. Much of the discussion has focused on gaps in services, duplication of services and the
     need to put a formal referral system in place in order to conserve resources where a duplication of services is evident. Also being
     discussed at the Consortia meetings, are regional funding opportunities (one of which will be addressed under agenda item #10). There is
     a potential to work with Humboldt County to implement an Employer Advisory Council (EAC) to be put into place in Mendocino County
     (not to be confused with the Mendocino County Employers Council already in existence). The EAC would be a board comprised of
     business members and would be managed by EDD staff who would convene informational meetings on topics chosen by the Council of
     business members.

10. Approve applying for direct DOL funds as part of the Northern California Innovation Collaboration: SETA (Sacramento), Golden
      Sierra (Placer, El Dorado and Alpine), North Central Counties Consortium - NCCC (Glenn, Yuba, Sutter and Colussa), NORTEC (Del
      Norte, Siskiyou, Modoc, Shasta, Trinity, Lassen, Tehama, Plumas, Butte, Sierra, Nevada), Mendocino, Yolo –

      Debra Donelson noted the WIB had recently approved that we participate in a regional application on the H1B grant application which
      has been submitted to the DOL with results pending. She explained that she is seeking approval from the WIB to participate in another
      regional application. The DOL plans to award 20 to 30 grants nationwide, to distribute a total of 98 million dollars with minimum and
      maximum awards of $1- $12 Million for Workforce Innovation Funds (WIF) projects. Debb reported she had shared the information with
      MPIC and members of the Consortia, asking for their feedback and they all chose the same strategy out of 4 options already developed
      by the group of WIBs involved in the application. This option would be to increase training services to our low income Youth, Adult and
      Dislocated Workers. The application is due March 22nd. Weekly teleconferences are taking place with all counties WIB Directors involved
      in the development of the application with the Sacramento Employment and Training Agency (SETA) taking the lead on the application.
      The group also agreed to be part of the State EDD/CWIB application for a separate objective within the parameters of the Workforce
      Innovation Funds.
       Motion/Second to apply for direct Department of Labor funds both as part of the Northern California Innovation Collaboration and also
       as the California State Employment Development Department and the California Workforce Investment Board (CWIB). The motion

WIB Minutes – 02/08/12

11. Approve Admin. Unit PY2011/12, 2nd Quarter Expenses (Oct. through Dec. 2011) – Debb noted that historically, the expenses (WIA
      Unit and MPIC) are included on the Consent Calendar with the Executive Committee scrutinizing the numbers but WIB members
      requested this information be brought to the attention of the full WIB. We are currently at 53% expended and since some expenses are
      expended in a lump sum at the beginning of the program year, it appears we are right on target.
      Motion/Second to approve Admin. Unit PY2011/12 2nd Quarter Expenses. The motion passed.

12. Approve MPIC PY2011/12 2nd Quarter Expenses:
       Approve Expenses (Oct. through Dec. 2011, and
       Approve Professional Services (Oct. through Dec. 2011)
        It was noted the end of the report had been truncated and data was missing. While Julie was retrieving the original to make copies
        for distribution, Lee shared some observances and provided his insight. Lenord Swope noted that considering the new training
        mandate and in terms of context, it is prudent to examine the expenditures in terms of what you have now i.e., a training requirement
        for just formula funds would require approximately $117,000 be expended to meet that requirement. When compared to current
        funding availability, this becomes very relevant. Considering we have about 6 months remaining for planning purposes, it is prudent
        to keep this in mind. This led to a brief discussion about the new training mandate, local training opportunities and trends and the fact
        some customers resist training. It is difficult to guide customers into trainings they have no interest in pursuing. If it appears that a
        particular demand in an area exists as indicated through the targets of opportunity for example, it was noted the WIBs can prescribe
        where the training dollars should be spent.
        Motion/Second to approve MPIC PY2011/12 2nd Quarter Expenses. The motion passed with Candy De Los Santos abstaining.

13. Approve Mendocino County Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Annual Report – Debra Donelson
      mentioned the Board of Supervisors had appointed the WIB as the strategy committee for updating the County’s Comprehensive
      Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). She noted we are required to provide an annual report in order to ensure funding is made
      available to entities in Mendocino County who wish to participate in Economic Development Agency (EDA) grant applications. She noted
      this is our report for this year and while it is an administration function, the EDA prefers it be approved by the WIB and the BOS. So
      basically, this is a compliance document that we must put into place to ensure funding availability for those entities wishing to access
      EDA funds. Based on a call she received from the Executive office, Debb advised that in entertaining a motion to approve, that the
      motion be contingent on adding one additional objective on page 10 and she read that objective verbatim (a goal to expand Broadband
      and its availability in the county). There was no objection and no further discussion.
      Motion/Second to approve Mendocino County Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Annual Report. The motion

14. Nomination and Election to replace WIB Chair vacancy – Glenna Blake acknowledged Cathy’s contributions to the WIB, noting her
      knowledge and leadership as Chair were invaluable during a trying time. She also complimented both MPIC and WIB staff for the
      collaborative efforts being exhibited. She reminded members she cannot assume the Chair position and noted a member of the WIB
      Executive Committee with a good deal of experience (a former WIB Chair) had expressed a willingness to fill the Chair vacancy through
      June (Lee Kraemer). Lee confirmed he was a willing candidate for the Chair position but encouraged others to please consider stepping
      forward. Glenna asked for nominations from the floor. Hearing none, Candy De Los Santos made a motion to elect Lee Kraemer as
      Chair. The vote was concluded with all “ayes” to elect Lee as Chair and no objections.
      Motion/Second to elect Lee Kraemer as Chair. The motion passed unanimously.

15. New members read their affiliations/conflicts of interest into the record – The following new members read their affiliations into the
       Joanne Chiles announced having no known conflicts of interest. Her affiliation was stated as being with the Bank of America.
       Ron Haugen reported no conflicts of interest. He noted his affiliation as being through Experience Works in his position as
          Employment and Training Coordinator.
       Terry Poplawski reported no conflicts of interest and announced the following affiliations: President, National Association of Letter
          Carriers (NALC) Branch 1563; Executive Board member, North Bay Labor Council; Organizer, Mendocino County Coalition of UM;
          Member, Alliance for Democracy.
       Candy De Los Santos reported being the Executive Director of the Mendocino Private Industry Council, Inc.

16. Discuss meeting format and expectations for the WIB Development/Strategic Planning Session on April 11, 2012 meeting –
      A facilitated session to address the following: identify WIB goals; incorporate those into the WIB’s Strategic Plan Modification
      for PY2012/13; and, address Business and Labor recruitment and the possible need to consider alternate meeting time,
      frequency and day of the week – Glenna Blake noted it was time to re-evaluate our direction and noted the April meeting will be a
      facilitated strategic planning session. She asked members who are able to do so, to please commit to attending a somewhat longer
      session on April 11th, as it is expected to last from 1 to 4 p.m. It was noted the WIB had explored several ideas during a pre-strategic
      planning discussion facilitated by Cathy Frey several months ago (in April 2011). Notes from that meeting and the ideas generated

WIB Minutes – 02/08/12
     during that discussion (for conducting outreach to the private sector, marketing and branding the WIB, etc.), will be provided to aid the
     strategic planning process in April. Members present were asked to suggest areas of highest priority for the WIB to focus upon in the
     coming year – what they considered as being priorities of strategic planning. (The priority focus areas suggested, are listed below).
     Given the limitation of time at the April meeting (3 to 3.5 hours) and considering what can be realistically addressed, Staff will distribute
     an email out to all members after the meeting, asking them to prioritize these items in order to pare down them down to just the main
      Establish a communication cycle out to business - How does the business community hear / know about the WIB & what it does?
      Develop strategies for meeting the new 25% training mandate effective 7-1-12.
      Outreach to businesses to attract more private sector members – Possible need to adjust/rotate meeting time & consider non-
       business hour meetings to ensure WIB meetings are accessible by the private sector.
      Branding the WIB: Marketing strategies to increase and improve public understanding, awareness and name recognition.
      Orchard Avenue Building Lease – Address the issues and ramifications around the possible move of CalWORKs from the building
       and the loss of co-located structure. Can the WIB have any influence in preserving that structure at its present location? Failing that,
       are there viable alternatives? Note: The Board of Supervisors will be deciding on whether to approve the move (probably, in August).
       The decision will be contingent on the results of a 2nd feasibility study commissioned by the BOS last August. Pending the final vote, it
       will be important to consider the following: County justification for the proposed move; impact of the current month-to-month lease
       situation; loss of the current structure and resulting impact to co-located Partners and to Mendocino Works customers and how those
       factors will be weighed by the BOS. (This is a very complex issue).
      Relationship of the WIB with apprenticeship programs – This is a relevant issue considering the new 25% training mandate. Jack
       Buckhorn describes apprenticeship programs as a “best kept secret”.
      Priority of Service to Veterans and other target groups – Enhance awareness in the community and among One-Stop staff about
       priority of service policy mandates and the importance of ensuring our veterans (and their eligible spouses) are aware of and receive
       priority of service.
      Explore the power of partnering and partnerships – WIB members represent a broad spectrum of workforce and economic
       interests: Maximize the power of our collective knowledge and network of connections.
      Increase education and awareness among WIB members about our services: Learn more about our capacity – i.e., what we do
       and the broad spectrum of services that are available to assist and support job seekers and employers in Mendocino County. Being a
       WIB member is an ongoing education process. Awareness and understanding amongst members is key to successfully advocating to
       others about the WIB.

17. Adjourn - The meeting was adjourned at 2:35 p.m.

Submitted by: Julie Soinila                                                             Approved:        April 11, 2012

WIB Minutes – 02/08/12

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