12. 2: Solving Rate Problems by h3U571lt


									1.1 Introduction to the
Student Reference Book
                    Mental Math
            Solve these addition problems.
       Write your answer on your slate.

6 + 1 =
9 + 2 =
20 + 30 =
7 + 9 =
90 + 90 =
           Math Message

   Look through the SRB. It is divided into
 sections. Find two sections and be ready to
 share the sections you found with your table

Also find a page that looks interesting to you.
Place a Post-it note on the page number and be
                 ready to share.
    Our Student Reference Book

You can take home your SRB or access
       it on your home computer!

• Table of Contents – essay about a
  certain topic.

 Look up “Extended Multiplication Facts”
    Our Student Reference Book

• Glossary – math vocabulary in
  alphabetical order and defines each word.

         Look up line of symmetry
    Our Student Reference Book

• Index – lists key words in alphabetical
  order and gives pages on which those
  words appear.

Use the Index to find the rules for the game
          Baseball Multiplication
 On which page(s) will you find the game?
    Our Student Reference Book

• World Tour – has interesting facts
  and bits of data we will use
  throughout the year.

What are some interesting parts of the
         World Tour section?
Using the SRB
      Using Fact Triangles
You can use them with a partner or all alone!

As you solve them, sort them into two piles
    “I know it!” and “Need to practice!”
            Wrap it UP!
Discuss with your table partners.

  How will you use your SRB in math?

What was the most interesting fact you
       learned about your SRB?
Tonight’s Homework
Tonight’s Homework
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