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									Skeleton in the Closet review

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                       Product Description-Skeleton in the Closet
 Charles Dietrich had everything anyone could have ever wanted, but he is not anyone. He was different. He is his own prison
and that is precisely what everyone made it seem. Even being the only son of a rich family did not help things one bit.They say
 that two beings have been created -- one was called man and the other, a woman, and the two shall be united. But that is not
what everyone wants – and Charles Dietrich had known for a long time that that is not how he wants things.When does a man
                          start to think that living would be his last resort and dying would be his first?

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please don't, May 19, 2012 By Furio (Genova - Italy)
This review is from: Skeleton in the Closet (Kindle Edition) There was an idea in this short story. It was not necessarily original
but it could work: telling the last day of a young gay man deciding to commit suicide to escape a painful outing.Said idea was a
bit at odds with his having loving friends and a loving partner but let us just accept that.To make fiction of such a teary story one
would have needed far greater subtlety, though.One would also have needed better grammar, especially in the handling of
tenses: past perfect is sorely needed when writing and cannot be replaced with a simple past but there where several other
problems and a shaky syntax to top it all.A better editing and a different cover (this one makes one think about an erotic tale)
would have helped as well.

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