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									She Owns the Knight (A Medieval Time Travel Romance)

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      Product Description-She Owns the Knight (A Medieval Time
                          Travel Romance)
       PG-RATED FUNShe Owns the KnightWhy does she have to travel seven hundred years through time to find a decent
   guy?Brokenhearted Gillian Corbett finally finds the knight of her the past. Unfortunately he's bossy, overbearing,
 and...betrothed! Fortunately, he thinks she is his affianced, which keeps her from garderobe duty. Or worse, being hanged as a
  spy. She knows she has to get back to her own time before his real fiancé shows up and the truth is discovered, but until she
  finds a way, she's going to squeeze every bit of enjoyment she can out of this situation. As far as she's concerned, this is one
relationship in which she gets to call the shots, not the other way around. The dowry provided by his betrothed bought him, lock,
    stock, and barrel. She'll gladly whip him into shape for the girl who ends up with him. No thanks required. In the meantime,
    Gillian owns him, and as every twenty-first century girl knows...ownership has its privileges.Why can't he find a lady who is
      obedient, submissive...or at least not trying to kill him?After a horrible first marriage that ended badly, Sir Kellen Marshall
     is determined to protect what is left of his dreams. He needs an heir, an alliance, and a chaste bride who has never loved
    another. Would that he'd been choosier in his specifications because what he's ended up with is a loud, bossy, demanding
 female who will drive him daft at every opportunity. So why does he feel he'd like to lay the world at her feet if she'd simply give
    him the chance?When modern meets medieval, can there be a happily ever after? # OF PAGESApproximately 440 pages.
(110,000 words)OTHER BOOKS BY DIANE DARCY:Serendipity, She's Just Right, Once in a Blue Moon, The Christmas Star, A
                                                        Penny for Your Thoughts.

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Customer Reviews:
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A good read with likable characters, July 7, 2012 By Amy Sorter (Texas)
  This review is from: She Owns the Knight (A Medieval Time Travel Romance) (Kindle Edition) In the 13th century, Lord Kellen
Marshall, a landowner in medieval England, loses his wife, Catherine, to treachery and deceit. Kellen, a warrior knight, ends up
having trust issues with women, and for very good reasons.Meanwhile, some 700 years later, 21st century woman Gillian
Corbett, trying to pull herself together after a breakup with her fiancee, journeys to England. While sketching the ruins of a
castle, Gillian finds herself forced to escape ruffians . . . and ends up in the year 1260, where she meets Kellen.Though she
appears out of nowhere, it seems as though Gillian is expected -- she is immediately taken by Kellen to be Edith Corbett, sister
of the treacherous Catherine, and the one whom he wishes to marry to produce more heirs. While Gillian hides her secret,
fearful that to reveal it would mean her death, Kellen is attracted to the unusual "Edith," who brings many of her 21st century
strengths and mannerisms to the patriarchal 13th century...

Disappointing, September 24, 2012 By D. Dougherty "dodo" (W'town, NJ)
  This review is from: She Owns the Knight (A Medieval Time Travel Romance) (Kindle Edition) Not up to usual standards.
Have read other novels by Ms. Darcy that were better. This was more "Barbara Cartland."

Loved it!!, September 22, 2012 By Pam
This review is from: She Owns the Knight (A Medieval Time Travel Romance) (Kindle Edition) I loved the characters and with all
of Diane Darcy's books it was hard to put down once you started reading. A romance story mixed with light humor and time
travel. Will keep you wondering what is going to happen next while you hope this couple will get together for a happy ending.
You'll have to read it to find out.

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