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                                 Product Description-River Ghosts
 From the author of The Widow's Son - a Kirkus Starred Review Literary Mystery: Which is right: the eyewitness testimony of an
  eight-year-old boy or exculpatory DNA evidence?Sixteen years after Richard Hill testified in court that he crouched under the
 kitchen tablecloth and saw Henry Clayton rape his white momma and murder her and his black poppa, a DNA swab earns the
prisoner a pardon and his freedom. Returning to Red River Falls, Clayton claims that he has been reborn and offers to help Hill,
 now a patrol officer, identify who really killed his parents. Hill, who relives the family horrors every day, doesn't believe him. But
how can he prove DNA evidence wrong? An ingrained distrust of everyone except Doria, the aunt who raised him, has led Hill to
   distance himself from his squad-car partner Jack Harter, and his mixed parentage has alienated him from members of both
 races. When he leans on radio reporter Sydney Brey for help, the search for truth puts Sydney on the railroad tracks as a train
    heads for her, leaves Auntie Doria bleeding on her bedroom floor and makes Hill the target of bands of good old boys with
swastika tattoos. Ultimately, his childhood memories hold true but bring the disturbing possibility that the perfect science can be
  corrupted while racial enmity festers undercover.The pseudonymous Robb, an attorney, writes with the chilling clarity of Alice
 Sebold. Read it and weep. (Kirkus starred review March 2008)From ForeWord Magazine Reviews (May 2008) - Its frightening
  insight into the best and worst of men and their institutions, thoughtful intrigue, and superb attack upon preconceptions make
  River Ghosts a mystery devoid of coincidences or tidy endings, that will grip readers from the stunning opening to its powerful
                                                                last page.

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Customer Reviews:
26 of 27 people found the following review helpful

Great story & prose for readers who demand more, July 10, 2008 By Alice Puglise (Wayne, IL USA)
  This review is from: River Ghosts (Five Star First Edition Mystery) (Five Star Mystery Series) (Hardcover) River Ghosts is
highly deserving of the starred Kirkus Review and Amazon reader raves, although I must correct a previous post: BOTH the
protagnonist's parents die on page 1. This is worth citing because so much of the story and fine prose deals with Richard Hill's
feelings of loneliness and isolation in the aftermath of the heinous hate crime, added to the displacement he already felt as a
biracial child. River Ghosts is billed as a mystery, but it's more of a well-crafted and well-written work of contemporary fiction that
will appeal to readers who demand both for their time and money. The author clearly knows his way around the legal system,
and displays the same ease with his characterizations, whether through conveying the intimate thoughts of central figure, or in
the quiet details--a gesture here or a turn of speech there-----that speak volumes. I'm can't wait to

from this author.

18 of 18 people found the following review helpful Intelligent and Intense, July 10, 2008 By Nancy Wedemeyer "lily water"
(suburban jungle)
  This review is from: River Ghosts (Five Star First Edition Mystery) (Five Star Mystery Series) (Hardcover) B.R. Robb gives a
reader much to think about. From the opening pages to the exciting ending, the reader remains captivated by the cat and mouse
game played between the hate-filled antagonist and his counterpart, the emotionally damaged protagonist. These characters
come off the page to involve you in their struggle. The battle they wage is an old one, yet one that, unfortunately, remains strong
in today's world--racial hatred and intolerance.I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants an intelligent story with
strong character relationships, and a surprise ending. Enjoy.

27 of 34 people found the following review helpful

exhilarating character driven thriller, May 24, 2008 By Harriet Klausner
     This review is from: River Ghosts (Five Star First Edition Mystery) (Five Star Mystery Series) (Hardcover) In Red River Falls,
terrified racially mixed eight year old Richard Hill hides under his family's kitchen table as he sees teenage Henry Clayton rape
and kill the child's white mother. The preadolescent knows he will be haunted forever with the swastika tattoo that Richard
proudly displayed. Henry is convicted of the rape-murder while Richard's black father tries to help his son move past the hate
crime.Sixteen years later newly discovered DNA evidence exonerates Henry. The Illinois governor pardons him and he is
released from prison. Now a Red River Falls police officer, Richard believes the so-called new proof is a fake as he witnessed
Henry rape and kill his mom. When an elderly gay man is murdered, the circumstantial evidence points towards a white
supremacist friend of Henry as the killer. Richard and his squad car partner believe Henry is involved, but have to find concrete
evidence to validate their theory in court.The adversarial relationship...


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