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									Reality Creation 101: Mastering Manifestation Through
                  Awareness review

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             Product Description-Reality Creation 101: Mastering
                     Manifestation Through Awareness
      My life? Well, to say that my life just wasn't going the way I wanted it to would be a vast understatement. I my twenties I
 accumulated over 20 speeding tickets, was fired from around 15 jobs, and went to jail 3 times. I knew I wanted to be successful
and achieve my goals, but I couldn't manage to get my act together. It seemed as if there was some sort of invisible force out to
   get me that would appear out of nowhere and sabotage my efforts.As it turns out this invisible force has a name and is what
 Eckhart Tolle refers to as the 'pain body'.So what this looked like was me getting ready to make some sort of major transition or
     change in life and then simultaneously creating a reason not to make that transition or change. However, the desire to not
    change or transition in life was not a conscious one, but an unconscious one. In other words I consciously desired to create
   change in my life, but I was subconsciously sabotaging myself via all of my unhealed emotional pain from childhood.So what
    happened?I began to wake up and become self aware. It didn't happen overnight, but I did begin to witness myself in semi
     conscious or unconscious states; I started to see how I was unconsciously creating my reality.Let me tell you that it's both
liberating and kind of embarrassing. This is because you have amazing 'ah ha' moments of clarity when you suddenly see some
    of your unconscious patterns mixed with cringing moments of 'ugh' as you realize some of the things that you do and say to
 people that you really are unaware of.In the end every bit of self awareness that you glean is self empowering in that it enables
you to live harmoniously with the people around you and create the life that you really want.This book will:1) Help you to utilize a
   greater percentage of your thinking capacity2) Help you to quit self sabotage3) Stimulate your consciousness to think in new
  and exciting ways4) Help your business to grow and expand5) Bring people together in large and small groups6) Help you to
  create a vital and balanced relationship with your wife, husband, partner, or mate7) Help you to unlock your creative freedom
      and bring your A game to the table in life8) Answer the question, 'What is The Secret?'9) Answer the question, 'What is
     Spirituality?'10)Answer the question, 'What is The Law of Attraction?'11) Teach you how to meditate12) Teach you how to
    manifestPerhaps the most powerful thing about this book is that it will give you 'ah ha' moments when you read through the
   pages. You may begin to see, through my own personal life examples, how we all parallel each other in different ways. As it
        turns out many (if not all) of our life lessons are really the same, but just with different people and in different places.

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Customer Reviews:
5 of 5 people found the following review helpful

Manifestation and Other Miracles, April 2, 2009 By terrie schauer (Montreal, Canada)
This review is from: Reality Creation 101: Mastering Manifestation Through Awareness (Kindle Edition) Reality Creation 101 by
Chris Pinckley has one great stength. The topic of manifestation can seem a bit hoaky; as explained in the film "The Secret",
manifestation means learning to project what you want into the universe in order to draw that thing to you. Pinckley's practical
and down-to-earth explanation of how to effectively manifest does a great job of making airy-fairy material credible.According to
Pinckley, we are already, consciously or unconsciously, creating our reality by drawing to ourselves that which we dwell on
mentally. Pinckley's book is a how-to explanation of managing this process. Learning to project what you do want, and not the
negative manifestations of your imagination - that is the topic of this book.For example, Pinckley describes techniques such as
meditation, visualization and emotional releasing (to let go of and effectively process past pain). He explains how taking action
and allowing the universe to give you want you want...

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful Best Law of Attraction Book I've Read, December 14, 2011 By Gabriel
This review is from: Reality Creation 101: Mastering Manifestation Through Awareness (Kindle Edition) I highly recommend
Christopher Pinckley's book. If you watched `The Secret', got excited and then disappointed when you found it was harder to
manifest than you thought, read this book. Pinckley tells you what `The Secret' doesn't tell you.Christopher's techniques really
work--at least for me they are working. This book is a real treasure and I can see myself visiting this book on a reoccurring
basis.Pinckley writes in style that makes you feel you are sitting down in his living room for a Sunday chat. His knowledge,
insight, and wisdom into his topic come from a combination of real-life hard knocks and a vast history of research on his part,
resulting in a real-life application and verification of his teachings.If you read one book about manifestation and the law of
attraction, make it this one.Highly recommended.

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful

Spirituality 101, October 8, 2009 By yvonne neidoff (redondo beach, california)
This review is from: Reality Creation 101: Mastering Manifestation Through Awareness (Kindle Edition) Christopher makes
spiritualism easy. I loved this book and he is a true inspiration.He writes on a personal level that many of us (although I am not
male) can relate to. Poverty, unhealthy relationships, role-playing and belief systems. He brings in three easy-to-do, everyday
techniques that will really nourish the soul and help you pin-point and manifest exactly what you want, while at the same time,
releasing the thoughts that create resistance to getting what you want.Although it has inspired me immensely, and I am female,
I can't imagine what it would do if a boy or man read it. I know they would relate to it entirely and grow in the process. If you
know of any males in need of some spiritual guidance...this is the book!![...]

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