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									Job Opening – Resource Recycling Systems
Job Title – Project Intern
Timeframe – Temporary, Summer
FLSA – Non-Exempt
Posting Date – April 1, 2012
Closing Date – Open until filled

Currently many large US corporations including Coca-Cola, General Mills, McDonald’s, Dow
Chemical and others are looking to better understand packaging sustainability. This includes
choosing what type of packaging they should be using, how it can be recovered and how well it
can be recycled. This is a very unique time in US packaging and recovery. Companies, especially
brand-owners and manufacturers are interested in better understanding the recovery
marketplace and are quickly making investments that will shape its future. Unlike the paper
market, the plastics recovery market is very fragmented but could be moving toward a period of
consolidation as the market matures. The goal of this project is to identify areas where either
brand-owners or material processors can make investments to enhance recovery of plastic

RRS is currently on the forefront of working with national packaging associations to better
understand sustainable packaging and its recovery. As many types of packaging are losing
market share, sustainable packaging is continuing to rise. Our research and expertise is
informing market assessments and decision processes by AMERIPEN, the Foodservice Packaging
Institute, the Association of Postconsumer Plastics Recyclers and others. Our work with the
Carton Council to successfully implement a voluntary producer responsibility (VPR) campaign has
given us the access to tackle these national assessments. The data that we gather often counters
or adds more detail to the national reports done by EPA and other organizations.

For this project we are interested in better understanding the marketplace of recycling specific
plastic resins and forms. As an added benefit we would also document our internal knowledge for
raising companywide knowledge of these unique markets. Each resin has unique production,
recovery, and recyclability issues associated with it. For this project we will be looking at the
complete life-cycle for an individual resin and create a report that includes the information in the
outline below. This (or these) report(s) will be used in our continuing work with packaging
associations and individual corporations as they make investments in new packaging and in the
recovery infrastructure to ensure they have a continued supply of feedstock.

Job Responsibilities:
 Develop a market assessment for one or more plastic resins (see draft outline on next page)

Key Qualifications:
 Organized, self-motivated, ability to set work priorities and complete work with minimal
 Creative problem analysis abilities to solve client multi-dimensional problems and projects.
 Proven experience working on multiple projects and client tasks.
 Effective verbal and written communication skills.
 Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.

Minimum Qualifications:
 Bachelor’s Degree in economics, business natural resources, environmental sciences,
   environmental policy, engineering or related field.
 Working on a master’s degree in one of the above fields
 Two years working experience on an environmentally related field is preferred.

Pay Range: hourly rate depending on experience and qualifications

416 Longshore Drive                                                                    (734) 996-1361
Ann Arbor, MI 48105                                       Fax (734) 996-5595
Start Date: Position available immediately. Resource Recycling Systems is an equal opportunity

To Apply: Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, resume, and list of references.
Cover letters should address the candidate’s personal goals and interests, ability to meet key and
minimal qualifications (as described above) as well as their experience and interest in solid waste
and recycling consulting. Please submit all materials to Aaron Burman at Resource Recycling

Resource Recycling Systems
Attn: Aaron Burman
416 Longshore Drive
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105
734-996-1361 x240

About Resource Recycling Systems
Resource Recycling Systems (RRS) is a nationally recognized environmental and resource
consulting firm that has worked with clients since 1985 to build sustainable and waste-free
future. We believe what is good for the environment can also be good for municipal and
institutional budgets, and for business bottom line. To that end, we deliver results that advance
your organization’s economic, social and environmental goals. RRS has served as a resource for
a wide variety of clients striving to incorporate green strategies into their operating systems with
action plans that have proven to be efficient, sustainable and effective.

Market Assessment Outline
o Resin choice
       PET, HDPE, PE, PP, etc
       Specific form or packaging industry could be targeted
o Summarize internal RRS knowledge and data
       This task would be done by interviewing internal staff and summarizing and
         organizing the information. Where data gaps are identified, other outside people
         would be interviewed.
       Identify major consumer packaging and products that utilize the resin
              Summarize any data that we have about packaging production
              Summarize industry trends towards this type of packaging vs competition
              Where data gaps exist, find outside reports or simply identify and we can
                pursue work to fill them.
       Identify where (if possible) the material is ending up
              Residential
              Commercial
              Public areas
       Identify the issues with collecting the material
              For example:
                    o Food packaging has food contamination, etc
                    o No receptacles for the material
       Identify issues at the MRFs for sorting them
              Optical sorters available? Identifying by product type?
o Gather market data
       Summarize internal information
              Recent interviews with plastics recyclers
              Production data from manufactuers
416 Longshore Drive                                                                  (734) 996-1361
Ann Arbor, MI 48105                                     Fax (734) 996-5595
          Who are major buyers of recycled products from MRFs
              Reprocessers
              What are issues/trends for this market
              Profile companies based on
                     o Employment and revenue
                     o Locations
                     o Type of operations (if available)
          Who are end users
              Remanufacturers
              How much is closed loop and how much is new end uses
              What are issues/trends for this market
              Profile companies based on
                     o Employment and revenue
                     o Locations
                     o Type of operations (if available)

416 Longshore Drive                                                       (734) 996-1361
Ann Arbor, MI 48105                          Fax (734) 996-5595

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