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mac os x leopard_ the missing manual review


									Mac OS X Leopard: The Missing Manual review

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                                               + Great diagrams and screen shots.

                                         + Easy-to-follow explanations and instructions.

     Product Description-Mac OS X Leopard: The Missing Manual
  With Leopard, Apple has unleashed the greatest version of Mac OS X yet, and David Pogue is back with another meticulous
   Missing Manual to cover the operating system with a wealth of detail. The new Mac OS X 10.5, better known as Leopard, is
  faster than its predecessors, but nothing's too fast for Pogue and this Missing Manual. It's just one of reasons this is the most
popular computer book of all time. Mac OS X: The Missing Manual, Leopard Edition is the authoritative book for Mac users of all
   technical levels and experience. If you're new to the Mac, this book gives you a crystal-clear, jargon-free introduction to the
Dock, the Mac OS X folder structure, and the Mail application. There are also mini-manuals on iLife applications such as iMovie,
    iDVD, and iPhoto, and a tutorial for Safari, Mac's web browser. This Missing Manual book is amusing and fun to read, but
   Pogue doesn't take his subject lightly. Which new Leopard features work well and which do not? What should you look for?
What should you avoid? Mac OS X: The Missing Manual, Leopard Edition offers an objective and straightforward instruction for
 using: Leopard's totally revamped Finder Spaces to group your windows and organize your Mac tasks Quick Look to view files
 before you open them The Time Machine, Leopard's new backup feature Spotlight to search for and find anything in your Mac
  Front Row, a new way to enjoy music, photos, and videos Enhanced Parental Controls that come with Leopard Quick tips for
 setting up and configuring your Mac to make it your own There's something new on practically every page of this new edition,
and David Pogue brings his celebrated wit and expertise to every one of them. Mac's brought a new cat to town and Mac OS X:
                               The Missing Manual, Leopard Edition is a great new way to tame it.

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Customer Reviews:
308 of 315 people found the following review helpful

Another great book from Pogue press, December 18, 2007 By M. A. Filippelli "Marc12074" (Roseville, CA, US)
    This review is from: Mac OS X Leopard: The Missing Manual (Paperback) Pogues' books on Mac keep getting better and
better. This book covers all of the features in Leopard in detail. For those that have used Tiger the missing manual will not be
disappointed at all by this book.For the new Mac user this book covers all of the essentials to get started. It also gives you the
tools to go in depth with Leopard. For the experienced Mac users there is still so much valuable information here to make it well
worth the purchase. All of the applications that come with Tiger are covered in good detail. Dash board, Spotlight, Apple remote
desktop, Sherlock, iTunes, iSync, iChat .Mac, Safari RSS for internet feeds, iDVD, iChat, iPhoto, iCal, iMic, iMovie, iDisk, iSync
and iTunes, Apple Script and Image Capture to name a few.Also covered in detail is converting from Windows to Mac for the
new Mac user.Creating user accounts is covered along with file and directory permissions, configuring the user environment and
user preferences,...

75 of 76 people found the following review helpful

My iMac should have come with this manual, December 22, 2007 By Christopher Ireland (Sacramento, CA)
   This review is from: Mac OS X Leopard: The Missing Manual (Paperback) As a new iMac owner and a refugee from the
Windows world, I've found this book to be invaluable for figuring out the inner workings of my new machine. I originally thought
that I wouldn't need a book, that everything would be intuitive and easy to understand. But there are some things that you just
need a book for, learning the keyboard shortcuts, what each application does, what the file structure looks like, etc.This book is
very entertaining and fun to read. Pogue has a good sense of humor and does a great job pointing out the features of this OS.
I've found countless "Oh, that's how you do it!" tips so far, from the mundane "How do you right-click?" to the expert "How do I
share the network with my Windows XP, Vista, and various Linux machines?" He covers it all--and I mean ALL.I can't
recommend this book highly enough, especially for new computer users and those of us switching from Windows machines. I'm
Windows, Unix, and Linux certified up the...

67 of 69 people found the following review helpful

No better Manual for OS X Leopard, January 3, 2008 By John A. Suda (Rochester NY)
   This review is from: Mac OS X Leopard: The Missing Manual (Paperback) The preeminent general reference source for Mac
OS 10 has always been the "Missing Manual Series" written by David Pogue. The latest iteration in the series is its Mac OS 10
Leopard Edition, completely revised, and it is the biggest, most comprehensive, and most useful of all the editions in the series.
It covers the OS X desktop and file system, the free applications included with the OS X installation, the system components
and technologies, networking and online features and components, and includes welcome appendices on installation,
troubleshooting, Windows/Mac comparisons, and a "Master Keystroke" list. Every one of the editions has been exceedingly
well-designed and written combining serious treatment of subject content with style, wit, and humor, as well as honest
evaluation and critique of features of the Mac operating system. All of the OS X Missing Manuals have addressed issues for a
broad range of users, from the lightly experienced, the intermediate, and...

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