ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
                             October 22, 2007


Present:       Lise Roy, CHE                         Regional Health Authority 4
               Shelley Fletcher                      River Valley Health
               Suzanne Kilcollins Jones, CHE         Department of Health
               Mireille Lanouette, CHE               Beauséjour Health Authority
               Ruth Lyons, CHE                       Restigouche RHA
               Dora Nicinski, CHE                    Atlantic Health Sciences Centre
               Andrea Seymour, FCCHSE                River Valley Health
               Wally Waller, CHE                     W. W. Health Enterprises
               Ken McGeorge, CHE                     York Manor Inc.
               Jeff Carter, CHE                      Miramichi Regional Hlth Authority
               Neil Russon, CHE                      Aliant
               Dan Arseneau, CHE                     Restigouche Regional Hlth Authority
               Diane Morrison, CHE                   River Valley Health
               Sonya Green-Hache                     Miramichi Regional Hlth Authority

1. Meeting called to order by Chairperson Jeff Carter, CHE

2. Adoption of the Agenda.
       Moved by Ruth Lyons, CHE, Seconded by Mireille Lanouette, CHE, to adopt the
agenda as circulated. Motion Carried.

3. Approval of the Minutes of 2006 Annual Meeting.
      Moved by Dora Nicinski, CHE, Seconded by Andrea Seymour, FCCHSE to
Approve the Minutes of the November 6 2006 meeting. Motion Carried

4. Financial Report:
A verbal Financial Report was provided by Treasurer Mireille Lanouette, CHE. The
organization remains in a positive financial situation with a balance of $26,974.54 since
August 2006. On question on why the balance has remained the same, members were
told that there has been no activity and that the bank neither charges service charges nor
provides interest to the account. Mireille will contact National regarding a portion of
membership fees which are to come to the local Chapter.

Moved by Mireille Lanouette, CHE Seconded by Lise Roy, CHE to approve the financial
report as presented. Motion Carried.

5. Membership Committee:
Committee Chair Andrea Seymour, FCCHSE presented her report, noting that there is a
net increase of three members in our chapter at this time, a total of 62 members.

Activities throughout the year include
    follow up with resigned/retired members and recruitment of new members
    meeting with the CEO’s on May 31, with discussion on membership, professional
        development, and credentialing/hiring practices
    Attendance at the NB Association of Nursing Homes Annual meeting

Planned activities include a follow up meeting with the new Deputy Minister of Health,
and investigating alternate ways of providing educational opportunities, such as
partnering with the Bluenose Chapter.

Moved by Andrea Seymour, FCCHSE Seconded by Wally Waller, CHE that the
Membership Committee report be accepted as presented. Motion Carried

6. Education Committee:
Committee Chair Shelley Fletcher provided the Education Committee Report.

The Committee has been challenged this year due to a shortage of active committee
members and constantly competing priorities for all. They are recruiting and two new
members may be interested in working with them. Due to this, no Spring Conference
was held.

The Chapter partnered with the NBHA for the fall conference, which gave great visibility
to our logo; additionally this year’s conference offers 13 MOC Category 1 credits, nearly
double that offered in 2006. An agreement was made that the Chapter would retain 15%
of the nearly $34,000 in sponsor funding raised by the College. Credit goes to Alan
Mongraw, CHE for this achievement.

Topics currently under discussion include a Newsletter and potentially hiring a
coordinator for a Spring 2008 conference.

Moved by Shelley Fletcher, Seconded by Diane Morrison, CHE to accept the report of
the Education Committee. Motion Carried

7. Board of Directors Report:
Chairperson Jeff Carter, CHE advised the members that Gary Buchanan, CHE is now the
NB rep to the Board of Directors. Unfortunately, this information had not been circulated
to the members following the election.

The National office is currently in a state of transition, with recruitment of a new CEO

8. Chair’s Report:
NB Chapter Chair’s Report provided by Jeff Carter, CHE. Included were:
     The Chair’s Advisory Council continues to cultivate membership and professional
       development issues
     Four meetings have been held, including one at the National Leadership
       Conference in June
     National is undergoing a phase of renewal and revitalization
     Corporate membership and role is under review, particularly regarding these
       members sitting on the Board.

Moved by Jeff Carter, CHE Seconded by Ruth Lyons, CHE to accept the Chairperson’s
report as provided. Motion Carried.

9. Executive Committee Membership:
Executive members for the current year are:
Jeff Carter, CHE, Chair
Lise Roy, CHE, Past Chair
Alan Mongraw, CHE, Vice Chair
Mireille Lanouette, CHE, Treasurer
Suzanne Kilcollins Jones, CHE, Secretary
Andrea Seymour, FCCHSE, Chair Membership Committee
Shelley Fletcher, Chair Education Committee
Gary Buchanan, CHE, NB Board Member
Major Don Schell, Member at Large
Wally Waller, CHE, Member at Large
Aline Johanns, Human Resources Representative

There is room for one to two more members at large and also a representative of the NB
Health Care Quality Improvement, which may be recruited by the Executive during the

Bylaws state that members of the Executive must rotate after 2 x 3-year terms.

10. Adjournment:
Meeting adjourned at 0900 hours.

Suzanne Kilcollins Jones, CHE, Secretary


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