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									Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony review

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        Product Description-Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey
 Filled with explosive new information, this is the definitive inside story of the case that captivated the nation and the verdict that
   no one saw coming It was the trial that stunned America, the verdict that shocked us all. On July 5, 2011, nearly three years
after her initial arrest, Casey Anthony walked away, virtually scot-free, from one of the most sensational murder trials of all time.
   She'd been accused of killing her daughter, Caylee, but the trial only left behind more questions: Was she actually innocent?
  What really happened to Caylee? Was this what justice really looked like? In Imperfect Justice, prosecutor Jeff Ashton, one of
 the principal players in the case's drama, sheds light on those questions and much more, telling the behind-the-scenes story of
  the investigation, the trial, and the now-infamous verdict. Providing an inside account of the case, Ashton, a career prosecutor
     for the state of Florida, goes where the press and pundits have only speculated, detailing what really happened during the
       investigation, showing how the prosecution built their case, and explaining how a woman so shrouded in suspicion was
   proclaimed innocent. Moving beyond the simple explanations, Ashton offers an in-depth look at the complex figure of Casey
  Anthony, a woman whose lies he spent three years trying to understand. And yet this focus on Casey came with its own risks;
here he details how this widespread fixation on Casey—both in the media and in the trial—may have undermined the case itself.
         As everyone got caught up in the quest to understand the supposed villain, somehow the victim, Caylee, was all but
    forgotten—not just to the public, but more important, to the jury. Complete with never-before-revealed information about the
  case and the accused, Ashton examines what the prosecution got right, what they got wrong, and why he remains completely
                                                 convinced of Casey Anthony's guilt.

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Customer Reviews:
68 of 72 people found the following review helpful Very interesting and worth the read, November 16, 2011 By amandalea
This review is from: Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony (Kindle Edition) I work in Orlando & grew up in the area. I
watched this case from day one & was immediately impressed by Jeff Ashton. I read a sample of the book on my Kindle and
was immediately drawn in; I had to buy it. I can relate to a lot of the descriptions and surroundings he talks about in FL and love
his insight on his career and his impression of the defense. I would absolutely say this is a must read of you are at all still
interested in this case and on the team of knowing this woman is guilty of murdering her child. Reading this makes me want to
go to law school.
72 of 77 people found the following review helpful

An excellent book about a sad story, November 18, 2011 By Carol Sandoval "cegiraffe" (Burien, WA United States)
  This review is from: Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony (Hardcover) When I heard that Jeff Ashton was writing a
book about the trial of Casey Anthony for the murder of her daughter Caylee, I knew I would buy it as soon as it was released. I
followed the case closely, mesmerized, as was much of the country, and I watched a lot of the trial. I did not, however, have
high expectations that the book would be well written and informative. It was released only a few months after the end of the trial
and written by someone whose background is as an attorney, not a writer, and someone who is adjusting to being retired after a
very all-consuming career. I have read other non-fiction books by authors with some of those same qualities and many are
clearly in need of more time to reflect on what happened and in need of much more proofreading and the assistance of a good
editor. I was very pleasantly surprised by this book. It is extremely well written and provides information in a way that helped me
to understand more about Caylee's death and the decisions...

227 of 257 people found the following review helpful

A MUST READ for anyone who's followed this case!, November 15, 2011 By MMom
This review is from: Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony (Kindle Edition) The first part of the book is a review of the
case facts... stuff that was already hashed up a million times over to anyone who's followed this case. It's a nice refresher
course and describes every detail, so anyone who hasn't followed (or our kids who may want to read about it in the future) will
know exactly what went on.At about chapter 13-16 (somewhere around there) it starts getting really good. We get to hear about
how sneaky Baez was - you haven't seen half of it til you've read this! Imagine that slimy lawyer we saw on the news and at
trial... that was only a fraction of how disgusting he truly is!There are parts that are funny.. like when Linda Drane Burdick
dressed up in a "Casey Anthony" costume (blue hoodie with the number 82 from Target & white sunglasses) as a joke for the
ride to jury selection...Wow.. just read the book - you won't be disappointed - well, you might become 10000 times angrier at
Baez and Casey and hate them a lot...


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