Memphis CWT by h3U571lt


									1.      CWT Program Location
     Specific City: Memphis, TN

2.        Physical Address
     VA Medical Center Name: VA Medical Center at Memphis
     Street Address Line 1: 1030 Jefferson Avenue
     Street Address Line 2: Office 117/BW137A
     City: Memphis
     State: Tennessee
     Zip: 38104

3.       Contact
     Primary Contact: CWT Program Manager
     Alternate Contact Title:
     Program Telephone Number w/area code & extension:
         (901) 523-8990 x5375
     Alternate Phone Number w/area code & extension:
         (901) 523-8990 x5381

4.       Services Provided (mark all applicable services with an ‘X’)
     CWT/Supported Employment: X
     Post-Employment Supports: X
     CWT/Transitional Work: X
     CWT/Vocational Assistance: X
     CWT/Sheltered Workshop:
     Incentive Therapy:
     Other (specify):

5.       Days and Hours of Operation
     Monday through Friday
      ( 7:30 ) am to ( 4:30 ) pm

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