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The Management Committee of the Central and South Norfolk League resolved at its meeting
held on 15 March 2010 to submit nominations to Norfolk County FA for the Football Association
50 year’s award in respect of the Chairman (Hector Chambers) and Reginald Parker. The details
of their respective service to football are set out below.

                                                    Hector Chambers

                               Football Biography – 1947 to 2010 (63 years)

Felthorpe FC

Played for Felthorpe from 1947 to 1949 in the Reepham & District League prior to National

After National Service, was Treasurer and played for Felthorpe from 1951 to 1956 the Norwich &
District League.

Norwich Corporation Officials FC

Played for Norwich Corporation Officials in the Norwich Business Houses League for four years
in the late 1950s.

Norwich & District/Norwich & South Norfolk District/Central and South Norfolk

Elected to Management Committee of the League in 1957. Elected as Chairman of the League in
1972. Elected as President of the League in 1993. Has served in both of those capacities to the
present. Made a Life Member of the League in 1997.

Norfolk County FA

Elected to the County FA from 1981 to 2008. Served on Cup, Disciplinary and Youth &
Development Committees during that period. Acted as Disciplinary Commission secretary and
Divisional Cup secretary.

                                                    Reginald Parker

                               Football Biography – 1956 to 2010 (54 years)

Wendling FC

The club was formed in 1956. Played for the club from that point and appointed Secretary at its
formation. In 1959, was appointed Secretary and Treasurer. Has held those posts continuously to
the present. Played for the club until l97I after which became the regular linesman until 2008.

Ref: JWT/7c1fee65-cdd6-48b3-990a-516013c76e37.doc
Necton & District League

Appointed Assistant Secretary in 1962 and then Secretary/Treasurer in 1964. Held this post until
1977 when the League was disbanded.

Dereham & District League

Appointed as a member of the Management Committee in 1973 and then as Secretary/Treasurer
in 1976. Held this post until 1996 when the League was amalgamated with the Central & South
Norfolk League.

Central & South Norfolk League

Served as a member of the Management Committee from 1996 to 2008. Made a Life Member of
the League in 1997.

Ref: JWT/7c1fee65-cdd6-48b3-990a-516013c76e37.doc

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