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					Finally Satisfied (Satisfaction) review

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               Product Description-Finally Satisfied (Satisfaction)
   Finally Satisfied is the third and final novella in the Satisfaction series.25,000 wordsAngel Kensington has never gotten over
     giving her baby up for adoption sixteen years ago. She's spent the time since then fighting panic attacks, hiding from her
    feelings, and isolating herself into a well-regimented existence. She has no room in her life for changes, complications, or
men.Mitch Turner presents a definite challenge for Angel. He's the wrong man for her, even if she wanted a man in her life. Why
won't he just leave her alone?Mitch has felt responsible for what his family did to Angel. They'd treated her like trash, left her to
 flounder with no hope of keeping her baby. He'd offered to marry her back then, but she'd not only turned him down flat, she'd
 avoided him ever since.But now Cara and Gray are getting married and Angel is the maid of honor and Mitch is the best man.
 Angel can't avoid Mitch any longer, and she can no longer avoid facing her past. But are Mitch's feelings for Angel real, or are
                                              they just guilt over something he couldn't fix?

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Customer Reviews:
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;0), January 16, 2012 By Lady Raven RAVE! (New York)
     This review is from: Finally Satisfied (Satisfaction) (Kindle Edition) BRIEF SUMMARYAngel has dealt with issues for the past
sixteen years when she had to give her baby up for adoption. These issues have left her secluding herself off from the outside
world. Mitch has always tried to make up for what his family did to Angel since they were younger. Over the years nothing
seems to work with Angel, so Mitch is fed up with trying. With Cara and Gray's pending wedding, maybe Angel will have a
change of heart.THOUGHTSI liked `Finally Satisfied'; the title was surely fitting for the story line. The mood of this story felt a bit
different from the first two books, but it was still very much likeable for me and with a sweet and wonderful conclusion to the
series. As I mentioned before in my review Perfectly Satisfied (Satisfaction) , I would advise the reader to read book 1 and 2
first, that way, you have a feel for the characters and a better understanding of everyone's story so you won't feel lost with
knowing each...

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful Need more Satisfaction!, January 19, 2012 By P. A. Lane "PALRN Book"
(Rockwall, Texas)
  This review is from: Finally Satisfied (Satisfaction) (Kindle Edition) I have read the entire series and believe Finally Satisfied is
a great addition. I was captivated by the characters developed in this novella and enjoyed reading more about the people I met
in the previous two books in the series. Ms. Scott has a delightful way of linking the characters and creating complexity
throughout. I hope this is not the last in the Satisfaction series - they each leave you wanting to know more about the players
and "now what happens?" I highly recommend all of Ms. Scott's books.

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful

Real life, January 27, 2012 By S. Strickland "a happy nana" (ga)
  This review is from: Finally Satisfied (Satisfaction) (Kindle Edition) This is a very good story line, you can relate to the
characters, feeling their sadness and then their happiness..dealing with the ups and downs in life. Wonderful story line,keeps
you interested. Can't wait to read other books from my favorite author ..Read this book, you wont be dissappointed.

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