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fierce dawn _pararealm book one_ review


									Fierce Dawn (ParaRealm Book One) review

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                 Kindle Edition

         Product Description-Fierce Dawn (ParaRealm Book One)
   Summer Heat Sale! Grab "Fierce Dawn" for just $2.99 now before it returns to regular price! ~~ "X-MEN action meets True
  Blood heat!" *****5 stars -Ann Charles, Nearly Departed In Deadwood, 2010 Daphne Winner "Intensely satisfying!" -Carolyn
 McCrayKindle Bestselling author, HeartsbloodOverview:Snarling teeth, glowing eyes. Someone--something--is after her. The
 man who haunts her dreams enters her reality, claiming she's transforming into a changeling--not quite immortal but no longer
human. Except nobody wants this change. Not humans, not immortals and least of all her.Battle lines are drawn and blood spills
as the two fight not only for her life, but for mankind's as well.More Acclaim for Fierce Dawn..."I want a bumper sticker that says
  'Sometimes I feel like Sadie.' What a good read! Non-stop action with a good fantasy/paranormal story."-Alchemy of Scrawl,
Reviewer"Conspiracy, vampires, human changelings? I dare you to put this fresh take on the genre down!" -ParaYourNormal, 5
 stars"A stunning premier to a series with huge potential. I'm hooked!"-Your Need To Read, 5 starsIf you love your heroes with
  hulk like Wolverine only hotter, you'll love Fierce Dawn.More Kindle bestsellers by Amber Scott!***Irish Moon--moon magick,
  mystery and murder surrounding a love that will make you swoon.***Soul Search--shapeshifters, deception and betrayal soul
 deep.***A Love Soul Deep--one wish, one magical locket, can he stay?***Wanted--spanning time to find the only one who can
   set him free. ***Love Lust--so hot, so sweet, to satisfy deep paranormal needs.***Play Fling--this stupid cupid will split your
                                                         sides with her antics.

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Customer Reviews:
53 of 57 people found the following review helpful

Fierce Dawn is great!, April 4, 2011 By Kmoaton
This review is from: Fierce Dawn (ParaRealm Book One) (Kindle Edition) When I was sent the ARC copy, I admittedly was
eager. I read Irish Moon by the author and I truly enjoyed it! I am overjoyed to say Fierce Dawn met and exceeded my
expectations. It had all the elements that I really enjoy: supernatural, sexual tension and a great story!Starting off, we meet the
young Sadie Graves, who is taking care of a mentally ill mother and her little sister, Heather. Her mother is obsessed with her
rambling journals and all Sadie wants is to be a normal teen. Little does she know her life is going to be anything but.Flashing
forward to adulthood, we find Sadie and her sister's positions reversed. With their mother dead, Heather has turned caretaker to
the now broken Sadie. Sadie is trying to find herself again while convincing her sister and the psychiatrist she's OK. What she
doesn't mention is the dreams of a gorgeous man that have been haunting her for the past 6 months. Imagine her shock to
discover the man of her dreams...

38 of 40 people found the following review helpful

Smokin'!, May 18, 2011 By J.Valentino (Shropshire, UK)
This review is from: Fierce Dawn (ParaRealm Book One) (Kindle Edition) Normally, I don't 'do' paranormal romance books as
they tend to smack of irritating teenage emotions as demonstrated in many a YA read. Not that I have anything against the YA
genre, as it definitely has it's place - just not with this kinky gal.Fierce Dawn is an adult ParaRomance like I've never read
before.Hot, insatiable, fast paced and gripping.When Sadie Graves seems as if she is cursed with her mother's mental illness,
her younger sister Heather does all that she can to protect Sadie from herself, even if that means institutionalising her. Little
does Sadie or Heather know that Sadie's dreams and her paintings of the handsome man with the blue wings, are premonitions
of the future and it suddenly seems as if her mother may not have been mentally ill after all.When the gorgeous Elijah turns up
in the library where Sadie works, blue wings and all, Sadie is suddenly hurtled into a world of immortals, realm-line battles and
the search...

26 of 29 people found the following review helpful

Step aside, Edward. Hello, Elijah!, April 11, 2011 By mjmu
This review is from: Fierce Dawn (ParaRealm Book One) (Kindle Edition) Changelings and seekers and wings, oh my! Amber
Scott does it again! Great story with a lot of imagination and heart. Sexual tension that keeps the pages turning in anticipation.
Conflict, confusion, evolution, destiny. Love, lust, family, fear, chick fights. Finding answers from the past to embrace an
unknown future. All with the underlying presence of an unusual connection between two very interesting characters. And several
doors left open for further fierce investigation (sequel?)! Another wild paranormal ride. Don't miss this one!

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