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dolphin girl review


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									Dolphin Girl review

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                                 Product Description-Dolphin Girl
 Jane Wants The Life Of A Dolphin.Wild. Graceful. Free.But these days her life is nothing like that. Between her mother's strict
rules and the cliques at school, she feels strapped in a child-sized life vest. It's not until Jane gets a tattoo and befriends popular
Sam Rojas, a star on the school's swim team, that her life feels freer. She begins to wonder: Is there a way to be myself and not
  be alone? While she navigates these murky waters, a wave of events crash down on her, separating her from her family, her
  best friend Lexie and Sam, who Jane's fallen fin over tail for. Now she must figure out how to surf through rough seas without
having everything she cares about pulled under. DOLPHIN GIRL, author Shel Delisle's first novel, is a story of family, friendship,
                                             first loves and most importantly - freedom.

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Customer Reviews:
18 of 19 people found the following review helpful Dolphin Girl, October 12, 2011 By Kristina Miranda
This review is from: Dolphin Girl (Kindle Edition) Great book!Jane is artsy and free-spirited, trapped in a stifling home life. Things
aren't much better for her at school where she feels confined by cliques and social mores. A kindred spirit of dolphins, Jane
longs for open waters. When she falls for Sam, a sweet guy who's "off limits" because he's from a different "pod," Jane seeks
the courage to remove the constraints in her life that hold her back.The characters are true to life and richly drawn. I especially
loved the interwoven story of Jane's brother John and his wife Desiree, which shows how life can get messy and still be
good.Dolphin Girl is a tale of freedom, family, friendship, and love. A thoroughly enjoyable read!

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful

Great Young Adult Story!!, January 10, 2012 By Mag16
This review is from: Dolphin Girl (Kindle Edition) Ever since a childhood experience Jane has loved dolphins. She understands
them. Jane longs to be free, like dolphins.Jane's life was a fascinating tale. Her mother was a very controlling person, to an
OCD point, I thought. Her father seemed indifferent to what was going on with his family. Her brother, John, was moving on with
his life with Desiree.In school, everyone stayed grouped together in pods. They socialized within their pods, stayed in one
location during free time, and there wasn't intermingling between pods to a great extent.Suddenly Jane finds herself becoming
friends with someone from a different pod. A boy named Sam that she finds attractive. They spend lunch together, and began to
enjoy each others' company. Jane starts to fall in love.Things don't go easily for Jane. Being grounded, a horrible date, losing
Sam to her ex-best friend, dealing with her mother's constant controlling, and running away from home...

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful

I wanna be in Jane's and Sam's pod!!! <3, October 7, 2011 By Kerry O'Malley Cerra "WRN? girl" (South Florida, USA)
This review is from: Dolphin Girl (Kindle Edition) I cannot gush about this book enough. Dolphin Girl, A.K.A. Jane, is a main
character most of us can relate to. It totally stinks that the cliques in HS are so confining, right? Feeling trapped by the pods at
school and her mother's rules at home, Jane longs for freedom. So, when hottie Sam Rojas who, despite being in the trophy
case crowd, takes an interest in Jane, a member of the water fountain clan, she starts thinking maybe things can change. And
that royally peeves ex-BFF/now trophy caser/I-want-Sam-all-to-myself Alana.The daisy (he loves me, he loves me not) romance
of Sam and Jane had my heart all aflutter during their lunches. And I was totally crushed right along with Jane at the Snow Ball
when things went south. Pile on Mom's pressure at home and Jane is truly suffocating under the surface of deceptively calm
ocean.With the help of a hilarious inter-pod scavenger hunt, a few burned casseroles, and a new arrival in the family, Jane
finally breaks...

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