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					Deadlocked (Lou Mason Thrillers) review

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           Product Description-Deadlocked (Lou Mason Thrillers)
Crime writers' favorites - Deadlocked - A Lou Mason thrillerRyan Kowalczyk denied slaughtering a young couple even after his
best friend turned against him, sending him to death row. When Lou Mason is hired to prove Ryan's innocence, someone does
  whatever it takes to stop him. And the deeper Mason probes, the greater the danger...until the past and present collide in an
   explosion of fear, deceit, corruption and murder.If you like Scott Turow's riveting legal thrillers and Catherine Coulter's nerve
    racking suspense, you'll love Deadlocked, Joel Goldman's fourth Lou Mason thriller.Praise for Deadlocked"A certain death
 penalty case and execution is the catalyst in Joel Goldman's legal thriller, Deadlocked. The fourth Lou Mason case is the best
           and most thought provoking and when the action starts it is a real page turner delivered by a pro." Mystery Scene
Magazine"This is one of the finest legal thrillers I've read in years. Deadlocked is on a par with anything written by Scott Turow
or John Grisham. Its attention to characters, smooth dialogue, well-crafted plot and superb pacing make me want to read each
of Goldman's previous three novels." Al Nye The Lawyer Guy"In his fourth novel, attorney-turned-author Joel Goldman delivers
 a well-plotted legal thriller that takes an insightful look at capital punishment and questions of guilt. Deadlocked's brisk pace is
       augmented by Goldman's skill at creating realistic characters and believable situations." Oline H. Cogdill, Orlando Sun
Sentinel"Joel Goldman is a 'sleeper' in modern murder mystery novels. With Baldacci, Connolly, Grisham, Sandord, Flynn and
others hitting the bestseller lists regularly, Joel Goldman belongs there as well. Once he is read by more they will become fans
he a household name. He writes with the best of them and I read them all." Deane StoryA real treat from one of the best crime
writers around!If you love brilliant plotting, sparkling dialogue and a hero who's as flawed and human as he is heroic, you'll love
Lou Mason. If you can't resist an un-put-downable legal thriller with plenty of guts and the confidence to wax lyrical, you'll adore
 it. Joel Goldman paints a realistic and compelling portrait of the criminal side of historic Kansas City with a thrill a minute!Grab
  your copy of Deadlocked now and get ready to stay up all night. Don't miss the blistering action and thrilling excitement in the
   first Lou Mason thriller, Motion To Kill. And then enjoy Shakedown and The Dead Man, two Joel Goldman thrillers featuring
 ex-FBI Special Agent Jack Davis."I'm in my sixth decade as a fourth generation Kansas Citian. I spent twenty-eight years as a
    trial lawyer and plan to spend at least as many as a writer. I started writing when one of my law partners complained about
 another and I suggested we write a murder mystery, kill the SOB off in the first chapter and spend the rest of the book figuring
    out who did it. So I did. Read the rest of the story at my websites, and" Joel Goldman

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Customer Reviews:
12 of 14 people found the following review helpful

terrific investigative thriller, November 14, 2004 By Harriet Klausner
     This review is from: Deadlocked (Mass Market Paperback) Death row inmate Ryan Kowalczyk tells Father Steve that he
does not believe in God or why would he be here when he is innocent. Ryan's co-defendant Whitney King turned state's
evidence insisting that his accomplice killed Graham and Elizabeth Burns fifteen years ago. While Whitney was acquitted of the
crime, Ryan was convicted. Witnesses to the execution include attorney Lou Mason, police officer Harry Ryman, Nick the
eighteen years old son of the victims and Ryan's mother Mary. Ryan's last word to his mother is "innocent".Afterward Nick
shakes Lou as they discuss the mutual deaths of their parents when they were both three with the former insisting adults hide
the truth behind the fade of an alleged accident. Lou wonders if that happened to him. The next day Mary hires Lou because
she believes her son is innocent and wants the governor to exonerate Ryan. Nick hires Lou to prove that Whitney was involved.
Lou uncovers shocking information that makes him wonder if...

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful You gotta Love Lou, January 28, 2005 By Glorificous "anonymous" (North
This review is from: Deadlocked (Mass Market Paperback) It's simple, folks. If you've read any of the other Lou Mason novels
and liked them, you'll like this one. Everything that makes Lou such a great character is here. That wise-cracking,
foot-in-the-mouth guy who somehow manages to get in way over his head is back at it again. And if you haven't read any of
these books yet, this one is as good as anywhere to start. Try it. You won't regret it.

19 of 25 people found the following review helpful

Waste of time, September 20, 2005 By A. flynn "flynnar" (Ohio)
   This review is from: Deadlocked (Mass Market Paperback) Since I bought and read this book based upon the three reviewers
who rated it 5 stars, I felt that I should throw my opinion into the ring.I read a lot of mysteries but this was one that I struggled to
finish due to extremely poor choices in plot devices to move or resolve issues in the story.There were too many coincidences to
make this a worthwhile read. For example, our protagonist seeks the senile mother of the suspect and decides she is probably
being housed in a very large nursing home complex. While he is there, a tornado swoops down and rips the roof off of the
nursing home (it is the most damaged building in the city, of course, and he just happens to be there at the most critical
moment) and in the confusion he enters a wing and helps get patients into the hallway of the wing. In this same wing that he
stumbles into, he finds a second person he has been looking for and they escape in confusion of the tornado. When he gets to
the car, he finds...

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