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                                   Product Description-Deadbook
 Blair and John Waggoner’s teenage daughter Amanda seems to be losing her mind after the death of her boyfriend, Rye, yet
 the family hasn’t a clue how to handle it. The quality of Blair’s privileged life in the narrow Monticello Valley in the mountains
east of Napa – a life of playing tennis, chauffeuring twelve-year-old Nikki, and doing quasi-battle with her Facebook addiction –
 has deteriorated rapidly since Rye’s truck crashed on a winding road a year ago. The truth is, Blair had “issues” with Rye. He
    was of Navajo-Mexican parentage, and as in other areas of her life, Blair wrestles political correctness against her own
embarrassing prejudices. As Amanda’s emotional problems continue to escalate, the family quibbles and hesitates to act. One
  night, a glowing purple icon appears on Amanda’s Facebook page. It is a portal into Deadbook - and there are messages.
 Against a backdrop of dusky blue ridges, wild boars and treacherous canyons juxtaposed with the perfect green world of the
       country club, the truth of Rye’s death comes out and family and community must rethink their previous perceptions.



Customer Reviews:
1 of 2 people found the following review helpful EXCELLENT!, March 3, 2012 By shona patel
This review is from: Deadbook (Kindle Edition) A gripping story! The plot has interesting twists and turns and the characters are
well fleshed out and very real. The issues that Blair Waggoner struggles with are those any mother can relate to. Roxane Linnell
has deftly portrayed the superficial country club community of the Montecello Valley with its social disfunctions. There is a dark
underbelly to this novel that makes it a haunting story. The supernatural element is very subtly (and convincingly) layered in,
without making the story "twilighty". This, together with the writer's excellent command of the language gives Deadbook a
literary feel, despite the subject. A must read!

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Get lost in their lives!, April 14, 2012 By Jessica (PA)
This review is from: Deadbook (Kindle Edition) Full disclosure: Roxane is a friend of mine.Have you read books that your friends
have written? Usually, for me, it means being painfully aware of the fact that THIS IS MY FRIEND'S BOOK--MY FRIEND
WROTE THIS. And that sensation never fades.Not true with Deadbook, and that is a high compliment. I think it took me about a
chapter to forget to pay attention to the fact that a friend wrote it. Instead, I was sucked into getting to know the characters,
understanding where they lived, who they were friends with, and why they were doing what they were doing. That's a pretty
awesome thing.I loved that the writing was very clear AND descriptive at the same time. Roxane surely murdered a few darlings
along the way, but it makes for a tightly-written book. There's no mess.Oh, and I was running intervals on a treadmill while
reading certain chapters of the book. Totally forgot about the "ugh" of that chore because I was lost in the story. The...

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Loved it!, March 19, 2012 By linsey (Colorado)
This review is from: Deadbook (Kindle Edition) Don't let the low price fool you into thinking it reflects the value of this book. Well
written and readable. From the beginning you know that SOMETHING has happened but not why or how or when. Linnell
skillfully unfolds the details, moving between the past and the present without the confusion to the reader that is sometimes the
result of this technique. A wonderful story on many levels. I look forward to reading more of her work.

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