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									Darling Infidel (Formatted for eBook) review

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        Product Description-Darling Infidel (Formatted for eBook)
“Spark had flown between young Cathy Colt and the inscrutable Dr. Woolf Maxwell from the moment he arrived to look after her
  father’s practice. He maddened her, with his insistence on treating her as an unruly youngster. So she didn’t care in the least
 when her glamorous friend Tippy announced that she was going to make Woolf fall in love with her. She was welcome to him!
 For her part, Cathy would just go on hating him. But someone had warned her, ‘Beware of hate, it’s first cousin to love.’ Would
 she find out, too late, that was perfectly true?” The Formatted edition of Darling Infidel (1976) by Violet Winspear. Including link
                                                         of table of content.

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Customer Reviews:
Excellent love story, July 10, 2012 By ForTheQuinn (Austin, TX, US)
This review is from: Darling Infidel (Formatted for eBook) (Kindle Edition) This love story really grips you early on and stays with
you long after you've finished reading it. Cathy is a very well created character who is easy to relate to and you quickly find
yourself connecting with, which makes for a wonderful witnessing this story unfold through her eyes. Likewise, the character of
Dr. Maxwell is written tremendously so that you love him and hate him at the same time. Very much the same way the
protagonist does, you find yourself annoyed by him in the beginning and then increasingly drawn to him as the novel
progresses. I won't spoil anything else, but you'll stay up long past your bedtime reading this book to see how it all comes
together. Great stuff!

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