anger trust _ second chances _the fresh dawn series_ review by konhollow


									Anger, Trust & Second Chances (The Fresh Dawn
                 Series) review

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 Product Description-Anger, Trust & Second Chances (The Fresh
                         Dawn Series)
  Casey was born into a family where her father only prefered sons, due to a tragic past family event involving a daughter. She
endures neglect, feeling unloved and constant criticism during all of her early childhood ahd preteen years. Finally leaving home
at a tender age of sixteen, she seeks to find her misplaced self-esteem and establish her rightful place in the world.The Andrews
     family welcomed Bryan into their lives, showering him with unconditional love, care and support. He was the light of their
     existence and held the promise of pride in the family. However, the dichotomy of his father's dreams for him and Bryan's
personal ambitions caused major rifts within the family, culminating in the departure of Bryan from the Andrews household.Read
on to ride the emotional rollercoaster of ups, downs, sudden twists and unexpected turns when Casey and Bryan's paths cross.
   Immerse yourself in the experience of intriguing yet frustrating actions and reactions of these main characters as their pasts
      dictate their present character, demeanor and personalities, influencing their decisions based on uncontrollable anger,
 misguided trust and sought after valuable second chances.This book is the first instalment of a three part series which explores
                                    the power of repentance, forgiveness and second chances.

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