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					Angel in Flight: an Angel Murphy thriller review

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     Product Description-Angel in Flight: an Angel Murphy thriller
  Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a low-flying Angel!You’ve heard of Lara Croft. You’ve heard of Modesty Blaise. Well, here
comes Angel Murphy!Angel, 'a feisty wee Belfast girl' on holiday in Greece, sorts out a villain who wants to make millions for his
pharmaceutical company by preventing the use of a newly discovered vaccine for malaria.Angel has a broken marriage behind
 her and is wary of men, but perhaps her meeting with Josh Smith, who tells her he’s with Interpol, may change her mind?Fun,
 action, thrills, romance in a beautiful setting – so much to enjoy!An all-action Irish thriller which mixes romance, suspense, the
beautiful scenery of the Greek Islands, treachery and murder, drug companies and exploitation – and plenty of other surprises.

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Customer Reviews:
4 of 4 people found the following review helpful

I want more...addictive writing. Bravo Gerry McCullough., July 10, 2012 By Soooz Burke
This review is from: Angel in Flight: an Angel Murphy thriller (Kindle Edition) Gerry McCullough has been a favorite author of
mine since I first read "Belfast Girls" then "Danger Danger"Angel in Flight does not fact I'd go as far as saying this
is my personal favorite. A thriller that packs a real punch.Don't read this work if Romance is all you are looking for. This goes
way beyond the surface thrills of boy meets girl.Angel Murphy has. through necessity (A turbulent marriage) learned self
protection the book progresses she will need them and then some.In Greece on a holiday to regroup after her
marriage ends, Angel finds herself caught up in far more than the stunning scenery...although author Gerry Mccullough has that
marvelous gift of taking you to Greece and with few words you are indeed dining and experiencing the Greek Islands...but and
it's a big BUT this is not a travelogue.The tale is so seamlessly crafted that genre is unimportant. The pacing of the nightmare

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful Gerry McCullough does it again!, July 2, 2012 By Elinor Carlisle (Berkshire,UK)
This review is from: Angel in Flight: an Angel Murphy thriller (Kindle Edition) Angel Murphy is on holiday in Greece recuperating
emotionally from her abusive marriage.She gets into a car mistaken for a taxi and is drawn into a web of intrigue and murder all
centred on a CD containing data concerning a vaccine.Ms McCullough's evocative prose, realistic characterisation and brilliant
dialogue make this a thriller which grips you from first page to last as you want to find out what happens to Angel.If you enjoyed
Belfast Girls you will adore Angel MUrphy; a feisty heroine with panache and style yet all too aware of her own vulnerabilities.I
can't recommend this highly enough and wish Amazon would allow more stars.

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful

Another great story from Gerry, July 5, 2012 By P A Lanstone (UK)
This review is from: Angel in Flight: an Angel Murphy thriller (Kindle Edition) It's not often I go the whole hog and award 5 stars
for a book but this one certainly deserved it. I'm not one to disclose the story but I will say the characters are finely drawn, the
action is fast and the writing is wonderful, as always. I only have to see the name Gerry McCulloch on a book to know I'm in for
a good read.Highly recommended. Can't wait to what Angel gets up to next!

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