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					ADX Praxis (Red Lake Series) review

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               Product Description-ADX Praxis (Red Lake Series)
  ADX PraxisVol 3 in the Red Lake SeriesThe maximum-security prison at Red Lake, ADX Praxis, holds the worst scum of the
 federal penal system, including terrorists, spies, and traitors. These prisoners spend 24-7 in complete isolation. Guards watch
the prisoners on monitors and when they move, cameras and electronic gates control it. Eddie Ames, a cellblock guard, comes
to suspect that something is not right at Praxis. But soon after he begins to ask questions a car crash takes his life. The County
Sheriff calls it an accident. Eddie’s wife has her doubts and she hires Harry Grim to investigate. Harry's questions bring strange
 men into town, men in dark suits, who flash badges with an alphabet soup of initials. CIA, DIA, FBI. When someone tries to kill
   Harry he calls his friend Barton Dirk, a mercenary who skips the rules.Soon Harry is wondering, Who do you trust? What if
everything you were told was a lie? What do you do when the CIA wants you dead? When forced to choose, should Harry side
with justice or with his country’s claims of national security? Along with his buddy, Barton Dirk, the two expose a conspiracy that
                               goes back to Lee Harvey Oswald and ends with today’s War on Terror.



Customer Reviews:
Worth a look, September 18, 2012 By Shelly P.

In the grand tradition of page-turners..., June 12, 2012 By Dirk B. "Stay happy now!"
This review is from: ADX Praxis (Red Lake Series) (Kindle Edition) ADX Praxis starts off with a bang and keeps it up till the end
-- it's a straight-ahead unapologetic page-turner of a novel. Foster has a great flair for genre, and a knack for the woven plot. I
give it 4 stars because the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement, and I can see this growing into a proper
series in the near future. Thank goodness for e-books!

A good read!, May 31, 2012 By DanL
This review is from: ADX Praxis (Red Lake Series) (Kindle Edition) Rich Foster creates an amazing tale. This story starts by
letting the reader know about the people and town of Red Lake. Then all hell breaks loose! The suspense builds chapter by
chapter, until you NEED to know what happens next. Rich Foster takes the reader on an incredible adventure. I can't wait to find
out what's in store for Harry Grimm in Foster's next book.

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