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a place to belong review


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									A PLACE TO BELONG review

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                       Product Description-A PLACE TO BELONG
 Where does Jessica fit in? A 13 year old Canadian girl born to Filipino parents, Jessica Vasquez is once again having to try to
   make new friends during their move to a new town because of her father's job. When she unexpectedly becomes part of the
most popular group in her new school, Jessica is ecstatic; but now she must go between her mother's strict, traditional ways and
the pressure she feels in trying to belong with her new friends who love going out together...especially when she finds romance
 with a boy among her group. While she tries desperately to juggle her two strikingly different worlds of traditional home life and
 liberated school life, Jessica finds it increasingly difficult to realize who she really is, underneath the different personalities she
                                     must put on to gain approval from everyone in her life.........

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