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									Secrets of the Heart (Romance Best Sellers) review

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 Product Description-Secrets of the Heart (Romance Best Sellers)
One year agoBoston, MassachusettsLaura gave a soft groan and turned to her side. She embraced the first thing her hand had
 touched.“It’s only six o’clock. We still have two hours before breakfast,” said the baritone voice.The voice sounded like it came
        from a dream she just had. She imagined the handsome face of the man who owned that voice. Maybe she was really
  dreaming.She dug her face into her pillow. “I’m still sleepy.” She still felt very exhausted from what she and Antoine did in her
 dream. She just had the sweetest and the hottest dream ever.Antoine was the most gorgeous man she had met in Boston. He
   was of French descent. He flew to Boston to finish his graduate studies in business. She, on the other hand, was there to do
 some soul searching.She felt the bed move.“I will just call up room service and ask for breakfast. If there is anything you want,
  just let me know.”Laura turned upright with her eyes still closed. She felt the comforter slip from her body. The cold wind from
 the air conditioning system touched her bare skin. She felt naked just like she was in her dream.“Anything will do. I am having
     the most wonderful dream—” She stopped abruptly and wrinkled her forehead. She slightly opened her eyes and saw that
 Antoine was standing beside the bed. He was naked. She spoke through her barely opened eyes, “Antoine?”“Yes, I believe it’s
me.” He put on his boxer shorts and picked up the phone.Laura sat on the bed while her eyes surveyed the place. She was in a
  hotel suite, but not in her own. She let out a gasp when she realized that she was naked and pulled up the comforter to cover
    her body. She swept her hands through her face as if washing it and found herself speechless.Antoine noticed her reaction.
     “Why? Is there something wrong?”“Uhm, Antoine?” Her tone was higher than usual.She sat up on the side of the bed. Her
  dream the other night was slowly coming back to her. They had a night of alcohol and got drunk. They kissed each other and
   ran to the nearest chapel to get married.Marriage. She knew that she would not commit herself, much more, get married to a
 person she barely knew.She stretched out her body and moved her fingers to loosen up the tension she was feeling. She saw
    the reflection of the sun from the ring that she was wearing. The ring was not there the other night, but there it was now—a
 wedding band.Her eyes grew wider in fright. “Oh, my God! What did we do?!”About the AuthorWriting romance is natural to me
 not because of how I write but because of what I feel when I write. I have been in love and hurt before.Being in love is the best
  feeling in the world. It brings out the best in you. If I don't feel that way again, I am contented because I will forever remember
        how it made me that happiest person in the world.No amount of education can't really define a romance writer because
      everyone has his own interpretation of love. It can't be explained even if we use all the words we know. It can't be graded
because feelings has no scores. As a writer, I am only using my experience and understanding in expressing my thoughts. Love
      is an emotion that can never be learned in any college course.Romance changes everyday just like in writing.My readers'
 appreciation of my work will be my ultimate motivation to write more. I hope my stories in its own little way will be an inspiration
                                                                   to many.

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Customer Reviews:
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Good Romance, March 22, 2012 By JBP
This review is from: Secrets of the Heart (Romance Best Sellers) (Kindle Edition) I just finished reading this one. Overall, I
thought it was quite a good read. There were a few errors in the book but they did not interfer with reading the book. I enjoyed
the characters. The author has created characters that are believable. Once you begin reading you will find yourself caring what
happens to them. The setting is well developed and adds to the realism of the story.This is one book I would recommend if you
are looking for a easy reading story that will make you feel good while you are reading it.

Errors are distracting, May 22, 2012 By KM
This review is from: Secrets of the Heart (Romance Best Sellers) (Kindle Edition) I think the story line and characters definitely
have potential but the grammatical errors made it difficult to follow. I have read other books with typos and common spelling
errors but the writing in this book does not appear to be simplistic. It feels more like the author's first language is not English.
People who can write fluently in a second language should be admired and I am greatly impressed by people who are
multilingual. However, in this story, the errors in pronouns, commonly used English expressions, and verb tense interrupt the
flow of the story and affect the reader's comprehension. Future revisions should primarily focus on the appropriate use of verb
tenses (past, present and future)as this would immediately improve the ease of reading it. Best wishes to the author and happy
reading to the customers!

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