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									                University of Engineering & Technology, Peshawar

      Sr.     Name                    Father Name            Desired Subject
        1.    Mustafa                 Ghos uddin             Agriculture Engineering
        2.    Abdullah                Ali Hussain            Agriculture Engineering
        3.    Qudratullah             Ghulam Muhammad        Agriculture Engineering
        4.    Fazal Manan             Abdal Bacha            Agriculture Engineering
        5.    Ansar ul Haq            Nazar Muhammad         Agriculture Engineering
        6.    Muhammad Amin           Hussain Dad            Agriculture Engineering
        7.    Muhammad Hadi           Musa                   Agriculture Engineering
        8.    Wahidullah              Abdul Rahim            Agriculture Engineering
        9.    Ahmed Zubair            Muhammad Akram         Agriculture Engineering
        10.   Ubaid Ullah             Ghulam Hazart          Agriculture Engineering
        11.   Zakria                  Haji Gul Muhammad      Mining Engineering
        12.   Baseer Uddin            Habib Uddin            Mining Engineering
        13.   Muhammad Ilyas          Rajab Ali              Mining Engineering
        14.   Ihsanullah              Muhammad Asif          Mining Engineering
        15.   Habibullah              Muhammad Hussain       Mining Engineering
        16.   Zia Ahmad               Ali Madad              Architecture
        17.   Malang                  Mohib Khan             Architecture
        18.   Fahim                   Abdul Moqeem           Architecture

Admission to the above candidates is granted at their own risk and cost as the regular
classes of 1st semester has been started w.e.f. 26 September, 2011.

Students should immediately contact alongwith educational certificates in original.
National University of Modern Language, Islamabad

     Sr.     Name                   Father Name            Desired Subject
       1.    Eid Mohammad           Mohammad Zahir         BBA (Hons)
       2.    Zuhal                  Khair Muhammad         BBA (Hons)
       3.    Sibghatullah           Amanullah              BBA (Hons)
       4.    Mohammad Javid         Ali Madad              BBA (Hons)
       5.    Faridullah             Ghufran                BBA (Hons)
       6.    Roya                   Ahmed Ali              BBA (Hons)
       7.    Muhammad Farooq        Abdul Sattar           BBA (Hons)
       8.    Noor ul Haq            Abdul Mutalib          BBA (Hons)
       9.    Sayed Muneb            Sayed Najeeb           BBA (Hons)
       10.   Muhammad Tariq         Muhammad Hakeem        BBA (Hons)
       11.   Khowja Muhmmad Mahdi   Khawja Muhammad Amin   BBA (Hons)
       12.   Inayatullah            Mohammad Anwer         BBA (Hons)
       13.   Huzaifa                Misbahullah            BBA (Hons)
       14.   Faheemullah            Mirwais                BBA (Hons)
       15.   Asadullah              Hussain Ali            BBA (Hons)
       16.   Jamshaid               M. Qasim               BBA (Hons)
       17.   Farooq                 Syed Akber             BBA (Hons)
       18.   Sayed Emran            Sayed Abdul Ghafar     BBA (Hons)
       19.   Hamidullah             Bismillah              BBA (Hons)
       20.   Wafiullah              Allah Dad              BBA (Hons)
       21.   Mohammad Kazim         Mohammad Hashim        BBA (Hons)
       22.   Hidayat                M. Hussain             BBA (Hons)
       23.   Karimullah             Khalilullah            BBA (Hons)
       24.   Said Aman              Sadaat Hussain         BBA (Hons)
       25.   Zakia                  Razman Ali             BBA (Hons)
       26.   Said Murtaza           Mir Muhammad Muslim    BBA (Hons)
       27.   Nasr ud Din            Ghamoor                BBA (Hons)
       28.   Shafiullah             Muhammad Naseem        BBA (Hons)
       29.   Khalid                 Said Habib             BBA (Hons)
       30.   Habib Ullah            Ewaz Ali               BBA (Hons)
       31.   Muhammad Imran         Muhammad Masoom        BBA (Hons)
       32.   Muhammad Javed         Muhammad Hussain       BBA (Hons)
       33.   Farishta               Muhammad Ali           BBA (Hons)
       34.   Abdul Aziz             Ranga                  BBA (Hons)
       35.   Noor Ali               Ghulam Ali             BBA (Hons)
       36.   Muhammad Latif         Muhammad Sharif        BBA (Hons)
      37.    Aziz Ullah             Muhammad Zahir         BBA (Hons)
      38.    Muhammad Baseer        Mehram Ali             BBA (Hons)
      39.    Marzia                 Gul Ahmad              BBA (Hons)
        40.    Samiullah                   Allah Habib                  BBA (Hons)
        41.    Haseemullah                 Ghulam Darwesh               BBA (Hons)
        42.    Abid                        Abdullah                     BBA (Hons)
        43.    Jamal ud Din                Shamsul Huda                 BBA (Hons)
        44.    Salim                       Haider                       BSCS
        45.    Shukrullah                  Juma Khan                    BSCS
        46.    Abu ul Hassan               Al Hamdo Lillah              BSCS
        47.    Talib Hussain               Mohammad Ali                 BSCS
        48.    Sultan Ahmad Abdali         Shah Mahmood Abdali          BSCS
        49.    Ahmed Arif                  Abdul Nafi                   BSCS
        50.    Mustafa                     Noor Ali                     BSCS
        51.    Muhammad Zaki               Hussain Ali                  BSCS
        52.    Mohammad Yasin              Mohammad Ibrahim             BSCS
        53.    Menasha                     Abdul Malik                  BSCS
        54.    Gul Zewar                   Azizullah                    BSCS
        55.    Ahmad                       Habibullah Fawzi             BSCS
        56.    Mohammad       Rehman       Habib Gul                    BSCS
        57.    Shakiba                     Haji Abdul Sattar            BSCS
        58.    Ghulam Ali                  Ghulam                       BSCS
        59.    Faisal                      M. Zia                       BSCS
        60.    Ashkan                      Maroof                       BSCS
        61.    Hameedullah                 Haji Rooh Ullah              BSCS
        62.    Abdul Mobeen                Zalmai                       IT
        63.    Murtaza                     Muhammad Asif                IT
        64.    Muhammad Asgar              Muhammad Akbar               IT
        65.    Abdul Qayyum                Abdul Karim                  IT
        66.    Hassan Kamal                Abdur Jabbar Kamal           B.Sc Economics
        67.    Madina Aga                  Agha Muhammad                B.,Sc Economics
        68.    Raezeya                     Asiaq Ali                    B.Sc Economics

The nominees should report on 01-02-2012 so that they can appear in the test/
interview to be held on 03-02-2012 at 09.00 A.M. in the concerned department of
NUML. Those who qualify in test / interview will be admitted in the desired discipline and
will join regular classes starting from 06-02-2012 while those nominees who do not
qualify test/interview should first undergo English Language course for six months. On
completion of English Language course they shall be inducted in their respective
disciplines after test/interview in the semester scheduled to start in September 2012.

Afghan nominees should provide the following at the time of test/interview scheduled to
be held on 03-02-2012 and bring their original educational certificates:-

              a)    University Admission form duly filled:-
                    (Forms can be down loaded from NUML website (cost of prospectus may be
                    submitted in Finance Branch NUML) OR purchase from University on payment).
              b)    2 x Photocopies of Passport.
             c)    Information Sheet.
             d)    3 x passport size Photographs.
             e)    1 x set of all educational documents.

It is added that NUML, Islamabad has regretted hostel facilities for Afghan nominees.
Students should report to the University on 01-02-2012.

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