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    All costs were estimates at time of printing and are subject to change without notice. They may not be regarded in the nature of a
                                           binding obligation between students and the College.
                                           ND Resident            MN/with Reciprocity           Contiguous           MSEP/MHEC & WUE              Non-Resident
                                           Tuition Rate              Tuition Rate              Tuition Rate              Tuition Rate              Tuition Rate
                                       Traditional Instruction   Traditional Instruction   Traditional Instruction   Traditional Instruction   Traditional Instruction
                                               Mode                      Mode                      Mode                      Mode                      Mode

 TUITION - based on student’s
  residency for 16 credits of
 traditional classroom classes               $1,794.24                  2,337.12                  2,242.88                  2,691.36                  4,790.56

 MANDATORY FEES                               $321.42                    321.42                    321.42                    321.42                    321.42

 BOOKS/SUPPLIES                               $450.00                    450.00                    450.00                    450.00                    450.00

 ESTIMATED COST PER SEMESTER                 $2,565.66                 $3,108.54                 $3,014.30                  $3,462.78                 $5,561.98

    All costs were estimates at time of printing and are subject to change without notice. They may not be regarded in the nature of a
                                           binding obligation between students and the College.
                                          ND Resident             MN/with Reciprocity           Contiguous           MSEP/MHEC & WUE              Non-Resident
                                          Tuition Rate               Tuition Rate              Tuition Rate              Tuition Rate              Tuition Rate
                                      Traditional Instruction    Traditional Instruction   Traditional Instruction   Traditional Instruction   Traditional Instruction
                                              Mode                       Mode                      Mode                      Mode                      Mode

TUITION - based on student’s
 residency for 16 credits of
traditional classroom classes                $1,794.24                  2,337.12                  2,242.88                  2,691.36                  4,790.56

MANDATORY FEES                                $321.42                   $321.42                   $321.42                   $321.42                    $321.42

RESIDENCE HALL CHARGE (SWENSEN)               $898.50                   $898.50                   $898.50                   $898.50                    $898.50

MEAL PLAN - 7 DAY, 17 MEAL                   $1,495.00                 $1,495.00                 $1,495.00                 $1,495.00                  $1,495.00

BOOKS/SUPPLIES                                $450.00                    450.00                    450.00                    450.00                    450.00

ESTIMATED COST PER SEMESTER                  $4,959.16                 $5,502.04                 $5,407.80                 $5,856.28                  $7,955.48
      All costs were estimates for Fall 2011-2012 as of April          Due Dates - Student account balances are due in full on
2011. For up-to-date information refer to the Student Financethe designated due date each semester. Students who add classes
website at: and click on Current Students,after the designated due date for the semester are responsible for
Student Finance, Tuition & Fees.                               paying charges at the time they add class(es). Designated due
      Class/Course fees may be charged on some classes. Whendates can be found on the Dates and Deadlines page at: bismarck-
viewing the Schedule of Classes, class fee charges will in
cases be stated under Notes.                                           RESIDENCY - Students are encouraged to verify resi-
      Program Fees - Students enrolled in the following pro-dency status in CampusConnection to ensure accurate tuition
grams will be charged $250.00/semester: Electronics/Telecom-charges are being charged at the start of each term or session
munications, Instrumentation & Control Technology, Lineworker,enrolled in.
Mechanical Maintenance, Petroleum Engineering Technology, • MN Residents are initially listed as a MSEP/MHEC until the student is ap-
Petroleum Production Technology, Power Plant, Process Plant, proved for MN Tuition. Submit the MN Application for Reciprocity Status
Renewable Generation Technology and Welding. Students located at:
enrolled in Practical Nursing and Associate Degree Nursing • Contiguous states/provinces are Montana, South Dakota, Manitoba, Sas-
Programs will be charged $400/semester.                           • MSEP/MHEC-Midwest Student Exchange Program states are Indiana,
      Worker Comp Insurance Fee - Students enrolled in the Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska and Wisconsin
following programs will be charged a $7.50 fee per semester: As- • WUE-Western Undergraduate Exchange states are Alaska, Arizona,
sociate Degree Nursing (UGADN), Practical Nursing (UGNUR), California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah,
Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (UGAHR), Carpentry Washington and Wyoming
(UGCRP), Surgical Technology (UGSRT).                             • Non-Resident are all other states and countries
      AutoTech Shop Coat Fee - Students enrolled in Automo-For further information on tuition/fees/room/board/residency/
tive Technology (UGAUT) program will be charged a $35 feecourse fees/program fees/dates and deadlines (including pay-
per semester.                                                  ment due dates)/ how to pay tuition/ withdrawing to zero credits/
      Late Fees - A late fee of 1.75% will be calculated on alldropping or adding classes please visit the BSC STUDENT
balances considered 30 days past due.                          FINANCE SERVICES website at: and click
                                                               on Current Students, Student Finance.

                                                                                                                                      Bismarck State College 19
BOOKS/TOOLS                                                                       NON-RESIDENT TUITION REGULATIONS
      The total for books is an estimate for the year. Please                           If you are not a resident of North Dakota, but you wish
refer to the BSC Student Finance Services website at bis-                         to declare residency for tuition purposes, contact the BSC for dates and guidelines                          Student Finance Services. You will be asked to complete
on purchasing books. Unless otherwise specified, the total                        an Application for Resident Student Status. The completed
cost of books can be split between the two semesters.                             application will assist the college to determine your legal
      Students purchase tools from an outside vendor,                             residence for tuition purposes.
except for students enrolled in electronics/telecommunica-                              The following guidelines are condensed from the
tions technology. Instructors will give students tool lists                       State Board of Higher Education policy on non-resident
and possible vendors the first week of class. First semester                      tuition. A copy of the policy is available in BSC Student
students may not have financial aid available to cover tools                      Finance Services.
to be purchased from an outside vendor. (All institutional                        NDCC Section 15-10-19.1 governs determination of resi-
costs must be paid before a student receives any excess                           dency for tuition purposes. Pursuant to section 15-10-19.1,
financial aid to cover outside vendor or other expenses.)                         a resident student for tuition purposes means:
                                                                                         a. A person whose custodial parent, guardian, or par-
                 Estimated Costs for 2011-2012                                              ents have been a legal resident of North Dakota for
                  *All prices subject to change                                             twelve months immediately prior to the beginning
                          Tools     Supplies    Books
                                                                                            of the academic term;
Auto Collision            1300.00   50.00       $275.00 All tools/books
                                                                                         b. A person eighteen years of age or older who has
                                                        purchased 1st sem
                                                                                            been a legal resident of North Dakota for twelve
Auto Tech                 3000.00   x           800.00 All tools purchased
                                                                                            months immediately prior to the beginning of the
                                                        1st sem, books                      academic term;
                                                        purchased each sem               c. A person who graduated from a North Dakota
Carpentry                 1000.00   x           200.00 All tools/books                      high school;
                                                        purchased 1st sem
                                                                                         d. Active duty military for more than 30 days (in-
1st yr                  500.00      x           600.00                                      cludes National Guard and Reserves if active duty
2nd yr                  100.00      x           450.00                                      for other than training purposes), Member of the
Lineworker              1800.00     x           500.00      All tools/books                 North Dakota National Guard, Military Veteran
                                                            purchased 1st sem               (Veteran is defined as an individual who has served
Graphic Design and Communications                                                           on continuous federalized active military duty
1st yr                 500.00    $700.00        500.00                                      for one hundred eighty days or the full period for
2nd yr                           600.00         520.00
                                                                                            which the individual was called or ordered to active
HVAC                   $750.00 $200.00          $500.00 All tools
                                                                                            military duty for reasons other than training, and
                                                        purchased 1st sem
                                                                                            who was discharged or released under other than
Instrumentation & Control
                                                                                            dishonorable conditions. A discharge reflecting
1st yr                   (First year same as Electronics)
                                                                                            “expiration of term of service” or “completion of
2nd Yr.                  50.00       x          1100.00
                                                                                            required service” or words to that effect qualifies
Mechanical Maintenance 350.00        x          600.00      Rental 1st Semester
                                                                                            the shorter term of service as making the individual
                                                300.00      Rental 2nd Semester
                                                                                            a veteran);
                                                300.00      Rental 3rd Semester
                                                                                         e. A spouse or a dependent of a full-time active duty
Power Plant
                                                                                            member of the armed forces, a member of a North
  1st yr                 x           x          600.00
                                                                                            Dakota National Guard unit or a veteran as defined
   2nd yr                x           x          600.00
                                                                                            in NDCC section 37-01-40 of all of the above;
Process Plant
                                                                                         f. A spouse or dependent of an employee of any in-
   1st yr                x           x          600.00
   2nd yr                x           x          600.00                                      stitution of higher education in the state;
Renewable Generation                                                                     g. The spouse of any person who is a resident for
   1st yr                x           x          600.00                                      tuition purposes;
   2nd yr                x           x          600.00                                   h. Any other person who was a legal resident of this
Welding                  300.00      x          350.00      All tools/books                 state for at least three consecutive years within
                                                            purchased 1st sem               six years prior to the beginning of the academic
All other programs - $400.00-1000.00                                                        term; or
                                                                                         i. A child, spouse, widow, or widower of a veteran
                                                                                            as defined in NDCC section 37-01-40 who was
                                                                                            killed in action or died from wounds or other
                                                                                            service-connected causes, was totally disabled
                                                                                            as a result of service-connected cause, died from
                                                                                            service-connected disabilities, was a prisoner of

20 Bismarck State College
         war, or was declared missing in action.                             Mystic Hall (Co-ed) – Summer Session (8-wk.)
      Definitions: “Dependent” means only a person                           Double Room ...................................................... $665.00
claimed as a dependent on the most recent federal tax re-
turn. “Member of the armed forces” means only full-time                           Room rents must be paid in advance for the semester.
active duty members of the armed forces, and not national                    There will be no refunds for absences.
guard or reserve members who are not on active duty status.                       All college students living in the residence halls
“Spouse” means both parties to a marriage recognized by                      must contract for a meal plan through the college Food
the state of North Dakota, including those subject to an                     Services.
order of legal separation but not divorced persons.
                                                                             BOARD RATES (MEAL PLANS)
HOUSING                                                                      On-Campus Students
Residence Halls                                                                   Students living in the residence halls have the con-
      BSC has four residence halls. Students applying                        venience of a board contract (meal plan) to eat on campus
for on-campus housing should do so as early as possible.                     in the college Food Services cafeteria. Residence hall
Applications for housing are available in the Student and                    students sign up for a board contract when they fill out a
Residence Life Office in the Student Union or on the Web                     housing and board contract with the Student and Residence
at When applying                      Life Office.
for housing, a $25 non-refundable application must be                                     Options and costs - 2011-2012
included with the application.                                               Meal Plan                              Cost per Semester
      All cancellations must be received in writing 30 days
prior to the official residence hall move in day. A cancella-                12 Meal Plan ..................................................... $1412.00
tion fee of $75 will be charged for those cancelling in the                  2 meals each day – M-F, 1 meal each day – Sat and Sun
30-day period prior to the official move in day.
      Summer housing is available. Information and an                        17 Meal Plan ..................................................... $1495.50
application are available from the Student and Residence                     3 meals each day – M-F, 1 meal each day – Sat and Sun
Life Office, 701-224-5464, or on the Web at bismarckstate.
edu/life/residence halls.                                                          Costs are subject to change without notice. Prices
          Housing options and costs 2011-2012                                shown are those in effect at time of printing. See current
Housing Option                            Cost per Semester                  meal plan rates at
                                                                                   During school holidays and vacation periods, Food
Swensen Hall (All Female)                                                    Services will be closed. Board contracts must be paid in
Single Room                                                                  advance for the semester or for the time contracted. There
(on available basis only) ................................... $1306.00       will be no refund for absences.
Double Room ...................................................... $898.50
                                                                             Off-Campus Students (Commuters)
Swensen Hall (All Female) – Summer Session (8-wk.)                                Students living off campus may sign up for the con-
Single Room                                                                  venience of a board contract (meal plan) to eat on campus.
(on available basis only) ..................................... $653.00      A variety of meal plans are available for the commuter
Double Room ..................................................... .$449.25   student, including a 5-meal plan (one meal per day, no
Werner Hall (All Male)                                                            For complete information regarding board contracts,
Single Room (on available basis only) ............. $1306.00                 contact the Student and Residence Life Office in the Stu-
Double Room ...................................................... $885.00   dent Union.

Werner Hall (All Male) – Summer Session (8-wk.)
Single Room (on available basis only) ............... $653.00                PAYMENT DUE DATES FOR FALL AND
Double Room ...................................................... $442.50
                                                                             SPRING SEMESTERS
Lidstrom Hall (Co-ed)                                                              All balances are due in full by the designated due date
Single Room (on available basis only)                                        for the applicable semester. Payment due dates can be found
Double Room .....................................................$1196.50    at and click on Current Students, Student
                                                                             Finance, Deadlines Schedule. Failure to pay in full by the
Lidstrom Hall (Co-ed) – Summer Session (8-wk.)                               designated due date will result in receiving a 1.75% late fee
Single Room (on available basis only)                                        on any balance considered 30 days past due. Payments can
Double Room ...................................................... $598.00   be made online directly to the students account through a
                                                                             secure site with check, check card, or credit card. Students
Mystic Hall (Co-ed)                                                          can assign an authorized user access to make payments
Double Room .................................................... $1330.00    directly on the student account. For further information go

                                                                                                                          Bismarck State College 21
to and click on Current Students, Student
Orientation and enter Mystic G.P.S.                              REPAYMENT OF FINANCIAL AID
       If you are receiving financial aid your financial aid            If a student received Title IV funds, the refund and
file must be complete by the designated tuition due date         any unearned financial aid the student has received will be
for the semester. Students who have incomplete financial         applied to the Title IV financial aid program per federal
aid files on the semester due date, are required to pay their    law. The student will be responsible for repaying the dif-
balance in full.                                                 ference between any institutional refund and the amount
       Students covered by a third party (employer, Workers      of unearned aid received at the time of official withdrawal.
Compensation, Job Service, etc) must have their third party      Allocation of unearned aid shall be consistent with federal
authorization/voucher in BSC Student Finance Services            law. Any balance after allocation to sources of aid and
on or before the designated semester due date or on the          payment of the student’s account shall be returned to the
date the student registers for the class if the registration     student. This refund policy shall not apply to deposits which
for the class takes place after the designated due date for      may be subject to forfeiture under housing contracts or
the semester.                                                    program admission policies.
                                                                       Students who receive Title IV financial aid and
                                                                 receive all “F’s” (failing grades) for the semester will be
CANCELLATIONS/WITHDRAWALS                                        responsible for repaying all unearned financial aid received.
       If you have registered for any semester and have          Students who discontinue attending classes must initiate
decided not to attend any classes at BSC for the desig-          and complete the formal withdraw to zero credits process
nated semester, it is your responsibility to WITHDRAW            through the Academic Records Office to avoid failing
from school prior to the 8.999% point of the semester            grades.
(or class). Refunds on total withdrawals are based on the              Students who fail to repay the student portion of
current classes students are enrolled in at the time of the      unearned excess financial aid (other than student loans) at
withdrawal. Any classes dropped through the drop process         the time of withdrawal or at the time of determination of
prior to a total withdrawal being processed will not be re-      “non-attendance” will be reported to the US Department
funded. Failure to follow the proper procedures will result      of Education for collection. Students who fail to repay
in the student owing tuition for the semester. To totally        the unearned financial aid used to pay any of the student
cancel/withdraw from school, the student must access the         charges at BSC at the time of withdrawal or at the time of
Hardship Drop/Withdrawal form online.                            determination of “non-attendance” will be reported to a col-
      Students are unable to withdraw from college if any        lection agency. (i.e., If you quit school and do not officially
class they are enrolled in has ended. In this case, students     withdraw, you will owe BSC and the US Department of
can drop any remaining classes within the designated             Education if you received financial aid.)
time frame that drops are allowed for those classes still
in session. Students will not obtain a refund on any of
these classes if the class is at 8.999% or after this point      ADDING A CLASS
of time.                                                               Students who add a class after the designated due
      For Dates and Deadlines, go to          date for the semester are required to pay for the class at
current/records/withdraw.                                        the time the class is added. For CampusConnection help,
                                                                 go to

      Students who wish to drop/add a class(es) must do          TUITION/FEE REFUNDS AND ACCOUNT
so on the BSC website by going to CampusConnection,
and signing in with their userid and password. Students          ADjUSTMENTS
who drop a class after the 8.999% point in time of the                  Refunds and adjustments to amount(s) due are de-
class do not receive a refund on the class. (Students who        termined by the date the student completes the Drop/Add
intend to totally withdraw should not use this process, as       process through CampusConnection. The computer system
the system will not allow the last class to be dropped. If       is set to calculate and process based on the date the student
any classes are dropped with the drop process instead of         completes any process. It is a student responsibility to
the withdraw process, when it is the students intention to       follow the proper procedures and be familiar with the last
totally withdraw from college, a refund will not be issued on    date to drop/add and withdraw to zero credits along with
any classes dropped after 8.999% of the class is complete.)      the dates and deadlines schedule.
See Withdrawal Process for total withdrawal from college.               Refunds are not determined by class attendance.
Students are unable to drop any class if the class they intend   Students who drop one or more courses or who completely
to drop has ended. For CampusConnection help, go to              withdraw from BSC will be obligated to BSC for that por-                                    tion of the tuition/fee cost based on the date the student
                                                                 successfully completes the process. Students have access
                                                                 to their class schedule and student account online. It is the
                                                                 students responsibility to check their schedule and account

22 Bismarck State College
to verify they have completed any process successfully.         required to comply for the return of unearned institutional
Failure to follow the official add, drop, or withdraw process   charges paid to the institution and a summary of the
will result in the student owing all or part of the tuition/    requirements for the return of Title IV grant or loan
fees and possibly failed grades.                                assistance and provide that refund.
      Students who drop a class prior to the completion               Institutional charges shall be refunded according to
of 8.999% of days passed out of the total number of days        a schedule approved by the Chancellor that provides for
scheduled for the class will receive a 100% refund of tu-       a percentage refund which approximates the amount the
ition and fees for the credit hour attributable to the class    institution must return to the Title IV financial aid programs.
dropped. After the 8.999% of the schedule calendar days         Institutional refunds shall be used to reimburse Title IV
of the class which is dropped, no refund shall be made          financial aid only. If the amount of a student’s institutional
for the class dropped. For CampusConnection help, go            refund is less than the total amount the institution is
to Students dropping and          responsible for returning to the Title IV financial aid
adding classes equivalent to the same number of credit          programs, the student is responsible for the difference. In
hours and tuition/fee charges can swap classes prior to         addition, no administrative fee shall be charged.
the completion of 8.999% of the class. Classes cannot be              Students who totally withdraw from a regular term
swapped after 8.999% (last day for 100% refund) of the          within 8.999% of the calendar days for a class, shall receive
class is completed. The Dates and Deadlines Schedule            a 100% refund of tuition and fees. Students with a room
will provide the last date to drop at 100% refund. If add-      contract who withdraw will receive a refund prorated up to
ing classes results in an increase in credit hours, change      the sixty percent point of the enrollment period according
in tuition/fees charged, the student will be responsible for    to a schedule approved by the Chancellor. Students with a
any costs due to the class change.                              board contract who withdraw will receive a refund of the
                                                                board contract amount according to a schedule approved
                                                                by the Chancellor.
REFUND POLICY                                                         Allocation of unearned aid shall be consistent with
      The following refund policy will apply as per the         federal law. Any balance after allocation to sources of aid
Board of Higher Education Policy 830.2. Policy is avail-        and payment of the student’s accounts shall be returned to
able in BSC Student Finance Services.                           the student. Any student who finds it necessary to withdraw
      Refunds on board contracts will be prorated.              during the term for reasons beyond the student’s control
      Refunds on room contracts for students who with-          may submit a “Hardship Drop/Withdraw” if the hardship
draw to zero credits will receive a refund prorated up to       falls within the hardship reasons. The Student Finance
sixty per cent of the enrollment period. Students living on     Operations Manager is authorized to determine, consistent
campus who do not withdraw, but decide to move out of           with applicable federal law, the amount of the refund in
the dorm and break the contract will be responsible for the     such cases. This refund policy shall not apply to deposits
dorm costs, until the room is filled.                           which may be subject to forfeiture under housing contracts
                                                                or program admission policies.
Refund for students Withdrawing or Expelled from
College (dropping all classes)
      This policy can be seen in BSC Student Finance            FINANCIAL AID
Services.                                                             Student financial aid is designed to assist students
      This policy applies to refunds of institutional charges   who, without such aid, would be unable to attend college.
to students who withdraw, drop out, are expelled, or            The various types of aid available through federal and state
otherwise fail to complete a program on or after the first      programs are considered a supplement to the student’s own
calendar day of the class of the enrollment period for which    financial resources. Grants, loans, scholarships, tuition
they are charged. “Institutional charges” means tuition,        waivers and part-time employment are the types of aid
fees, room, board and other educationally-related charges       available from federal and state programs.
assessed the student by the institution.                              In addition, local scholarship programs are available
      Each institution shall adopt a written procedure to       to students on a basis other than financial need.
comply with requirements of federal law and implementing              Students should apply for all types of financial aid
regulations and this policy concerning refunds to students      before March 15 to receive full consideration. Applica-
and the Return of Title IV Funds. The written procedures        tions must be made each academic year because renewal
shall include the allocation of refunds and unearned aid        of financial aid is not automatic.
in the order specified by law. The information must be                Following are descriptions of federal, state and local
made available to current students and to prospective           programs available to Bismarck State College students.
students (individuals who contact the institution to request    Further information is available from the Financial Aid Of-
information concerning admission) prior to the earlier of       fice in Schafer Hall. Or visit our website at bismarckstate.
a student’s enrollment or the execution of the student’s        edu/current/financialaid
enrollment agreement. The information shall include the
procedures a student needs to follow to withdraw from
the institution and the policy with which the institution is

                                                                                                     Bismarck State College 23
                                                                  mation contact the N.D. Student Assistance Program, State
FEDERAL PROGRAMS                                                  Capitol, Bismarck, ND 58505. Phone 328-4114. Requires
      Students who wish to be considered for federal finan-
                                                                  full-time enrollment.
cial aid programs need to do the following:
                                                                         North Dakota Indian Scholarships are available to
      1. Complete all admission requirements.
                                                                  qualifying Native American students. Contact ND Indian
      2. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student
                                                                  Affairs Commission, State Capitol, Bismarck, ND 58505.
Aid. You may also complete the application for the admis-
                                                                  Phone 328-2166.
sion online at The Free Application
                                                                         N.D. Academic Scholarship/N.D. Career and Tech-
for Federal Student Aid is available online at www.fafsa.
                                                                  nical Scholarship are two merit based scholarships. The
                                                                  requirements of the scholarships are closely tied to high
      The Financial Aid Office processes applications using
                                                                  school diploma requirements and to ACT and WorkKeys
a priority funding deadline date of March 15. The amount
                                                                  assessment scores. The application is available online
of aid awarded to students depends on the funds made
                                                                  through the Department of Public Instruction (http://www.
available from the federal government. To be considered
                                                         and may be completed and
for federal financial aid programs, students must be en-
                                                                  submitted from March 1 through June 7. Only graduating
rolled in an eligible program, be a U.S. citizen or eligible
                                                                  high school seniors are eligible to apply.
non-citizen, demonstrate satisfactory progress in school
(maintain at least a 2.00 cumulative grade point average),
not be in default on any U.S. Department of Education
grant, be registered with the Selective Service (if male)
                                                                  BSC FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS
                                                                        The Trustees of the Bismarck State College Founda-
and demonstrate financial need.                                   tion award scholarships to students of outstanding ability,
      For a complete detailed listing of the following fed-       regardless of sex, race, creed or national origin. Half of the
eral financial aid programs, please request a copy of the         cash award is disbursed at the beginning of each semester.
“Student Guide” from the Financial Aid Office. This docu-         Several types of scholarships are available:
ment is also available at               Academic Scholarships. More than 200 $1,000 aca-
       Federal Pell Grant. Grants are available to all stu-       demic scholarships are awarded each year to students who
dents who qualify, regardless of their enrollment status.         have demonstrated academic excellence. The recipients,
      Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity                known as “Foundation Scholars,” must carry a minimum of
grants (SEOG). These grants are provided to limited               15 credit hours both semesters and maintain at least a 3.00
number of undergraduate students with financial need. They        GPA to remain eligible for this scholarship. Both entering
must be awarded to students who are eligible for the Federal      freshmen and returning sophomores who have maintained
Pell Grant and meet the priority deadline of March 15.            a good academic record are encouraged to apply. Twenty-
      Federal Perkins Loan. Perkins Loans are funded by           nine additional $2,000 two-year academic scholarships
the federal government at a low interest rate and awarded         will be awarded.
to students who qualify and have met the priority funding               Performing/Visual Arts Scholarships. More than
deadline of March 15.                                             40 $1,000 scholarships are awarded each year requiring
      Federal Direct Loan. The federal government pays            recipients to carry a minimum of 12 credit hours both se-
the interest on the loan while the student is in school.          mesters and maintain at least a 2.50 GPA to remain eligible.
Repayment and interest begin six months after the stu-            Four $1,000 scholarships are awarded each year requiring
dent graduates, leaves school, or drops below half-time           15 credit hours both semesters and a 3.0 GPA to remain
enrollment.                                                       eligible. These scholarships are awarded to students who
      Federal Direct PLUS Loan. Repayment of principal            have special talent in the areas of music, drama or visual
and interest begins within 60 days of loan disbursement.          arts. Recipients of performing/visual arts scholarships also
Parents may borrow up to the cost of education, less other        must participate in performing/visual arts activities in their
financial aid the student receives. Requires at least half-       area of talent. The recommendation for this scholarship
time enrollment.                                                  should be submitted by an instructor in the applicant’s
      Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan. The program               area of talent.
has the same benefits’ and interest rates as the federal Direct         Journalism Scholarships. Bismarck State College
Loan. Except that the student is responsible for the interest     has several opportunities for students to get involved with
from the time the loan is obtained.                               publications and video productions including the student
                                                                  newspaper Mystician with its video component Mysticast,
                                                                  the yearbook Prairie Mystic and the literary arts magazine
STATE PROGRAMS                                                    Figments of Imagination.
      Some financial assistance is available through several
                                                                        Journalism scholarships are available for students
state agencies. For further information and applications,
                                                                  with special journalism skills. Each year the senior editor
contact the agency as indicated.
                                                                  of the Mystician will receive the $1,000 Bismarck Tribune
      North Dakota State Grant Program. Grants are
                                                                  Celebrate 2000 Legacy Scholarship. Five additional schol-
limited to North Dakota residents who attend North Dakota
                                                                  arships will be awarded for assistant editors. The video
institutions of postsecondary education. For further infor-
                                                                  editor of the Mysticast will be awarded a $1,000 scholarship

24 Bismarck State College
for the year, and the senior editor of the Prairie Mystic will          North Dakota Nursing Education/ Loan applicants
be awarded a $1,000 scholarship for the year.                    must be North Dakota residents enrolled in a N.D. nurs-
      Two $1,000 scholarships are available for students         ing program. Contact ND Nursing Educational/ Loan, ND
who are on the Figments of Imagination staff.                    Board of Nursing, Kirkwood Office Tower, 7th and Arbor
      In addition to satisfactory service in these positions,    Avenue, Suite 504, Bismarck ND 58504. Phone 328-9777.
recipients of the journalism scholarships must carry 12          The website is
credit hours both semesters and maintain a 2.5 GPA to                   Vocational Rehabilitation. Students with a physi-
remain eligible for these scholarships.                          cal limitation or health problem may be entitled to certain
      Engineering Scholarships. Three $1,000 engineer-           benefits such as tuition, fees, and text book reimbursement.
ing scholarships will be awarded to students majoring in         Contact the nearest Division of Vocational Rehabilitation at
engineering. The recipients must carry a minimum of 15           the district or general office.
credit hours both semesters and maintain at least a 3.00                Workforce Investment Act. This program helps
GPA to remain eligible for this scholarship.                     economically disadvantaged persons who have limited job
      Other scholarships are also offered to students            skills or experience. Contact the local Job Service office for
enrolled in specific programs. These scholarships state          information.
specific criteria involving the program and are awarded
separately from the academic, performing/visual arts and
journalism scholarships.                                         WAIVERS
      Specific program scholarships may include the fol-                Cultural Diversity Tuition Waiver. To apply, stu-
lowing programs:                                                 dents must complete a BSC CDTW application form. This
      • Agriculture, Technology and Natural Resources            waiver is for on-campus courses only. For more details,
      • Automotive Technology                                    contact the Financial Aid Office or BSC’s website.
      • Carpentry                                                       Survivor of Firefighter or Peace Officer Tuition/Fee
      • Chemistry                                                Waiver. Pursuant to N.D.C.C. 15-10-18.4 and N.D.C.C.
      • Electronics/Telecommunications                           15-10-18.5, tuition and fees shall be waived for survivors of
      • Graphic Design and Communications                        firefighters, emergency medical services personnel or peace
      • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning                   officers who died as a direct result of injuries received in
      • Power or Process Plant Technology                        the performance of official duties, subject to the limitations
      For updated information and applications, please visit     stated in those statutes.                              Veteran Dependent Tuition/Fee Waiver. Pursuant
      Transfer Student Scholarships. Three $4,000                to N.D.C.C. 15-10-18.2 and 15-10-18.3, tuition and fees
scholarships are available to BSC graduates going on to          shall be waived for dependents of resident veterans who
four-year colleges. The Hites Family Foundation/Walter           were killed in action, died of service-related causes, were
and Norma Fiedler Scholarship is awarded to help trans-          prisoners of war or declared missing in action, subject to
ferring students of high academic standing complete a            the limitations stated in those statutes.
baccalaureate degree. Scholarships are awarded annually                 ND National Guard Tuition Waiver. Contact your
and distributed over two years.                                  ND National Guard Unit for application deadlines and
                                                                 qualifications. The National Guard submits the amount of
                                                                 tuition to be waived for qualified National Guard, subject
OTHER AID PROGRAMS                                               to the limitations stated in N.D.C.C., ch 37-07 and National
      Tribal Grant. Financial programs are available to de-      Guard rules to BSC Student Finance Services at the end
serving and qualified Native Americans. Interested students      of the semester/term based on successfully completed
should contact the education specialist at their local tribal    courses.
agency. Requires full-time enrollment.                                  Senior Citizen Audit Fee Waiver. Persons 65 years
      Veterans’ Benefits. Funds may be available to eligible     of age or older may receive a tuition waiver toward au-
veterans through the Veterans’ Administration. Further infor-    dited on-campus courses. This audit tuition waiver shall
mation is available from any Veteran Administration regional     be limited to a “space available” basis after the last day to
office or visit the BSC Veteran’s Services office or website:    add the class. Students utilizing this audit fee waiver will                              be responsible for all mandatory fees and course related
      Other Scholarships. Many local and state service           fees.
clubs and professional organizations offer scholarships to
students. Awarding of these scholarships may be based on
talent and potential in a particular field of study, on recom-   FURTHER INFORMATION
mendation from instructors and employers, on academic                  Financial Aid - Specific information on Grants,
excellence, on financial need, or a combination of these.        Loans, Scholarships, Waivers, Other Financial Aid, Forms
As these scholarships become available, they are posted          can viewed at The student
on our website at        policy on standards of satisfactory progress for financial

                                                                                                      Bismarck State College 25
aid eligibility can be found under Student Policies. Upon            Through the CampusConnection Portal, students can
Request, the Financial Aid Office will forward the neces-       obtain student account information; 1098T information;
sary applications and a brochure explaining in greater detail   make a payment with check, credit card or cash card; drop
financial aid opportunities at Bismarck State College.          an individual class; add a class(es); accept financial aid,
      Student Finance Services - Specific information on        and view financial aid. Sign into the CampusConnection
Tuition and Fees, Billing & Payment Information, Instruc-       Portal with your userid and password, then click on Student
tions on How to Pay Online, Dropping an Individual Class,       Center, choose academics or Finances.
Withdrawing to Zero Credits, Third Party Information,
Bookstore Charging Against Financial Aid or a Third Party,
Financial Aid FAQs, Other Student Finance Questions and            This catalog was prepared before the 2011-12
1098T Information can be viewed on the BSC website at                   academic year. For the most current and click on Current Students, Student            information after May 2011, see the catalog
Finance.                                                                          on the Web at
     Students have the ability to apply to BSC and pay the
application fee, complete the FAFSA, submit a Withdraw
to Zero Credits form, view Dates and Deadlines, and
obtain answers to most questions on the BSC website at:

26 Bismarck State College

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