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									                                                                                                    Role Profile

Job Description

 Job Title                  Examinations Services Officer

                            Middle East-North
 Directorate or Region                             Department/Country           Examinations / Kuwait
                            Africa (MENA)

 Location of post           Kuwait                 Pay Band                     Locally appointed - Grade H

 Reports to                                        Duration of job              Indefinite
                            Services Manager

 Purpose of job:

 To support the British Council Examination Services operation in order to meet country strategic
 objectives and achieve maximum impact with our target audiences in Kuwait and in the Middle East and
 North Africa (MENA) region.

 Context and environment:
 (e.g. dept description, region description)

 The post is based in Kuwait Examinations, which forms a part of MED North (Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi
 Arabia) regional business within the MENA region. The Kuwait exams team consists of 9 staff members
 with a network of exams colleagues in MED North region. Kuwait exams have administered around
 18000 exams in the last year and conduct a range of examinations which include IELTS, School exams,
 Educational, Professional and Cambridge ESOL exams.

 Accountabilities, responsibilities and main duties:
 (including people management and finance)

        Administer exams in accordance with Corporate guidelines and Examining body regulations
        Promote UK examinations
        Proactive collaboration with front line staff to ensure information about Examinations Services is
         understood and available.
        Recruit, train and supply suitably-qualified venue staff and assist with venue staff performance
        Arrange exam venues and logistics in accordance with Exam Board regulations/EQS standards
         and in line with local requirements.
        Deal with specialised enquiries about examinations when required
        Facilitate a range of financial services through customer services including registrations & cash
         collection. Prepare invoices and manage income reconciliation, record daily financial transactions,
         monitor expenses on venue staff/ venue/ examination board/ payments and other direct activity
         related to the product
        Agree and review Performance Portfolio of staff line managed as per corporate policy. Ensure
         suitable cover for any line managed posts so that it is adequately staffed in times of sickness or
        Keep updated professionally in order to provide a service that is in line with current legislation and
         best practice with at least one formal training course each year in accordance with PMPD

                                                                       1 of 4                Human Resources Kuwait
Key relationships:
(include internal and external)

Examination candidates, Examination boards, Partner organisations (Universities/institutes/schools),
Approved suppliers, Venue staff (Examiners & invigilators), Internal staff, Regional and UK Exam

Other important features or requirements of the job:
(e.g. travel, unsocial/evening hours, restrictions on employment etc)

Strict adherence to exam security and administration requirements is an essential part of the job.

The post involves frequent weekend work, frequent off-site work, occasional very early mornings/late
evenings and occasional travel for trainings and meetings. Where applicable, this will be compensated
with TOIL.

Support the Examinations team with all examination related duties as and when required.

                                     Applicants with a valid residence visa in Kuwait are eligible to apply
Please specify any passport/visa
                                     for the post.
and/or nationality requirement.
Please indicate if any security or   Local security checks will be undertaken by the British Embassy in
legal checks are required            Kuwait for the successful candidate.
for this role.

                                                                    2 of 4            Human Resources Kuwait
Person Specification

                       Essential                                              Assessment stage

                       Connecting with others                                 Interview
                       (more demanding)
                       Actively appreciating the needs
                       and concerns of myself and others

                       Being accountable
                       Delivering my best in order to meet
                       my commitments

                       Working together                                       Interview
                       (more demanding)
                       Ensuring that others benefit as well
                       as me

                       Making it happen                                       Interview
                       Delivering clear results for the
                       British Council

                       Shaping the future
                                                                              Required for the role
                       (more demanding)                                       but not assessed at
                       Looking for ways in which we can                       application stage
                       do things better

                       Creating Shared purpose                                Required for the role
                       (essential)                                            but not assessed at
                       Communicating an engaging                              application stage
                       picture of how we can work

                                                                     3 of 4   Human Resources Kuwait
Skills and       Computer Skills                     Good general           Short listing
Knowledge        Skills across the range of MS       knowledge of British   and/or Interview
                 Office Products (Word / Outlook /   Education and
                 Powerpoint / Excel)                 Examinations
                 Level 2
                                                     Good Arabic
                 Communication Skills                Language proficiency
                                                     in Listening and
                 Reading and Writing Skills          Speaking Skills
                 Level 1
                 Speaking and Listening Skills
                 Level 1
                 Knowledge Sharing
                 Level 2

                 Financial Planning and
                 Planning and Forecasting
                 Level 1

                 Receipt Process
                 Level 1

                 Payment Process
                 Level 2

                 English Language proficiency at
                 IELTS Band 6.0 or equivalent
Experience       Minimum of 2 years of full time     Experience in the      Short listing
                 work experience in an Educational   promotion and          and/or Interview
                 / Customer service field            administration of UK

Qualifications   At least 3 GCE A Levels and 5       University Graduate    Short listing
                 GCSEs or equivalent                 or Diploma in any      and/or Interview

Submitted by     Rathna Kishore                      Date      September 2012

                                                             4 of 4         Human Resources Kuwait

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