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    Product Description-1 How to write a romance best-seller in 9
                      weeks. Let's get started
   This instruction book is for people who want to write a romance novel. All successful romance novel writers started as novice
 writers – just like you. They learned their craft, some with the help of a writing tutor, while others stumbled around and made all
        the usual mistakes. They lurched along, coping with frustration, until they eventually discovered what is required to be
 successful in this genre. The purpose of this series of nine instruction books, which you can buy in nine weekly parts, is to show
  you EXACTLY what to do and hto do them in the correct order. This is Book 1. You start RIGHT HERE. So in nine weeks from
 now you should have completed your first romance novel. However, you can take longer if you need more time. Your journey of
  learning how to become a successful romance writer is not a race. Everyone learns at their own pace. Today you are stepping
 out on a voyage which will profoundly influence the rest of your life. Your decision to make a start is something to celebrate and
 enjoy. So how big is the romance books market? It’s huge. Every year 8,000 new romance titles are published. They constitute
    the largest share of the consumer book market, with revenue estimated to be around US$1,400,000,000. That’s $1.4 billion.
Yes, writing romance books is a huge market. In the weeks ahead you will learn how to write a story which romance readers will
enjoy. If they do they will go looking for your second and third and tenth books. That is a wonderful feeling for any author. I enjoy
that feeling! Whether you go traditional with printed paper books or modern with self published ebooks is your choice. Either way
  you should be earning royalties from the books you write when readers buy them. But before you start counting your royalties,
  you have some writing to do. If we are both totally honest and realistic, your first romance novel will not be a best-seller. Sorry,
     the odds are against you. But here’s the good news: you are on your way. In nine weeks you will know more about writing
 romance novels than all the novice writers who stumble along without a plan. Even writers like J K Rowling and Nora Roberts >
experienced rejections. Here’s a simple truth: writing with a plan beats writing without a plan. This series of nine lessons 'How to
  write a romance novel that becomes a best-seller' is derived from a correspondence course taught by New Zealand Institute of
   Business Studies. Copyright belongs to Jean Drew. There is much to be said for having a New Zealand quality education and
    qualification. Normally that level of education is only available to residents of that country. But now, through the Internet and
ebooks you can learn from a New Zealand tutor wherever you live in the world. If you feel the need for assistance from a human
   writing tutor to guide you personally you are invited to apply for a place as a foreign student of the New Zealand Institute. You
   can do this from anywhere in the world. This is the Institute’s website: http://nzibs.co.nz/index.php?page=romance-writing But
     that is a decision you can make later, when you have gained maximum benefit from what is in your hands today. Let’s get
 started. When you’ve completed this ebook / tutorial you will:• Know why you need to read extensively• Know how to get started
    writing a romance story• Know the significance of G M C• Appreciate the value of mind-mapping• Understand how romance
 writers think • Know how to develop characters• Know how to set out your pages of text• Know how to count your written words
 the easy way• Know why and how to save what you write• Have a list of useful reference books• Know some useful websites to
  visit Congratulations … You’re on your way to becoming a romance writer.When you know how to write romance stories you'll
     earn regular royalty money paid to you monthly by Amazon. Royalty payments go on and on FOREVER! Let's get started!

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