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									Snow Beast (Dark Warrior Series) review

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           Product Description-Snow Beast (Dark Warrior Series)
     It’s winter in Boston and the animals have come out to play. When two men are found dead mauled to death in an alley
  Detective Nikki Adams knows that something unusual is going on. Faced with a reality unlike any she’s ever known Nikki is
   thrown into a paranormal world where vampires and werewolves are real. Take a thrilling ride with Detective Nikki Adams,
Homicide cop with the Boston PD. Together with her partner Detective Dan Stallo, she joins forces with two sexy, twin vampires
 Damon and Jared Blake, and one very hot werewolf Trevor Gies. Nikki finds herself delving ever deeper into their secret world
as she’s torn between her conflicting feelings of allegiance to her family and her growing attraction between Damon and Trevor.

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Customer Reviews:
9 of 9 people found the following review helpful

A sexy and fast paced paranormal, April 6, 2012 By A. Mosa (Puget Sound, WA)
  This review is from: Snow Beast (Dark Warrior Series) (Kindle Edition) Nikki Adams is a Boston homicide detective. She and
her partner have responded to a crime scene where a double murder has taken place. Some type of wild animal has clawed two
young men to death. The detectives are baffled. Wild animals in Boston don't roam the streets. They're all accounted for in
zoos.From the rooftop of a nearby building Damon and Jared Blake watch Nikki as she goes about her investigation. Damon
and Jared are vampire brothers who belong to an ancient order of enforcers and peacekeepers known as the Nostre Dames.
Their job is to hunt down rogue vampires and destroy them. They know no wild animal killed the men, but a rogue vampire. As
the brothers watch, Damon finds himself attracted to Nikki. He decides to stop by her home later for a little "bite," nothing to hurt
her, just a nibble. Afterward, he plans to spin his vampire magic so she forgets the encounter. Not only does she block him from
performing this trick after he takes his delicious taste, he...

9 of 9 people found the following review helpful Excellent wolves and vampire short., March 22, 2012 By Charlene (New Jersey,
This review is from: Snow Beast (Dark Warrior Series) (Kindle Edition) This was my first time reading Serena Zane paranormal
short stories. If you like Christine Feehan's Dark Series you will enjoy Serena Sane. I know because I have all of Christine
Feehan Dark Series. The only problem this book is a quick read. I like the fact the series can continue but the stories should be
much longer. Just As I really got into the book it ended. Please hurry up and write the next one in this series.

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful

It was pretty good but .... 3.5, May 13, 2012 By N. Drennan "NydaJean" (Kalamazoo MI)
   This review is from: Snow Beast (Dark Warrior Series) (Kindle Edition) I enjoyed the plot, the characters (for the most part)
and the entire premise but found her reactions a little too bland, accepting and unbelieveable. Considering that it is a
paranormal story containing werewolves and vampires that is saying alot.I want the characters to have believable lines. Not
"Oh, I am a werewolf. That's why I am stronger, faster and light bothers my eyes!" Don't get me wrong, I liked the book but
would have liked the author to flesh out the 'whys' of the story: why her mother didn't tell her, or her father tell her or the
supposed pack Alpha that just accepted her tell her or .... Get my drift? Or her is another why - her human partner has knows
her father and knows that she is a werewolf but "we will keep that a little secret" from her because her dad wanted someone to
watch over her. Say what? She's a fricken werewolf and he is a human.The vampires, well, they are the good guy vampires and
werewolf blood is a drug. He couldn't smell...

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