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					An Assassinated Man review

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                      Product Description-An Assassinated Man
These lawyers always wear the same suit, gray, with pinstripes, it's so hard to tell one from the other. When assassins get the
   wrong guy, their solution is simple. They shrug and decide: One lawyer down, one to go. High-flying attorney Rick Detner
unknowingly suffers the self-inflicted wounds of his own super-sized ego and, with his reputation in ruins, soon has nowhere to
   turn - not only was he the intended target of his law partner's murder, and remains the assassins' target, but he's also the
 prosecution's only suspect in his law partner's murder, regardless of the facts. As the suspect and target in the same murder,
   with nowhere to go, Rick turns to the nobodies in his life. People he disregarded as inconsequential. The chase is on, for
 survival and for the truth. Rick's success depends on one thing - to become a man willing to die to save others. Only this way
                                         can he stand a chance as An Assassinated Man.

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