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									                         Memorandum of Understanding
 on the use and further improvement of SARPs Management and Implementation

Whereas in accordance with Article 37 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation
each Contracting State undertakes to collaborate in securing highest practicable degree of
uniformity in regulation, standards, procedures and organization in relation to aircraft,
personnel, airports, airways and auxiliary services in all matters in which uniformity will
facilitate and improve air navigation,

Whereas the improvement of the safety of international civil aviation on a worldwide
basis requires the active collaboration of ICAO Contracting States,

Whereas the Director General of Civil Aviation Conference on A Global Strategy for
Aviation Safety (06) noted with interest the initiatives presented by various regional
safety groups and aviation industry activities, including the program developed by the
Republic of Korea,

Having mutual objectives to comply with Standards and Recommended Practices of
International Civil Aviation Organization and monitor its implementation, particularly in
preparation for the ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit Program,

Recognizing the use of SARPs Management and Implementation System, hereinafter
referred to as the SMIS, developed by the Republic of Korea for the monitoring and
timely management of compliance with SARPs will be of great assistance to the User
States with the increased efficiency and effectiveness of the work process,

Desiring to promote technical cooperation in resolving issues of mutual concern and
contributing to world civil aviation safety,

Civil Aviation Safety Authority of the Republic of Korea, hereinafter referred to as
KCASA and name of authority hereinafter referred to as abbreviation of the name
hereinafter referred to as the Sides
Have reached the following understanding:

Paragraph 1 Objective

The MOU aims to promote technical cooperation of civil aviation, in particular for the
use and further improvement of the SMIS between KCASA and Authority of user State

Paragraph 2 Forms of Cooperation/Scope of Cooperation

In connection with the provision of the SMIS and further support of the system operation,


a. will provide the SMIS that runs under the following operating environment, along
   with a User Manual and Management Standard.

                < Hardware >
                - CPU Type : Intel Pentium or Xeon
                - RAM Size : 1 GB RAM or above
                - HDD Size : 100GB or above

                < Software >
                - OS Type: Linux(Redhat 7,9 or Fedora 1, 5)
                - My SQL Version : mySql 3.0 or above
                - Apache Version : Apache or above
                - PHP Version : PHP 4.3.9 or above

b. will develop and provide more customized system so that the system can be
   operated under various operating environment of the different States.

c. may assist User State in installing the system and provide instructions on how to use
   the system either in User State or in the Republic of Korea.

d. will seek for possible measures to provide further assistance such as an on-line help
   desk for Q&A.

e. will use the best effort to make the SMIS compatible with the ICAO SOA web-
   based Secure Site in consideration of the possible benefits for both ICAO and User

2. User State

a. may select the versions of the system and timing of the use in consideration of its
   operating environment and circumstances.

b. should cooperate in providing feedback such as information on the faults and errors
   that might be faced during the operation of the system.

c. should consult with KCASA when a User State wishes to modify and adapt the
   system for the their own needs until the SMIS is made compatible with ICAO SOA
   web site.

d. will not provide the SMIS to a third party once provided with the system by KCASA.

3. The both Sides

a. should closely work together, if necessary, regarding any matter that may arise from
   or in respect with this MOU.

b. may exchange, when necessary, visits between officials and technical experts to
   discuss detailed actions required to take.

Paragraph 3 Program Coordination

1. The designated representatives of each Side responsible for the discharge of the
activities under this MOU, including the conduct and the coordination of related
documentation and correspondence are:

   Man Heui Chang                                 Name of Person
   Team Leader                                    Title
   International Aviation Office                  Department
   Civil Aviation Safety Authority                Authority of User State
   Republic of Korea                              User State

2. The designated representatives will be responsible for ensuring effective
communications and for consulting with each other to ensure the effective functioning of
the project.

Paragraph 4 Funding

1. In principle, all cooperative activities under this MOU will be subject to the
availability of funds by the Sides.

2. Each Side will bear its own costs incurred by the activities under this MOU.

Paragraph 5 Liability

User State waives any and all claims against KCASA for all loss, damage or injury
resulting from the activities under this MOU.

Paragraph 6 Amendments

This MOU may be amended or modified by mutual consent of the Sides hereto. Each
Side shall give full consideration to any proposal submitted by the other Side. Any such
amendment or modification shall be made in writing and signed by both Sides

Paragraph 7 Dispute Resolution

Any disagreement arising under this MOU shall be resolved by negotiations between two
Sides and shall not be referred to any international tribunal or a third party for settlement.

Paragraph 8 Duration and Termination

This MOU will enter into effect on the date of signature and will remain in effect until
either Side terminates by giving the other a written notice 30 days in advance of its

Signed at (place) on (date) in two originals, each in the English Language, both texts
being equally valid

For KCASA                                       For authority name of user State

Assistant Minister or                          Equivalent level to Assistant Minister
Director General                                or Director General


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