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					                                                          Kathleen Sebelius, Governor
                                                              Joan Wagnon, Secretary



To:    County Treasurers and County Motor Vehicle Staff

From: Ray Wilk, Title Manager

Date: December 23, 2008
RE:    County Treasurer’s Title and Registration Manual, New Layout and
       Instruction Pages

There are two sections of the County Treasurer’s Manual (CTM) posted on the
County Treasurer’s Library. One is brand new and is called “Definitions” and
is now Section 1. The Titling Instruction Section has been renumbered to
Section 2. Both sections, as well as all future sections, are being published in
Adobe Acrobat (Adobe).

The Definition section is the words and/or phrase as they are defined by
statute, both KSA 8-126 and Article 14 of Chapter 8.

The Titling Instructions section has a few minor changes (spelling &/or
grammar) which were previously brought to our attention. The corrections did
not make any changes to procedures and therefore will not be addressed in

The biggest change is switching the manual to Adobe instead of Microsoft (MS)
Word. Every county in the State of Kansas did not have MS Word so the
manual was not universally available to all counties. The Adobe reader is a
free program, so every county will be able to view the manual as it is laid out.
If you do not have an Adobe Reader program, please go to: and install the
program on all of your PC’s that need access to the CTM. The manual is being
published in Adobe 8, so if you have an older version of Adobe you may want to
go to this site and update your program. Adobe 9 is now available and will
work with the CTM too.

With the Adobe program we are able to provide better indexing of the contents
within the section. There is still the linked table of contents at the beginning,
and we have added “Bookmarks” located to the left of the page.

     Just click on the icon that looks like the image to the left, this will open
the list of bookmarks. The titles are listed in alphabetical order. Just click on
                                 DIVISION OF VEHICLES
                                TITLES & REGISTRATIONS
            Voice 785-296-3621 Fax 785-296-3852
the subject of what you wish to view and it will appear in the window to the
right of the list.

     There is also an icon of a question mark in a blue circle at the very top of
each section (just like the icon to the left). If you move the cursor over the
question mark a brief set of instructs will appear on the screen which will also
instruct you how to open the bookmark list. The image to the right is what the
question mark looks like on the screen.

There are also two new sections which are instructions for using the
bookmarks and how to use the search function. It is our hope you will like the
search function of the new layout. To keep this short, when you search for a
word the program will show you a list composed of short portions of each
sentence the word appears in. This will assist you to find the exact page in
that section you need.

It is our hope that the new program and bookmarks will make the manual
much more user friendly. As with anything new, there may be a short period of
adjustment, but we believe in the long run this format will work best for finding
information quickly while adding a little bit of fun to the process.

As always, tThank yYou for your assistance, cooperation and patience with
updating the CTM.

c     Carmen Alldritt, Director of Vehicles
                                                                                           Formatted: Space Before: 6 pt
      Michael McLin, Bureau Manager
      Peggy Stalcup, Assistant Bureau Manager

December 23, 2008                                          08-035 CT Manual New Layout
                                        2 of 2                     and Instruction Pages

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