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					Beech Kearny Associates
                                                                                        30-A Arcadia Road
                                                                                     Hackensack, NJ 07601
                                                                                      Phone 201-343-5133
                                                                                         Fax 201-343-4521

                           RESIDENTIAL LEASE AGREEMENT


Welcome to Beech Kearny Associates apartment community. We are committed to doing our best
to provide a quality living environment and have you take pride in your new home. A team of caring
and qualified people will treat you fairly, honestly and courteously.

This Residential Lease Agreement (“Lease”) is a contract, which sets forth your rights and obligations
as a resident of the community and our rights and obligations as the owner of the community.

                 Owner                                                  Resident Names
Name: Beech Kearny Associates
Address: 30-A Arcadia Road                                  Name:

City: Hackensack                                            S.S.#:

ST: NJ Zip: 07601                                           Name:

Telephone: (201) 343-5133                                   S.S.#:

The words “we”, “us” and                                 The words “you” and “yours” in this
“our” in this Lease mean the                             Lease mean all of the Residents listed
Landlord or Owner.                                       above, and also include any occupants
                                                         listed in paragraph 3 below. The words
                                                         “Tenants” or “Residents” have been used
                                                         interchangeably in this Lease.

We agree to rent to you, and you agree to rent from us the apartment known as:

BEECH KEARNY ASSOCIATES                              1
                  Community Name: BEECH KEARNY ASSOCIATES
                  Apartment Address: 91 Beech Street             Apt. #
                                 City:    Kearny State: NJ Zip: 07032

The word “Community” in this Lease means the entire apartment complex.                       The word
“Apartment” means your apartment identified above. The addresses set forth above for us and
for   you   are    the   addresses       where   notices   are   to   be   sent   under    this   Lease.

Lease Date:
                                                                 Security Deposit Information
                                                                 Security Deposit         $0.00
Lease Term: From:               to
(unless earlier terminated pursuant to this
                                                                 Deposited at:
                                                                 Commerce Bank,
                                                                 560 Maywood Ave, Maywood, NJ
Monthly:                    $
Complete Lease Amount: $0.00

BEECH KEARNY ASSOCIATES                             2
1. Possession and Use: The Landlord shall give possession of the apartment to the Tenant for the
   Term. The Tenant shall take possession and use the apartment only as a private residence. Only a
   Tenant signing this lease and the children of that Tenant may live in the Apartment. The Tenant shall
   not use the apartment for any business, professional, unlawful, or hazardous purpose. The Tenant
   must not allow the apartment to be vacant for extended periods.

2. Utilities: The Landlord will pay for the following utilities:
       [ X ] Cold Water               [ X ] Hot Water                         [   ] Electricity
       [ X ] Heat                     [ ] Air Conditioning                    [   ] Gas

    The Tenant will pay for the following utilities:
       [ ] Cold Water                 [ ] Hot Water                          [ X ] Electricity
       [ ] Heat                       [ X ] Air Conditioning                 [ X ] Gas

3. The apartment is provided with a refrigerator and a gas stove in good working condition. It is the
   responsibility of the Tenant to maintain them. The Tenant will have to pay for any damages, which
   are over the normal wear and tear.

4. Rent
      (a) The Tenant shall pay the rent to the Landlord at the Landlord’s address.

        (b) 1. A late charge of 5% of the monthly rent must be added if the monthly rent is not
               postmarked by the 5th day of the month. Said late charge shall be added to and considered
               part of the rent due as “Additional Rent”.

            2. A service charge for NSF of $35.00 must be added for checks returned by your bank.
               Said service charge shall be added to and considered part of the rent due for the month in
               which the check was received. If your rent checks are again returned by your bank, future
               payments must be made by certified check, cashier check, or money order.

            3. A reasonable attorney’s fee in the minimum amount of $250.00 and court costs incurred
                by the Landlord for the institution of an action to enforce the Landlord’s rights shall be paid
                by the Tenant. Said fees and cost shall be added to and considered additional rent due,
                and dismissal of the action shall be conditioned upon Tenant’s payment of said fee and
                costs as additional rent
        (c) Additional Rent: If the Tenant fails to comply with any agreement in this lease, the Landlord
            may charge the cost to comply to the Tenant as “Additional Rent”. This includes reasonable
            attorney’s fees incurred by the Landlord as a result of the Tenant’s violation of any Lease
            agreement. The additional rent shall be due and payable as rent with the next monthly Rent
            payment, or payable if evection proceeding are instituted, which includes: (1) late charge, (2)
            court costs, (3) cost of repairs caused by Tenant’s neglect, including but not limited to toilet
            and water damage. Nonpayment of additional rent gives the Landlord the same rights against
            the Tenant as if the Tenant failed to pay the rent.

        (d) Habitual Late Payment of Rent. You acknowledge that your habitual late payment of rent is
            a material default under this Lease, even if you eventually pay the rent. We are entitled to
            terminate this Lease for your failure to pay rent on time on more than two (2) occasions within
            any twelve (12) month period.

BEECH KEARNY ASSOCIATES                                 3
      (e) Last Months Rent: You acknowledge that the “last month rent” will only be applied to the
          last month of your tenancy and will not be used towards any open balance during that period.
          Also, security deposit cannot be used towards payment of rent or other charges.

      Agreed and Understood:

      Residential Initial: ________ Date:________ Residential Initial:________ Date: ________

      Residential Initial: ________ Date:________ Residential Initial:________ Date: ________

5. Security Deposit: The Tenant has deposited the amount stated above with the Landlord as security
   and the Tenant will comply with all the terms of this lease. If the Tenant complies with the terms of
   this Lease, the Landlord will return this deposit within 30 days after the end of the Lease. The
   Landlord may use as much of the deposit as necessary to pay for the damages resulting from the
   Tenant’s occupancy. If this occurs prior to the lease termination, the Landlord may demand the
   Tenant to replace the amount of security deposit used by the Landlord. If the Landlord sells the
   property, the Landlord may transfer the deposit to the new owners for the Tenant’s benefit. The
   Landlord will notify the Tenant of any sale and transfer of the deposit. The Landlord will then be
   released of all liability to return the security deposit. The Landlord will fully comply with the Tenant
   Security Law (N.J.S. 48; 8-19 et seq.). This includes depositing the security deposit in an interest
   bearing account, and notifying the Tenant, in writing, of the name and address of the banking
   institution and the account number.

   Interest on the security shall be paid in one of the following ways: (a) to the Tenant annually or (b)
   into the account where the security is deposited. If the rent amount is increased, and interest on the
   security is paid to the Tenant annually, the Tenant shall pay to the Landlord the sum, which will make
   the security deposit equal to one and one-half (1 ½) months rent. If the interest on the security is paid
   into the account where the security is deposited, and the rent amount is increased, the Tenant shall
   pay to the Landlord the sum, which will make the security deposit, with accumulated interest, equal to
   one and one-half (1 ½) months rent. The security may not be used in lieu of rent at any time.

  Security deposit and interest shall be refunded if:
  (a) Rent is paid in full for the term of this lease; and
  (b) Written notice of vacating is received by the Landlord, by certified mail, return receipt requested,
      at least 60 days prior to the expiration of the lease. The apartment is vacated by 12:00 P.M. on
      the LAST day of the month; and
  (c) Entire apartment, including cabinets and closets are broom clean and free of damage due to
      Tenant’s abuse or neglect; and
  (d) Dark color paint restored to neutral color. Contact paper and wall paper removed from walls and
      walls left smooth and clean; and
  (e) All keys (apartment keys-all sets and mail box keys) are returned to the office; and
  (f) Forwarding address is left with the office.

   Note: Non-refund of security deposit: The effective date of the release of the Tenant from the
   terms of the lease is on the LAST day of the month one year from the date of the start of the lease.
   By signing this lease the Tenant agrees that if they move out prior to the date mentioned as the
   ending date (section of page 2) they will forfeit the security deposit as damages for early termination
   of the lease.
   If the Tenant does not move out when this lease ends or is cancelled, we may bring dispossess
   proceedings, and charge the Tenant double rent.

BEECH KEARNY ASSOCIATES                              4
6. Use. A) You will use the Apartment only for dwelling purposes. You represent to us that the
   following persons (and no others) will occupy the Apartment:

   You must advise us immediately in writing of any change in the occupants. You shall have no more
   than four people in a two-bedroom apartment; and two people in a one bedroom apartment or a
   studio. Subletting the Apartment requires our consent as described in Part 7 below.

7. Re-assigning or Subletting: The Tenant may not do any of the following without the Landlord’s
   written consent: (a) assign this lease (b) sublet all or any part of the apartment, or (c) permit any
   other person to use the apartment except as a temporary guest.

8. Eviction: If the Tenant does not pay the rent within 5 days after it is due, the Tenant may be evicted.
   The Landlord may also evict the Tenant if the Tenant does not comply with any of the terms of this
   Lease and for all other causes allowed by the law. If evicted, the Tenant must continue to pay the
   rent for the rest of the term. The Tenant must also pay all costs, including reasonable attorney fee in
   the minimum amount of $250.00 related to the eviction and the collection of any moneys owed to the
   Landlord, along with the cost of re-entering, cleaning and repairing the apartment, all such charges
   will be considered as “Additional Rent”. Rent received from any new Tenant will reduce the amount
   owed to the Landlord.

9. Damages: The Tenant is liable for all damages caused by the Tenant’s violation of any agreement in
   this Lease. This includes reasonable attorney’s fees and cost as additional rent.

   After eviction, the Tenant shall pay the unpaid Rent for the Term of the lease or until the Landlord re-
   rents the Apartment, if sooner. If the Landlord re-rents the Apartment for less than the Tenant’s rent,
   the Tenant must pay the difference until the end of the term. If the Landlord re-rents the Apartment
   for more than the Tenant’s rent the Tenant is not entitled to the excess. The Tenant shall also pay (a)
   all reasonable expenses (including re-painting, cleaning etc.) incurred by the Landlord in preparing
   the apartment for re-renting and commissions paid to a broker for finding a new Tenant.

10. Quiet Enjoyment:: If the Tenant complies with this Lease, the Landlord must provide the Tenant
    with undisturbed possession of the Apartment.

11. Tenant’s Repairs and Maintenance
        The Tenant shall:
    a) Pay for all repairs, replacements and damages caused by act or neglect of the Tenant and
       Tenant’s family and domestic employees.
    b) Promptly notify the Landlord of conditions, which need repair immediately, including but not
       limited to running toilet, dripping or leaky faucet.
    c) Obey any written instructions of the Landlord for the care and use of appliances, equipment,
       fixtures, and other personal property in the Apartment.
    d) Keep the Apartment and any other part of the Building used by the Tenant as clean and safe as
    e) Promptly remove from the Apartment all garbage and debris and place in covered pails.
    f) Use all electric, plumbing, and other facilities safely.
    g) Do nothing to cause a cancellation or an increase in the cost of Landlord’s fire or liability
    h) Use no more electricity than the Apartment wiring feeders to the building can safely carry.
    i) Do nothing to destroy, deface, or remove any part of the Apartment Building or grounds.
    j) Keep nothing in the Apartment, which is flammable, dangerous or might increase the danger of
       fire or other casualty.
    k) Do nothing to destroy the peace and quiet of the Landlord, other tenants, or persons in the
BEECH KEARNY ASSOCIATES                             5
    l) Do not leave personal belongings on the lawn, walks, driveways, or in halls, steps or porches.
    m) Avoid littering in the Building or its ground.
12. Access to Apartment

   The Landlord shall have access to the Apartment on reasonable notice to the Tenant to (a) inspect
   the Apartment, (b) make necessary repairs, alterations, or improvement, (c) supply services, and (d)
   show it to possible buyers, mortgage lenders, contractors, and insurers.

   The Landlord may show the Apartment to rental applicants at reasonable hours on notice to the
   Tenant within 2 months before the end of the Term.

13. No Alterations or Installation of Equipment

   The Tenant may not make any changes or additions to the Apartment without the Landlord’s written
   consent. This rule includes, but is not limited to:
   a) Installation of Paneling, flooring, built in decorations, partitions, moldings, or any other fixture
      drilled into or attached to the floors, walls, or ceilings.
   b) Installation of any locks or chain guards.
   c) Painting, wall papering, or other decorations.
   d) Installation of any equipment or wiring, including but not limited to extension cords.
   e) Change in the plumbing, cooking, air conditioning, electrical, or heating systems.

   The Tenant, on demand, shall remove all changes or additions made without the Landlord’s consent.

   All changes or additions made with the Landlord’s written consent shall become the property of the
   Landlord when completed and paid by the Tenant. They shall remain as part of the Apartment at the
   end of the Term unless the Landlord demands that the Tenant remove them. The Tenant shall
   promptly pay all costs of any permitted changes and additions.

14. Floor / Floor Coverings

   Tenant acknowledges and agrees that the apartment is being supplied with wood floors. In the event
   Landlord has provided floor covering, (i.e. linoleum or carpeting) Tenant shall maintain/replace any
   damaged coverings at Tenant’s sole cost and expense with the approval of color/style by the

15. Fire and Other Casualty

   The Tenant shall notify the Landlord at once of any fire or other casualty in the Apartment. The
   Tenant is not required to pay rent when the Apartment is unusable. If the Tenant uses part of the
   Apartment for living purposes, the Tenant must pay Rent, Pro-rata, for the usable part.

   If the Apartment is partially damaged by fire or other casualty, the Landlord shall repair it within a
   reasonable time. This included damage of the Apartment and fixtures installed by the Landlord. The
   Landlord need not repair or replace anything installed by the tenant.

   Either party may cancel this Lease if the Apartment is so damaged by fire or other casualty that it
   cannot be repaired within 90 days. If the parties cannot agree, the opinion of a contractor chosen by
   the Landlord and the Tenant will be binding on both parties.

   The Lease shall end if the Apartment is totally destroyed. The Tenant shall pay rent to the date of
   destruction. If the fire or other casualty is caused by the act or neglect of the Tenant, the Tenant’s
   family or domestic employees, the Tenant shall pay for all repairs and all other damages.

BEECH KEARNY ASSOCIATES                             6
   If the building or any part of the project is condemned for any reason, the Tenant shall not be entitled
   to any portion of the landlord’s award for damage.
16. Liability of Landlord and Tenant

   The Landlord is not liable for loss, injury, or damage to any person or property unless it is due to the
   Landlord’s act or neglect. The tenant is liable for any loss, injury, or damage to any person or
   property caused by the act or neglect of the Tenant, the Tenant’s family, domestic employees,
   guests, or visitors.
                     a) You will receive no rent reduction or compensation for inconvenience due to
                        repairs or interruption of service for any cause whatsoever.
                     b) We shall not be liable for any injury to you or your family or damage to property
                        from any latent defect, overflow, seepage, or leakage of water, nor shall we be
                        liable for loss of property by theft or otherwise.
                     c) If we cannot deliver possession to you on the date specified above, we will not
                        be liable to you for this failure, however your rent will not commence until
                        possession is delivered to you.
                     d) You will pay the municipal inspection fees, if any, upon vacating the apartment,
                        and the certified mail fee for return of your security deposit from that deposit.

17. Insurance
   We will insure the Community in accordance with reasonable commercial practices.

   Please note that we do not insure your personal property and you must obtain renter’s insurance in
   order to have coverage for your personal property. Note also that our insurance will not cover your
   time and inconvenience in the event of damage or destruction to the Apartment or the Community.
   Tenant is required to obtain “Renters” insurance. Tenant agrees to hold both the Landlord and
   Managing Agent and their employees harmless from suit due to personal injury by the Tenant,
   Tenant’s family and Tenant’s guest while in the building or on the grounds, and Landlord shall be
   named as an additional insured party on any insurance Policy(s) procured by the Tenant relative to
   the demised premises. Furthermore, Tenant must obtain its own insurance coverage for its personal
   property and belongings. Those items are not covered by Landlord’s insurance policy.

   In Compliance with P.L. 1974, Chapter 48(C 46:8-36 et seq.), please be advised that crime insurance
   through the Federal Crime Insurance Program of Title 6 of the Housing and Urban Development Act
   of 1970 is available to the tenants, through their own expense and through their own Insurance
   Company. It may provide protection against fire, theft, and water damage, etc., etc.

   Agreed and Understood:

   Residential Initial: _______ Date: _______ Residential Initial: ______ Date: ______

   Residential Initial: _______ Date: _______ Residential Initial: ______ Date: ______

18. Subordination to Mortgage

   This Lease and all renewals of this Lease shall be subordinate to all present and future mortgages on
   the Building which includes the Apartment. In a sale of the Building arising out of a court proceeding
   known as a foreclosure, the holder of a mortgage on the Building may end this lease. The Tenant
   shall sign all papers needed to subordinate this Lease to any mortgage on the Building. If the Tenant
   refuses, the Landlord may sign the papers on behalf of the Tenant.

BEECH KEARNY ASSOCIATES                              7
19. Notices

   All Notices given under this Lease must be in writing. Each party must accept and claim the notices
   given by the other. Unless otherwise required by law, they may be given by certified mail, return
   receipt requested. Notices shall be addressed to the landlord at the address written at the beginning
   of this Lease and to the tenants at the Apartment.

20. No Waiver

   The Landlord’s failure to enforce any agreement in this Lease shall not prevent the Landlord from
   enforcing the agreement for any violation occurring at a later time.

21. Survival

   If any agreement in this Lease is contrary to law, the rest of the Lease shall remain in effect.

22. Renewal and Change in Leases

   (a) The Landlord may offer the Tenant a new lease to take effect at the end of the Lease. The new
   lease may include reasonable changes. The Tenant will be notified of any proposed new lease at
   lease 75 days before end of the present Lease. Tenant must give two full months written notice if
   Tenant does not intend to renew the lease or it will be deemed that Tenant has renewed the lease
   and will be responsible for the increased rental and new term.
   (b) This lease does not automatically renew at the end of the term, unless the Tenant has been
   given a renewal lease. Such notice would be provided via hand delivery or regular mail at least 60
   days before the current lease expires.
   (c) Holdover Tenant. If Tenant shall remain in possession of the apartment without having signed a
   new Lease, this Lease shall be considered renewed or extended. Tenant shall, nonetheless, be
   obligated to comply with all the rules and regulations promulgated by the Landlord and shall pay any
   lawful rent increase. Failure of Tenant to sign a new or renewal Lease in advance of the end of the
   term stated in this Lease shall be a violation of this Lease.

   If the Tenant decides to stay, the increase for the new lease will be according to local rent guidelines.

22. Furniture

   If the Apartment is leased in furnished condition, the Tenant shall maintain the furniture and
   furnishings in good order and repair. A list of the Furniture and furnishings is attached to this as
   “Rider A”. The Tenant’s signature on “Rider A” means that the list is acceptable as correct and all
   items are in good condition.

23. End of Term or Eviction

   At the end of the Term or upon eviction the Tenant shall (1) leave the Apartment clean, (2) remove all
   of the Tenant’s property, (3) repair all damage including that caused by moving, and (4) vacate the
   Apartment and return it with all keys to the Landlord in the same condition as it was at the beginning
   of the Term except for normal wear and tear.

   If the Tenant leaves any property in the Apartment, the Landlord may (a) dispose of it and charge the
   Tenant for the cost of disposal, or (b) keep it as abandoned property as allowed by law.

24. Binding

BEECH KEARNY ASSOCIATES                              8
   This Lease is binding on the Landlord and the Tenant and all parties who lawfully succeed to their
   rights or take their places.

25. Full Agreement

    The Parties have read this Lease. It contains their full agreement. It may not be changed except in
    writing signed by the Landlord and the Tenant.
26. Early Termination of Tenancy

   a) If the Tenants(s) vacate the apartment prior to the expiration of the Lease, Tenant(s) agree to
   refund to the Landlord any commission that may have been paid to the Broker related to their lease.
   b) If the information in the application for the lease is incorrect, since we rely on this information in
   renting you the apartment, under such circumstances, this lease can be cancelled by giving you at
   least 5 days written notice by the landlord, it shall be considered a violate of this lease, it shall be
   considered a violation of this lease .
   c) If you declare bankruptcy or take advantage of any other insolvency law, voluntarily or
   involuntarily, under such circumstances, this lease can be cancelled by giving you at least 5 days
   written notice by the landlord.
   d) If Tenant violates any of the terms of this Lease, Landlord has the right to terminate this Lease
   after serving a written notice upon Tenant pursuant N.J.S.A 2A: 18-61.1 et seq. [ A written notice to
   Cease need not be served if Tenant has failed to pay rent when due.]. If the Tenant does not pay the
   rent within five (5) days after it is due, the Tenant may be evicted. The Landlord may also evict the
   Tenant if the Tenant does not comply with all of the terms of this Lease and for all other causes
   allowed by law. Attorney’s fees, related to the eviction and the collection of any moneys owed to the
   Landlord, plus the cost of re-entering, re-renting, cleaning, painting and repairing the apartment are
   collected against Tenant, Rent received by Landlord from any new Tenant will reduce the amount
   owed by Tenant.
   Landlord shall be entitled to receive from the Tenant reasonable attorney’s fees (as defined in section
   4) and costs of suit once a complaint for summary possession of the apartment has been filed with a
   court as additional rent.

27. Early Termination by Military Personnel

       If tenant is a person who is on active duty with the United States Military and subsequently
       receives permanent change of station orders or temporary duty orders for a period in excess on 3
       months, this lease may be terminated under the following conditions
            a. The tenant may provide to the landlord a full 30 day written notice to vacate because of
               his/her orders.
            b. The written notice must be accompanied by one (1) copy of the official orders which will
               be interpreted only in terms of reporting date and reporting location.
            c. At such time as the above described notice and orders are delivered to landlord, all rent
               payments through Tenant’s intended lease termination date must be paid in full. This
               notice will not be valid unless accompanied by such payment.
       In addition, Tenant is responsible for any physical damage to the apartment or the community
       caused by any act or omission of Tenant, ordinary wear and tear excepted.

28. Attorney Review

   1) Study by Attorney. The Tenant or the Landlord may choose to have an attorney study this lease.
      If an attorney is consulted, the attorney must complete his or her review of the Leases within a
      three-day period. This Lease will be legally binding at the end of this three-day period unless an
      attorney for the Tenant or Landlord reviews and disapproves of the Lease. The Tenant may
      consult an attorney at own expense.

BEECH KEARNY ASSOCIATES                              9
  2)    Counting The Time. You count the three days from the date of delivery of the signed Lease to
       the Tenant and the Landlord. You do not count Saturdays, Sundays, or legal holidays. The
       Tenant and the Landlord may agree in writing to extend the three-day period for attorney review.

  3) Notice of Disapproval. If an attorney for the Tenant or the Landlord reviews and disapproves of
       this lease, the attorney must notify the Broker(s) and other party named in the lease within the
       three-day period. Otherwise this Lease will be legally binding as written. The attorney must send
       the notice of disapproval to the Broker(s) by certified mail, by telegram, or by delivering it
       personally. The telegram or certified letter will be effective upon sending. The personal delivery
       will be effective upon delivery to the Broker(s) office. The attorney may also, but need not, inform
       the Broker(s) of any suggested revision(s) in the lease that would make it satisfactory.

  29. Schedules. The following schedules are attached hereto and are made part of this Lease:

       (   ) Schedule A      Community Rules and Regulations
       (   ) Schedule B      Lead Based Paint Disclosure Statement
       (   ) Schedule C      Guaranty
       (   ) Schedule D      Federal Crime Insurance Program
       (   ) Schedule E      Window Guard Notice
       (   ) Schedule F      Lease Termination Addendum
       (   ) Schedule G      Mold and Mildew Addendum

  Signatures          The Landlord and the Tenant agree to the terms of this Lease by signing below. If
                      a party is a corporation, this Lease is signed by its proper corporate officers and its
                      corporate seal is affixed.

  ________________________________                   ________________________________
  Landlord BEECH KEARNY ASSOCIATES                   Date Tenant

  ________________________________                   ________________________________
  Date                                               Date Tenant

                                                     Date Tenant

                                                     Date Tenant

BEECH KEARNY ASSOCIATES                             10
                                               SCHEDULE A
                                COMMUNITY RULES AND REGULATIONS
Use of Apartments and Common Areas
For the protection and safety of all Residents and their families, guests and invitees, the following rules
apply to apartments and common areas:
1.     Common areas, sidewalks, entrances, lobbies, hallways, elevators or stairways of the Community
       will not be used for any purpose other than entry and exit. Furniture, equipment or personal
       articles will not be placed or stored in any common areas, permanently or temporarily. We may
       remove any such items at any time, at your expense, including any storage costs.
2.     All equipment located in the Apartment or in the Community will be used in a reasonable and
       careful manner. Equipment includes such things as toilets, sinks, electrical, plumbing, heating,
       building access system, elevators, appliances or other facilities. If you or your family, guests or
       visitors use any equipment in a manner that causes damage to the equipment, you shall be
       responsible for the costs of repairing or replacing it.
3.     Landlord retains the right to control and prevent access to the building and grounds by any
       person or persons whom it may consider undesirable.
4.     Nothing will be brought into the Apartment or Community, which increases the risk of fire or
       liability.   Things which would cause an increased risk of fire include flammable oils, fluids,
       propane, benzene, gasoline, kerosene or other hazardous materials.
5.     Nothing may be placed on or attached to the roof, fire escapes, outside walls of the apartment, or
       common areas of the building. Nothing may be attached to the sills or windows except drapery
       rods, shades, or blinds.
6.     Cooking or barbecuing is not allowed on any of the lawns of the community.
7.     No sign, advertisement or notice visible to the outside will be placed on the outside or inside of
       any apartment or building in the Community.
8.     Locks on the doors leading to the Apartment may not be added or changed without our consent.
       We will have a key to every lock at all times and every lock will be compatible with the master key
       system for the building.
9.     Items, which weigh more than we determine is reasonable for the floor loading of the Apartment,
       are not permitted. You must check with us before bringing heavy items into the Apartment and
       other requirements may apply.
10.    Use of the Laundry Rooms is during the hours of 9AM to 9PM.
11.    No washer or dryer is to be installed or used in the apartment.
12.    Children cannot be left alone in the Apartment and they must not play in the common areas.
13.    Children under 10 must not use the elevator alone; an adult must accompany them.

BEECH KEARNY ASSOCIATES                               11
14.    The Tenant shall be responsible for a $20.00 fee for the replacement of any lost keys as
       additional rent.
15.    The Tenant shall be responsible for a $20.00 fee if the Tenant is locked out of the Apartment and
       requires the Superintendent or staff to open the apartment.
16.    Landlord has right to re-entry for any violations of the provisions of this lease or its rules and
Actions of Residents
So that all Residents of the Community may peacefully enjoy their Apartments and to improve the quality
of life for everyone, the following rules apply:
1.     Pets are not allowed in the Apartment.
2.     All residents will conduct themselves and require their family, guests and anyone they invite into
       the Community to conduct themselves in a manner that will not disturb their neighbors’ peaceful
       enjoyment or Community staff or constitute a nuisance. Noise or odors or any other action or
       condition, which causes unreasonable disturbance to other residents or Community staff or
       interferes with the rights, comforts or convenience of other residents or Community staff are not
3.     You are responsible for the conduct of your family, friends, guests and anyone whom you invite
       into the Community. Acts of family, friends, guests and invitees in violation of this Lease may be
       deemed a default by you under this Lease.
4.     We will make reasonable efforts as the law permits us to stop neighbors from disturbing your
       peace, but we cannot be responsible for controlling the actions of other residents or their families
       or guests or of uninvited persons. If you are seriously disturbed by activities at your neighbor’s
       apartment, please call the police.
5.     Trash will be disposed of in designated places and not in halls, stairways, balconies, or laundry
       rooms. Tenant must follow the City Ordinances for recycling...
6.     Drugs and unlawful or illegal substances must not be used or distributed in or around the building
       or the common areas of the building; Violation of this provision is cause for immediate eviction
       and notification to the proper authorities.
       A)      To assure that Tenant, any member of the household, a guest, or another person under
               Tenant’s control, shall not engage in:
          (1) Any criminal activity that threatens the health, safety, or right to peaceful enjoyment of the
              residents or employees of Beech Kearny Associates, or;
         (2) Any drug-related criminal activity on or off the premises. Any criminal activity in violation of
              the preceding sentence shall be cause for termination of tenancy, and for eviction from the
              unit. (For the purposes of this lease, the term drug-related criminal activity means the
              illegal possession, manufacture, sale, distribution, use or possession with intent to

BEECH KEARNY ASSOCIATES                              12
           manufacture, sell, distribute or use, of a controlled substance as defined in Section 102 of
           the Controlled Substances Act.) [966.4(f)(12)]
7.   The Tenant is not allowed on the roof or restricted areas of the Building and grounds.

                                           SCHEDULE B
                                       Pursuant to 24 CFR Part 35
     Landlord: Beech Kearny Associates           Resident:
                                   LEAD WARNING STATEMENT
     Housing built before 1978 may contain lead-based paint. Lead from paint, paint chips and dust
     can pose health hazards if not managed properly. Lead exposure is especially harmful to young
     children and pregnant women. Before renting pre-1978 housing, landlords must disclose the
     presence of known lead-based paint and lead-based paint hazards in the dwelling. Tenants must
     also receive a federally approved pamphlet on lead poisoning prevention.

     Landlord’s Disclosure (initial a and b below):

             (a)    Presence of lead-based paint or lead-based paint hazards (check one below):

                   Known lead-based paint and/or lead-based paint hazards are present in the
                   housing (explain).

                    Landlord has no actual knowledge of lead-based paint and/or lead-based paint
     hazards in the housing.

             (b)   Records and reports available to the Landlord (check one below):
                   Landlord has provided the Resident with all available records and reports
                   pertaining to lead-based paint and/or lead-based paint hazards in the housing (list
                   documents below).

                   Landlord has no reports or records pertaining to lead-based paint and/or lead-
     based paint hazards in the housing.
     Resident’s Acknowledgment (initial c and d below):
           (c)     Resident has received copies of all information listed above.

             (d)    Resident has received the pamphlet Protect Your Family From Lead in Your

         Certification of Accuracy
         The following parties have reviewed the information above and certify, to the best of their
         knowledge, that the information provided by each of them individually (but not as to the
         statements of any other party) is true and accurate.
         _____________________________                ___________________________________
         Landlord                      Date           Resident                              Date

                                                      Resident                     Date

BEECH KEARNY ASSOCIATES                          13
                                      SCHEDULE C

     1.     Reason for Guaranty. I know that the Landlord would not rent the Premises to
            the Resident unless I guarantee Resident’s performance. I have also requested
            the Owner to enter into the Lease with the Resident. I have a substantial interest
            in making sure that the Owner rents the Apartment to the Resident.

     2.     Guaranty. The following is my guaranty: I guaranty the full performance of the
            Lease by the Resident. This Guaranty is absolute and without any condition. It
            includes, but is not limited to, the payment of rent and other money charges.

     3.     Changes in Lease have no effect. This Guaranty will not be affected by any
            change in the Lease, whatsoever. This includes, but is not limited to, any
            extension of time or renewals. The Guaranty will bind me even if I am not a party
            to these changes.

     4.     Waiver of Notice. I do not have to be informed about any default by Resident. I
            waive notice of nonpayment or other default.

     5.     Performance. If the Resident defaults, the Owner may require me to perform
            without first demanding that the Resident perform.

     6.     Changes. This Guaranty can be changed only by written agreement signed by
            all parties to the Lease and this Guaranty.

     7.     Resident. The word “Resident” in this Guaranty shall include all persons who are
            Residents under the Lease.

     Date:__________              ______________________________

                                  Address of Guarantor


     STATE OF _________)
     COUNTY OF _______)

     On this _________ day of _________________, ________, before me personally
     appeared ___________________________ ____, to be the person mentioned and
     described in, and who executed, the foregoing guaranty, and (he)(she) acknowledged to
     me that (he)(she) executed the same.

                                  Notary Public

BEECH KEARNY ASSOCIATES                     14
                                            Schedule D

                           FEDERAL CRIME INSURANCE PROGRAM

Statistics show that crime is quite prevalent in multiple dwellings where there are significant
concentrations of people. Tenants in these buildings often do not have crime insurance to provide
financial coverage when they are victimized by criminal incidents. The Federal Crime Insurance
Program in Title VI of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1970 is a program which offers
crime insurance to multiple dwelling projects without imposing significant burden on owners of such
buildings. Many tenants are not aware that such insurance can be obtained. A bill passed by the
New Jersey Assembly provides that owners of multiple dwellings must advise their tenants where
applications for such insurance, or its equal, may be obtained and that such owners shall not do or
refuse to do any act which would render the tenant ineligible for such crime insurance.


Any licensed New Jersey property insurance agent or broker can help you submit an application.
Applications may also be obtained directly from the Servicing Company for New Jersey:
                              The Aetna Casualty & Surety Company
                                         494 Broad Street
                                    Newark, New Jersey 07102

                                     INFORMATION SOURCE
                                 Federal Insurance Administration
                        U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development
                                       451 – 7th Street S.W.
                                      Washington, D.C. 20410
                                      Phone: (202) 708-1112

       _________________________________               ________________________________
       Landlord                      Date             Resident                            Date

                                                      Resident                            Date

 BEECH KEARNY ASSOCIATES                         15
                                           Schedule E

                          Child Protection Window Guard Notification

Please read this Window Guard Notification and sign below indicating that you have received the
notice and return to our office.

   1. Please be advised that pursuant to P.L. 1995, C. 120, the owner, Lessor, agent or other
      person who manages or controls a multiple dwelling is required by law to provide, install and
      maintain window guards:
      a) In the apartment of any tenant who has a child or children ten years of age or younger
            living in the apartment.
      b) The owner or owner’s representative must receive a written request that the window
            guard be installed.
      c) The owner is also required, upon the written request of the any such tenant to provide,
            install and maintain window guards in the building hallways.
      d) Window guards shall not be required on windows in the apartment or hallways on the
            first floor.

       This statue provides that any expenditure for the purchase and installation of required
       window guards may be passed on to the tenant. Notwithstanding any municipal ordinance to
       the contrary, expenditures made pursuant to this act shall be deemed to be capital
       improvement costs, which may be passed on to the tenants of the multiple dwelling.

       No person shall obstruct or interfere with the installation of child protection window guards
       required under the act, nor shall any person remove or otherwise render ineffective such
       window guards.

       NOTE: By law, window guards are prohibited on fire escapes

   2. Notification Verification:

                                             Notification Verification

   Please sign below indicating that you have received this Window Guard Notification and return it to our

   Resident Signature: _____________________           Resident Signature____________________

   Apartment No.: ___________________                  Date: ________________________

   This notification concerning child protection window guards is considered part of your current lease;
   future notification will be made as part of any lease renewal.

 BEECH KEARNY ASSOCIATES                        16
                                                       Schedule F
                                     Lease Termination Addendum

This Addendum to the lease dated _________ between                 , known as Tenant, and Beech Kearny Associates, known
as Landlord, is incorporated in and made a part of aforesaid Lease.
It is agreed between parties hereto that:
1. In consideration of Landlord agreeing to release Tenant from the aforesaid Lease prior to its expiration date (as the
same may have been renewed or extended), Tenant agrees to the following:
         a) Tenant agrees to pay any and all outstanding rent which may be due and owing, at the time of the intent to
            vacate notice; and
         b) Tenant agrees to give to Landlord sixty (60) days notice of intent to vacate, by Certified mail...
         c) Tenant agrees to pay Landlord and additional Lease Termination Fee of
           (i)   Amount equal to 2 months of rent if the Lease Termination occurs in the 1 st year of this Lease.
           (ii) Amount equal to 1 month of rent if the Lease Termination occurs after the 1 st year of this Lease,
                 unless otherwise agreed to in writing.
         d) Tenant agrees to reimburse Landlord for $0.00 which is the total value of the rental concession
            granted upon signing the above mentioned Lease _____Initial)
2. All monies will be due and payable prior to Tenant moving out.
3. The Security Deposit and disposition of the same shall be handled separate and apart from the Lease Termination Fee
and shall not be construed to be part of Lease Termination Fess.
4. In the event Tenant shall abandon or vacate the premises before the end of the term or fail to pay rent promptly when
due, the Premises or any part thereof maybe repossessed by Landlord and relet upon terms satisfactory to it, and Tenant
shall be liable for deficiency resulting there from. Tenant’s liability for deficiency includes but is not limited to
painting, cleaning and repair costs. Landlord may apply Tenant’s Security Deposit to rectify any damages caused by
Tenant’s vacating or abandonment. Application of the Security Deposit shall not waive or limit Landlord’s right to
further hold Tenant liable for costs and damages, losses or injury therein due.
5. This Addendum shall supersede the Abandonment Clause now contained with the aforesaid Lease.

________________________________                     ______________________________
Landlord                                    Date    Resident                                  Date
                                                     Resident                                 Date

 BEECH KEARNY ASSOCIATES                                      17
                                                       Schedule G

                                      Mold and Mildew Addendum
         This Mold and Mildew Addendum (“the Addendum”) dated ________ is attached to and made a part of the
lease dated _________ (“the Lease”) by and between Beech Kearny Associates (‘Landlord”) and                    (“Tenant”)
for apartment number _____ (“the Apartment”) at 91 Beach Street, Kearny, NJ 07032.

         Tenants acknowledges that it is necessary for them to provide appropriate moisture control, keep the apartment
clean and dust the Apartment on a regular basis, and take other measures to retard and prevent mold and mildew from
accumulating in the Apartment. Tenant agrees to remove visible moisture accumulation on windows, walls and other
surfaces as soon as reasonably possible. Tenant agrees not to block or cover any of the heating ventilation or air
conditioning ducts in the Apartment. Tenant also agrees to immediately report to the management office:
1.         Any evidence of a water leak or excessive moisture in the Apartment, as well as in any storage room, garage
           or other common areas.
2.         Any evidence of mold or mildew like growth that cannot be removed by simply applying a common
           household cleaner and wiping the area.
3.         Any failure or malfunction in the heating, ventilation or air conditioning unit in the Apartment.
4.         Any inoperable doors or windows.
Tenant further agrees that the shall be responsible for any damage to the Apartment or Tenants property or any injury to
Tenant, other occupants of the Apartment, and other any other Tenant or other occupants of the community resulting
from Tenants failure to comply with the rules and regulations of this Addendum.

         Any failure to comply with any provision of this Addendum shall be deemed a material default under the terms
of the Lease, and Landlord shall be entitled to exercise all rights and remedies at law or in equity. Except as specifically
stated herein, all other terms and conditions of the Lease shall remain unchanged. In the vent of any conflict between the
terms of this Addendum and the terms of the Lease, the term of this Addendum shall control. Any term that is capitalized
but not defined in this Addendum that is capitalized and defined in the Lease shall have the same meaning for purposes
of this Addendum as it has for purpose of the Lease.

________________________________ ___________________________________
Landlord                                 Date       Resident                                 Date
                                                     Resident                                Date

 BEECH KEARNY ASSOCIATES                                     18

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