Memorandum of understanding by VyoWJj


									                              EVOC Project,

                              Memorandum of

Memorandum of Understanding

      Omnia, The Joint Authority of Education in Espoo Region ,Finland
      Landeshauptstadt München Schul-und Kultusreferat,Germany
      Berufliche Schule - Direktorat 7,Nünberg .,Germany
      Göteborgs Stad Utbildning Studium, Sweden

With this Memorandum the partners have agreed following

      To develop a unit of qualification in child care, this will be accepted by partner
       institutes and will be transferred from one country to another.
      The unit will be defined according to learning outcomes, in terms of knowledge,
       skills and competence.
      The unit will be tested by the students, who will participate in ongoing LdV mobility
      EVOC Unit consists of following sub-units; Play (40h), Intercultural (40h),
       Rehabilitations (40h), Language (40h) totally 160 hour students work
      Learning outcomes for the EVOC unit are specified in attachment 1
      Receiving partner will assess the student learning outcomes
      Sending partner will accept the credits given by receiving partner

This memorandum is valid until the completion of EVOC project by 31.10.2009

This Memorandum of Understanding is signed by the official persons from each partner.

Made in four copies, one for each partner.

Espoo, __.__. 20___                                            (Place), __.__. 20___

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