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    Minutes of the ordinary meeting held on Monday November 21st 2011 at 7.30pm at the Corbie Hall,
                                       Maryculter, Aberdeenshire.

                                         SUBJECT TO APPROVAL

Present:                                                    Representing:
Robin Baxter (Chairman)                                     Banchory-Devenick
Avril Tulloch                                               Maryculter
Hazel Witte                                                 Maryculter
Susan Astell                                                Maryculter
Philip Smart                                                Cookney/Netherley

Cllr Ian Mollison                                            Aberdeenshire   Council
Cllr Carl Nelson                                             Aberdeenshire Council

Four members of the public

1    Apologies:
Mike Birch, Robert Keeler (Vice Chairman), Bob McKinney (Secretary), Rob Winmill (Planning Officer), Dave
Bayliss (Maryculter), Cllr Paul Melling.

Robin Baxter advised that Mike Birch had tendered his resignation due to a work transfer to Houston. Philip Smart
also advised that due to work commitments he had to tender his resignation. Robin Baxter thanked him for his 12
years of service to the community.

Graeme Eglintine was proposed by Hazel Witte and seconded by Robin Baxter and duly co-opted as a member of
the CC for Banchory-Devenick. Graeme then joined the others at the table.

2   Police Report
No police report was available this month.

3    Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Avril Tulloch proposed and Hazel Witte seconded the minutes of the last meeting as a true record and they
were duly adopted.

4   Matters Arising
Rural Schools and South Deeside Under-Fives
Nothing to report.

Avril Tulloch advised that due to Mike Birch’s departure Bob McKinney had volunteered to take on the role of
Webmaster on a temporary basis. Otherwise the website was up to date.

Philip Smart also advised that he had taken care of the issues recently raised concerning the old
Roads inc. AWPR
Avril Tulloch advised that Bob McKinney had raised our concerns about local roads with the Roads Department
and some repairs had been effected but it was noted that the verges on the B979 at North Burnside Kennels had
broken up again. These matters would be the subject of a continuous dialogue between NKRCC and the Roads

It was also noted that lorries entering and leaving the building works on Leggart Terrace, Aberdeen, was affecting
the flow of traffic along the South Deeside Road. Robin Baxter suggested that Bob McKinney should write to
Aberdeen City Council’s Roads Department highlighting our concerns.

It was also further noted that a short distance to the west on the South Deeside Road at Banchory-Devenick
bridge, now that the repairs there were complete that there was once again a noticeable dip in the road, which had
been repaired as part of the recent works but had re-appeared. A MOP suggested that the Council were already
aware of this re-appearance.

5    Planning
Recent Planning Applications

APP/2011/3550 - Land South West of Allochie Cottage, Netherley, Stonehaven. Erection of Dwellinghouse and
Garage (For Agricultural Worker).

APP/2011/3406 - Jockston House, Ardoe, Aberdeen, AB12 5XT. Erection of Detached Garage and Car Port .
APP/2011/3277 – Kingcausie, Maryculter, Aberdeen, AB12 5FR. Erection of Retaining Wall.
APP/2011/3278 – Kingcausie, Maryculter, Aberdeen, AB12 5FR. Installation of Replacement Rooflights and
Internal Alterations.

APP/2011/3869 - Storybook Glen, Kirkton of Maryculter, Aberdeen, AB12 5FT. Erection of 4 Dwellinghouses
and Garages, Erection of Soft Play Barn and Upgrade of Existing Vehicular Access.

Other Planning Matters
Avril advised that on 10 November, Bob McKinney had been contacted by Diane Cant of Cults bringing to our
attention a planning application (111566) for 4 houses on the north bank of the River Dee at Cults on the flood
plain. As the cut off date for comment was 21 November, Bob submitted an objection on behalf of NKRCC on
the grounds that it was against policy and that should the river flood this development might shift flooding or
aggravate same on the south bank, which is NKRCC’s area. Robin Baxter strongly agreed with this course of
action and this was endorsed by the Community Counsellors present.

There was then some discussion on the Planning application (above) submitted by Storybook Glen. It was
suggested that NKRCC should submit a letter of observation that this application was not included in the Local
Development Plan. Councillor Nelson advised that Aberdeenshire were still operating under the 2006 Plan (ALP)
and that even though provision was not included in a Plan this did not prevent applicants from making
applications all the same, but that consistency was important too.

Councillor Mollison advised that in December 2011, Aberdeenshire Council would be running two planning
forums; one for Community Councillors, one for planners, agents etc. The purpose was to seek feedback on how
the new planning process was working.

Councillor Mollison also advised that a memo had recently been circulated to Local Authorities from Jim
McKinnon, Chief Planner to the Scottish Government, who stated that the Government wants Councils to change
their policies regarding Section 75 agreements, where new rural housing is linked to rural businesses, to a more
positive emphasis on the use of this section.

6     Finance & 300 Club
Hazel Witte advised that she had received two letters: one a letter of thanks from Fiona Thomson on behalf of
Maryculter Senior Citizens for the recent donation of £150 toward their Christmas party and the other an e-mail
from Shona Grimmer on behalf of the SDUF’s group for the recent donation toward the purchase of a Walkodile.

Hazel Witte advised that the bank accounts held £1088, of which £160 was set aside for 300 Club prizes.
The following draw was then made for November 2011; £15 - #198, £10 - #26, £5 - #252. Hazel then handed out
tickets for sale, and sales sheets, for the 300 Club for 2012.

7   Correspondence & Licensing Applications
A bill from APRS for the annual subscription, which was passed to Hazel Witte.
There were no Licensing applications.

8    AOB
Kees Witte advised of the progress made on the issue of broadband provision in the area, which included
submitting a report to the Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee at Holyrood. This report highlighted
the difficulties faced by residents and businesses in trying to take advantage of the benefits of the Internet which
other areas take for granted. Avril advised that Bob would be trying to arrange for Ian Shanks of BT Openreach to
attend the meeting in January 2012 to discuss these issues with residents. It was also noted that Rob Winmill had
written an article for the Mearns Leader on this subject.

Avril also confirmed that Tom Ashley of Turnberry Consulting, agents for the Elsick Development Company
would be attending the meeting on Monday 12 December to discuss the recent applications and answer questions.
Robin Baxter suggested that Mr Ashley be provided with the questions being asked beforehand, to allow him to
give definitive answers.

Susan Astell advised that there would be a meeting of Aberdeenshire Local Outdoor Access Forum at 7.00pm on
Thursday 29 November at the Invercarron Resource Centre, Stonehaven.

Avril Tulloch advised that the next Community Council Forum was due to take place at 7.00pm on Thursday 24
November at Viewmount, Stonehaven.

Councillor Mollison also advised that with regard to the changes being discussed for boundaries for
Westminster elections, that the matter was to be discussed by full Council on Thursday 24 November and that the
closing date for comment to the Boundary Commission was 4 February 2012.

A MOP, Colin Pike, advised of the Jubilee Woods scheme, a scheme being run by the Woodland Trust for
community groups to make applications for packs of assorted trees, either 105 or 420 in number, for planting in
community areas. The purpose of the scheme was to celebrate 2012 being the year in which we celebrate Queen
Elizabeth having been our monarch for 60 years. After a short discussion it was agreed that NKRCC should apply
for the 420 size pack. Colin offered to assist with the project and Graeme Eglintine and Bob McKinney were to
look into the application.

The date of the next meeting of the NKRCC was set for Monday 12th December 2011. The meeting then closed
at 9.15pm.
Secretary: Bob McKinney, Lakhipara, South Cookney, Stonehaven, AB39 3RX Tel: 01569 730706,

for the ordinary meeting to be held on Monday 12 December 2011 at 7.30pm at the Corbie Hall, Maryculter,

1. Apologies

2. Police Report

3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting

4. Matters Arising
-       Rural Schools & South Deeside Under-Fives
-       Website
-       Roads (incl. AWPR)

5. Planning
-       Recent planning applications etc.

6. Finance & 300 Club

7. Correspondence & Licensing Applications

8. AOB including a discussion with Tom Ashley, Turnberry Consulting and Bruce Liddell, Storybook Glen.

9. Next Meeting

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