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									     High Plains
“20 Anniversary”
                 th                  th
  April 17 - 19 , 2009

 Bethune, Colorado

              LAST UPDATE: 03/4/09
           High Plains Camporee
             Table of Contents

High Plains Camporee Welcome Letter ----------------- 3
Changes to the Packet in 2009 ------------------------- 4
Key Camporee Personnel --------------------------------- 5
Registration Procedures ----------------------------------- 6
General Information --------------------------------------- 7
Camporee Activities --------------------------------------- 10
Inter-Troop Competition --------------------------------- 11
First Class Trail--------------------------------------------- 13
Merit Badge Program -------------------------------------- 17
2009 Merit Badges --------------------------------------- 19
Special Attraction at Camporee -------------------------- 21
Camporee Agenda------------------------------------------ 22
Location/Directions ---------------------------------------- 23
Staff Registration Form ------------------------------------24
Roster of Adults ---------------------------------------------25
BSA AVIATION Parent Consent Form------------------26
Camper Information/Permission Form ----------------- 28
Permission Form, Health Form, Tour Permit ----------- 29
 (May also get these three forms off the PPC website)
Hazardous Weather Evacuation Plan -------------------- 30

                 HIGH PLAINS CAMPOREE Welcome Letter
                                  "TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY”
  On behalf of the High Plains District and our extraordinary staff, I want to welcome you to Bethune,
Colorado, the permanent site of the High Plains 2009 Camporee.

This will mark the 20th year of the High Plains Camporee, which began formally in 1989, and
continues our 21st Century tradition of back to basics camping on the High Plains. We believe our
Camporee and location is one of the best camping events in the Pikes Peak Council, situated under the
large cottonwood trees on the McArthur Farm outside of Bethune, Colorado (about 10 miles west of
Burlington along I-70). Camping in rural Colorado is something very special, because it allows Scouts
to return to the basic camping skills of cooking over an open fire made from available downed timber,
digging and using your own latrine, and of course, the traditional evening campfire. This will surely
test your scoutcraft skills

The High Plains Camporee is a favorite camping event for many troops in and out of the Pikes Peak
Council because it offers a unique variety of activities for all scouts. As an advancement Camporee,
we will offer several unique merit badges, and we try to vary this selection each year. In addition, we
have established what I believe to be the premier First Class Advancement Trail for new scouts who
may have recently joined your troop. This trail is specifically designed to help accelerate your new
scouts along the trail to First Class by providing several outdoor requirements contained in the
Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class requirements. Included in the agenda is also an opportunity
for inter-troop visitation and hospitality time.

Our theme this year is “20th Anniversary“, and we believe this Camporee will be a very special
event. Twenty years ago in the spring 1989, a few local High Plains troops, (about 25-40 adults and
scouts), led by the Stratton Troop, decided to get together for a fun little camping trip out at a remote
farm in Kit Carson County. At that time, all the merit badges were taught on the farm, and only by the
scoutmasters, and included such farm related merit badges as: Farm Mechanics, Animal and Vet
Science, as well as the camping, cooking, radio and surveying Merit Badges. There were no Webelos
invited, and the Boy Scouts learned a limited number of scout craft skills leading to First Class on
something called the Rainbow Trail.

Today, we offer over 19 Merit Badges; an extensive First Class and Webelos Adventure Trail, and host
over 600 scouts and scouters, including several out of council units. While a great deal of our program
has changed over the past twenty years, the back to basic values of outdoor camping with pit latrines
and open fires has never changed.

To celebrate this special achievement, we have added a few twists and continued to improve some
things in an effort to bring you the best camping experience possible.

We are also modifying our campfire program to try and make it more exciting and entertaining, and not
so long. We will also be asking units to participate in the form of skits and run-ons.

We are going to be controlling the first class trail a little more, to ensure that volunteers for the trail are
clear about their assignments and expectations.

We will also continue our special coordinated emergency response activity which will involve the
Aviation, Radio, First Aid and Emergency Prep Merit Badge participants.

The 2009 High Plains Camporee will include our traditional Saturday Night campfire, and an OA Call-
Out for the High Plains District. There will be a non-denominational church service on Sunday
morning that all are encouraged to attend, hosted by our District Chaplain, Mark Ricken. Coleman
Camping Products will return to Camporee with a wide selection of “extreme camping equipment

Finally, the High Plains Camporee affords a special opportunity for our Webelos Scouts to visit a Boy
Scout encampment, and not only see what the Boy Scout camping experience is truly like, but also
offers a chance for the Webelos to work on several of the Outdoor & other Activity Pins, as well as
participate in some traditional Boy Scout Camporee activities.

We have often been asked why the High Plains Camporee has been so successful over the years, and
why it continues to draw several hundred scouts to this rural camping area every year. The basic
reason is that we have been blessed with an extraordinary staff of dedicated volunteers who participate
in the Camporee each year. We have also been able to benefit from our senior staff volunteers and
their wisdom. These seasoned scouters originally began the Camporee twenty years ago, and continues
to guide the current Camporee Leadership team each year, which provides consistency and traditional

1. For 2009, we are prepared to offer a few different merit badges at the Camporee. These will
include: Fish & Wildlife Management, Automotive Maintenance, Insect Study.

2. This year’s Camporee will continue a change in our traditional inter-troop competitions that we
made last year. We have modified the structure of the campsite inspection competition, eliminated
the unit cook-off, but we have added a new competition for troops known as the Scout Skills Outdoor
Challenge. Very special recognitions will also be given to the top winners.

3. Once again, we have expanded the camping area so troops have more room to setup, and our
revised parking plan will also continue from last year.
As the Camporee has grown in popularity over the years, there has been an increased need for
manpower to run the activities. Therefore, the Camporee requires involvement on the part of all unit
adult volunteers to help ensure the success of the events. This means that all unit adults will be asked
to get involved at some level to assist the camporee staff, and also to honor those commitments..

All in all, the 2009 High Plains Camporee is shaping up to be another premier camping event for all
Boy Scouts that choose to participate, and I hope this packet with provide you with all the information
you need to make this year’s High Plains Camporee experience a weekend to remember.

If you have any questions or need any additional information about the Camporee, please contact:
Jeff Horner, High Plains District Executive at 719-337-5119 (Cell).

Come join with us and experience one of the best outdoor camping experiences outside of Summer
Camp, which is only offered at the High Plains Camporee.

We’ll see you in Bethune on April 17th!!
       Jeff Horner
       High Plains District Executive

  High Plains District Camping Chairman

        Mr. Robert (“Bob”) Lightbody

    High Plains Camporee Coordinator

           Mr. Doyle Loutzenhiser

    Merit Badge Program Coordinators

 Mr. Jerry Gross             Mr. Robin Arends
  719-346-8676                719-346-7794

       First Class Trail Coordinators

Mr. Will Bishop              Mr. Rich Trentman
  719-494-2107                719-494-8438

            Camporee Registrar

              Ms. Connie Gross

         Logistics & Support Staff

 Mr. Stan Willis             Mr. Dean Wigton
 719-688-9926                  719-348-5640

 Staff & Webelos Food Service Coordinator

              Mr. Bob Armour


All units should check into the Camporee at the Registration Tent upon arriving. Please be prepared
to pay for all registration and late fees not yet submitted, and turn in merit badge blue cards.
We will verify the name and number of people in your unit attending the Camporee at the time of
check-in, as well as OA Call-out names.

NOTE: The Camporee staff would also like to strongly suggest that each unit, particularly the
larger units, consider sending an advance party to the Camporee who will be carrying the unit’s
registration information, blue cards, etc… as well as any additional registrations so that the
Registrar will have sufficient time to ensure all scouts and units are completely registered prior to
the Scoutmaster’s Meeting on Friday evening at 9:30pm. Registration closes at 9:00 pm!!!

   1. Each unit will be asked to select a troop camping area and advise the Camporee Administrative
      Support team of their location using the numbered campsite stake provided at each site.
      (NOTE: There are actually two stakes at each site. One is turned in to the Registration
      staff at the time the unit selects a campsite. The other stake is brought in by the
      Camporee staff member that clears the unit campsite prior to departure.

   2. There is an additional fee for large troops that will require additional campsite space.

   3. ONLY ONE vehicle will be allowed to stay in the campsite after unloading. We ask that
      once that vehicle is parked at the campsite that it will remain there for safety reasons unless
      there is an emergency need to move the vehicle, or the vehicle is needed to transport to Merit
      Badge sites. ALL OTHER VEHICLES will need to be parked on the hillside in the
      designated parking areas to increase open areas in the campsites.

                             GENERAL INFORMATION

Cost: $9.00 per Scout and $9.00 per Leader    $10.00 for out of council.
       PLUS a $20.00 Unit Fee per Troop (35 campers)
       (For large troops that require additional campsite space an additional Unit Fee of $20.00 for
       each additional 35 campers will be charged and the unit will be assigned additional camping
       Late fee is $5.00 per person & per Troop.

Camp Behavior – Unit leaders are expected to maintain control over the behavior of their scouts while
in camp. Unsafe behavior, such as stick fighting, etc. will not be permitted for the safety of all those in

Camping Area: The camping area is mostly treed. The first troops that arrive will have first choice of
campsites. This year, we are using the entire camping area and minimizing cars in camps, which
allow troops to spread out over the area to afford maximum camping room.

Boundaries: Since we are camping on private property, it is important that all units camp within the
area designated for the Camporee. While it is permissible to walk the farm, we are to respect the
property and not deface the farm or its surrounding property in any way. The nearby Republican
River, and the farmhouse, outbuildings, and livestock are OFF-LIMITS to ALL SCOUTS unless
you are working on a Merit Badge under the direction of a Counselor. NO INFRACTION of
THIS RULE WILL BE TOLERATED. If you do not comply with this request, you will be asked to
leave the Camporee.

Fires: IF THERE IS NOT A FIRE BAN, you will be permitted to dig a pit fire, as long as you
properly cover the fire-pit at the conclusion of the Camporee. (NOTE: We strongly encourage units
to bring a fire-barrel in an effort to conserve the environment. Moreover, ALL open fires MUST
be attended at all times).

Water: Troops should practice water conservation, and bring enough water for your cooking/cleaning
needs for the entire weekend. There is a water pump available to the scouts on the farm. Information
on its location is available at the registration tent.

Latrines: Each unit will be expected to dig a pit latrine, as needed, for their troop, and will be
responsible for ensuring that the latrine is properly covered at the end of the weekend. PLEASE BE
and tarps, etc. will be needed to prepare and cover the latrine, as well as for privacy, so ensure
your troop is prepared with these materials in your equipment inventory.

Emergency/Questions: There will be a tent set up as a central point of contact for questions and
emergencies. If parents need to locate their scout (emergency, etc.) they can call the Kit Carson County
Sheriff’s Department at 719-346-9325 who will then contact us. Kit Carson County Sheriff’s
Department personnel will then relay this information to the Camporee staff, as needed.

First Aid: There will be a first aid area set up for emergencies. All emergencies should be handled
through the registration tent, and the camp staff will locate a member of the first aid staff. We will
have an EMT and or registered nurse on site at the Camporee. A local hospital is also approximately
25 miles away.

Accountability/Responsibility: This will be the responsibility of the patrol leaders and adult unit
leaders at all times. We don’t want to lose anyone, or have anyone get hurt.

Garbage: Please follow the RULE “what you take in, you take out.” Part of the checkout list will
be policing for garbage. Please, be sure to police your area before leaving.

Visitors: Visitors to the Camporee are welcome to come observe for the day.

Uniforms: Scouts are encouraged to wear their Field Uniforms or Class B uniform at the Camporee.
No camouflage clothing (BDU) is allowed.

Unit Leader Support: Each unit WILL BE REQUIRED to provide adults to assist on the First Class
Trail. In addition, since some of the merit badge sites are located outside of the Camporee Site, each
unit is expected to assist the Camporee Staff by providing car-pool transportation to Merit Badge site
locations. Registration will not be considered complete without all adults registered for the First Class
Trail or Transportation of Merit Badge or assisting somewhere else at the Camporee! We want and
need adult assistance to make this event successful, and we generally never have enough help.

Junior Leadership Staff Support: Older Scouts in any units that are not interested in working on a
merit badge will be permitted to join the Camporee Program Leadership Team as part of a Junior
Leader Corps. Youth must be Star rank or higher and age 14 or older. There is also another
opportunity for these scouts at the Scout Skills Outdoor Challenge.

Staff Meals: Support staff members not associated with a unit will be fed with the District Volunteer
Staff at the District Dining area. We must have a completed staff registration form from all those
assisting on the Camporee staff to ensure we have sufficient food available to feed you. Staff meals
will be eaten at the staff dining area near the Webelos camping area.

Lost & Found: Remind your Scouts to put their names on their clothing and other possessions. Lost
& found will be at the Registration Tent.

Checkout Procedures: Each unit is expected to clean their campsite and make it appear as a no trace
campsite. This means all garbage is removed and the area is policed; campfires are extinguished,
covered, as are the latrine sites. Once all gear is packed and loaded, the senior patrol leader or adult
volunteer will go to the registration area to request a staff member to inspect the campsite. Once
inspected, the Camporee staff member will retrieve the remaining campsite marking stake and
return it to the registration area.

Troop Flags: Each unit is expected to have their unit flag at the Camporee to help identify their unit
and show scout spirit. We strongly encourage units to bring your flag to the evening Campfire.

Tour Permits & Camper Information Sheet: Each unit is expected to be carrying their approved
Tour Permit and Camper Information Sheet & Health Forms. Out Of Council Troops: Need an Out
of Council TOUR PERMIT & applicable insurance.

Transportation & Other vehicles: As previously mentioned, we want to limit the number of vehicles
left in camp to one vehicle. All other vehicles should be parked on the hill at the designated parking
area. We are doing this for safety as well as environmental reasons.

If you are transporting scouts to a merit badge site, you and the scouts you are transporting will be
expected to bring a lunch.

                                      Keep in mind
       1. Don’t dig unnecessary holes, trenches, etc.
       2. Don’t leave (Scouts or Scout Leaders) without checking out at Scout Registration.
       3. Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages. Smoking allowed only in designated area, not around
       4. All medication & insurance documentation will be the responsibility of the Unit Leader.
       5. NO individual sheath knives, axes, hatchets, etc.
       6. Scouts & leaders MUST ensure that everyone has the proper equipment for camping.
       7. Scouts are NOT permitted in the Republican River or on other parts of the Farm unless they
       are working on a Merit Badge with a Counselor.
       8. Scouts are expected to adhere to the Outdoor Code.
       Remember these policies are for your safety, and will be enforced.

                                       SCOUT COURTESY

Unit Leaders are expected to remember, communicate, and enforce the fifth point of the Scout
Law during the Camporee to their units; A Scout is Courteous. We are camping in a limited
camping area, and we expect each scout and scouter to be courteous to adjoining troop camping
areas, as well as to each other in the true Spirit of Scouting.

                         CAMPOREE ACTIVITIES

                                    Opening Ceremony
The opening ceremony will be held at 8:00 am on Saturday. Any last minute information
about the activities for the day or any changes in merit badges will be shared at that time.

                                    Closing Campfire
The closing campfire will include: an OA call-out (at the end of the program), awards for
the Campsite Inspection, Skills Outdoor Challenge, as well as any other special recognition.
This year, we are also asking for units to prepare a skit or a run-on as part of the
campfire program. Individual units will be called upon to participate, so BE
The Closing Campfire will begin at 7:00 pm, so we ask that Troops complete the day’s
activities prior to the start of the campfire. Troops will assemble at the flagpole at 6:30 pm
for the retreat ceremony on Saturday Evening and walk together to the campfire program.

                                  Unit Leader Meeting
There will be a meeting for all Unit Leaders on Friday Evening at 9:30 pm and Saturday
Evening at 9:45 pm at the Registration Tent. These meetings are important, as we will discuss
any Camporee activity changes, safety alerts, or resolve any logistical problems. We will solicit
unit feedback to improve the Camporee. Please ensure that at least one leader from each unit is
represented and the information mentioned at the meetings is communicated to your units.
The Checkout sheets and evaluation forms will be available at this time.

                       Non-Denominational Church Service
 A brief non-denominational church service will be held on Sunday morning for all Troops that
wish to attend. Our District Chaplain is encouraging units not only to attend the church
service on Sunday, but also to provide any available youth who would like to assist in the
service. Additional information will be available at the time of registration.

                                       OA Elections
There will be an OA elections team at the Camporee to conduct Troop OA elections for only
High Plains District Troops (only for Troops in Limon & east) ONLY ON FRIDAY
EVENING. The OA Elections Team must know, IN ADVANCE, and approve the election
request prior to Camporee for it to be held on Friday evening.

                                       OA Call-Outs
The closing campfire will include call-outs for newly elected OA members from the Pikes Peak
Council. Current OA members are reminded to bring their OA sash for the campfire.
Only elected OA members that are certified from the Lodge Elections Team will be called
out at Campfire.

                        Youth Activities at Camporee
Scouts attending the High Plains Camporee will have four options for the activities they can
participate in during the day on Saturday. The activities include: (1)the First Class Trail, (2)a
Merit Badge Class, (3)co-instructor on the First Class Trail, or (4) participation in the
new Scout Skills Challenge as part of a two man team. Under no circumstances will scouts
be permitted to remain in their campsite during the day on Saturday.

                     INTER-TROOP COMPETITIONS
                 Awards will be presented at the campfire for the top winners in each category.
                                 A Troop can receive only one award.

Camping Gear - REQUIRED
A judging team will visit each campsite during the day on Saturday and inspect the campsites.
Gateways will be graded on the basis of safety, creativity, identification of unit, and originality.
NOTE: Gadgets MUST be made with materials found onsite except rope
Things that will be checked:
        - Tent alignment (i.e. aligned neatly in rows and columns with equal spacing) Properly
               erected in Patrol Areas, Camp layout (organization, neatness, etc…)
          -   Cooking areas clean & orderly
          -   Campsite clean of trash/Proper fire pit & latrine
          -   Safety (extra fuel stored, general safety)
          -   Food & Equipment properly stored
          -   Camp Gadgets/Gateway /Pioneering
          -   Campsite Fire Control (Fire Cans/Fire Safety)
          -   Posted Fire Control Plan & Equipment/Fire Guard
          -   Posted Camp Attendance Roster
          -   Posted Camp Menus
          -   Posted Duty Roster
          -   Types and variety of gadgets constructed
          -   Utility or practicality of the gadget in camp
          -   Uniqueness of the gadget
          -   Variety and proper use of scout lashings
          -    Sturdiness and safety of the gadget
          -    Prepared with material on-site.

II. SCOUT SKILLS OUTDOOR CHALLENGE - (1st & 2nd Place Troop Prize
& the top two teams will receive Individual Scout Prizes):
The Scout Skills Outdoor Challenge is a fairly new activity at Camporee. It was specifically
designed for older scouts that are not participating in a merit badge class, yet have completed
First Class. This is an all day inter-unit challenge event for scout teams (two man teams) that
will represent their troops in the challenge activity.

During this event, the scout challenge teams will assemble in a designated area of the farm
following the opening ceremony with sufficient equipment to set up a mini-campsite, complete
with a camp kitchen, and other equipment needed to establish the mini-site. The scouts will
then be provided a scoutcraft skills assignment packet where they will be required to work as a
team in establishing camp, constructing appropriate camp gadgets, latrine facilities, and a camp
kitchen, etc… using camping equipment as well as materials found on the farm.

A unit may send a maximum of two-two man teams to the challenge event to represent their
respective unit. The teams will be under the direction of the assigned Scoutcraft Skills
Challenge Staff Team, who will provide the troop teams with specific assignments to complete
throughout the day, which will include: various scout skill assignments based on the
requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class. In addition, the teams will be
expected to prepare and cleanup afterward, a series of two meals (lunch, dinner) based on the
specifications in the challenge packet. While participating in the challenge events, each team
will be evaluated by the staff judges for this event, and a determination of (1st & 2nd Place
Prizes) will be made and the winners presented some outstanding prizes at the campfire that
The teams will be judged on such items as: teamwork, flexibility, preparedness, outdoor
cooking ability, scoutcraft skills, campsite setup, camp gadget making, originality, initiative,
and resourcefulness. (NOTE: A separate challenge packet will be forwarded to those
troops that register for this event, which will contain additional information.)

Once completing the challenge assignments for the day, the scout teams will be expected to
tear down their respective mini-encampments, returning the challenge area to the “No-Trace”
standard, and then return to their units at the end of the day.

NOTE: A list of needed equipment and supplies will be provided to the participating units
upon registration for the challenge event. In addition, each team will be required to have a
copy of the Scout Handbook, as well as the Scout Field Handbook.

A single troop cannot take all awards in each category. In addition, there will be an
Overall Award for Excellence (“Camp Best”), for a unit scoring the highest in both
areas of inter-unit competition.

To be eligible for this award, a unit must actively compete in both areas. The prizes will
                          be determined by the HP District staff.
                        FIRST CLASS TRAIL EVENTS - 2009
The FIRST CLASS TRAIL is a unique feature of the High Plains Camporee. It is designed primarily
for first year scouts. The program is designed to assist these new scouts in getting a strong start along
the trail to FIRST CLASS. The trail is organized so that several of the required items for Tenderfoot,
Second Class, and First Class are setup as stations along the trail. The new scouts can then walk the
trail and stop at the different stations and learn/practice some of the basic scout skills needed for these
badges of rank.

This year, the FIRST CLASS TRAIL will feature the following stations. Scouts will attend all 8 of
the available scout skills stations, with multiple stations established for each skill event. Scouts will
participate in the preparation of their noon meal during the “Foods / Prep and Demo” (Chef Camporee)
station on the trail in the morning. They will also eat the noon meal on the trail. There will be no
need for a scout to return to their troop’s camp during the day so we ask that each scout come to the
trail “prepared”. (Scout handbook, Pencil/pen, pocketknife, canteen w/water)


      #1 – Food / Prep and Demo
      #2 – Woods Tools School Part 1
      #3 – Woods Tools School Part 2 – Bring pocketknife (see criteria at bottom of page)
      #4 – Map and Compass basics
      #5 – Plant and Animal Identification
      #6 – Whip and Fuse a Rope / Basic Knots
      #7 – First Aid (Bandages, Splints, Slings, Rescues, Carries, Stretchers)
      #8 – Fire Building, Stove starting, Lantern lighting

 The following are the applicable handbook requirements which may be covered in part or
completely at each station.

Food Prep                                             (T-3, S-2e,g, F-4d)
Woods Tools School I                                  (S-2c, S-2d)
Woods Tools School II                                 (Totin’ Chip & Bring own Pocket knife)
Map and Compass                                       (S-1a)
Plant and Animal Identification                               (T-11, S-5, F-6)
Whip and Fuse a Rope / Basic Knots                    (T-4a, T-4b, F-8a)
First Aid – Bandages                                  (T-12a, F-8b, F-8c)
Light Stoves and Fire Building                                (S-2e, S-2f, Firem ‘n Chit)

Key: T = Tenderfoot, S = Second Class, F = First Class

Pocketknife Criteria:
A general use pocket knife which contains such features as: a can opener, a screwdriver, and one or
two blades for cutting, and has a locking blade is acceptable. No large sheath knives will be permitted.
The knife blade should not be longer than 3 inches and must be a locking blade. (The First Class Trail
Staff will have additional knives available for those scouts not bringing their own knife.)
Note: Totin’ Chip cards are available in the Registration tent for SMs to fill out and handout

Each unit will be assigned a station on the trail unless they volunteer for one when they register or prior
to Camporee. The district will provide a plastic tub with needed supplies/instructions to teach the First
Class Trail Station, as well as what information is to be taught, the responsibilities of the trainers and
instructions on how the scouts will practice the skills that are taught. Each unit will be responsible to
man that station for the day (8:30-3:30). A noon foil meal will be provided on the trail for the adult
station volunteers as well as the scouts. You will have an open period to prepare your foil lunch. Be
sure to indicate on your REGISTRATION FORM how many adults will be at a station so we can
ensure sufficient foil meal ingredients are available for you to prepare you lunch!

In addition, the district will provide each unit (patrol) registered with a rotation schedule for advancing
along the trail to ensure stations are run efficiently and we don’t overload any particular station.

This is a program designed to teach several of the requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class and First
class. The First Class Trail is going to teach the basic scout skills, and allow time for scouts to practice
these skills. The Camporee staff will NOT sign off the skill for advancement purposes, but rather, will
initial the scout’s passport upon completion of the station. It will still be the unit leaders’ responsibility
to review/certify the advancement record in the scouts’ handbook. A list of the requirements being
taught at each station is included in the packet and on the passports. Time for the scoutmasters to
certify advancement has been specifically set aside on the agenda.

This activity program is designed for First Year Scouts who are just beginning in Boy Scouts and not
yet ready to work on Merit Badges.

Scouts are expected to have their own SCOUT HANDBOOK, NOTEBOOK, PENCIL/PEN,
CANTEEN (w/water), and POCKETKNIFE with them on the First Class Trail.

The pocketknife must meet the criteria shown on the previous page.
The scouts are also asked to read the following pages from their handbook, prior to coming to the
Camporee. Pages 77-85. (This will help the scout on the Woods Tools School stations.)

We REQUIRE each unit to provide adult leaders to help support our skills training on the trail.
A unit may send an older scout, in addition to adult leader(s), to help as instructors on the First Class
Trail. Please indicate on your registration form who and what activity your leaders would prefer to
help with.

We have taken steps to greatly improve our coordination on this TRAIL in an effort to make this
activity FUN and EXCITING, as well as a beneficial event for all scouts.

Applicable TENDERFOOT Requirements (All items not necessarily covered on trail)
   3. On the campout, assist in preparing and cooking one of your patrol's meals. Tell why it is important for
      each patrol member to share in meal preparation and cleanup, and explain the importance of eating

   4. a. Demonstrate how to whip and fuse the ends of a rope.

       b. Demonstrate you know how to tie the following knots and tell what their uses are: two half hitches
          and the taut-line hitch.

   11. Identify local poisonous plants; tell how to treat for exposure to them.

   12. a. Demonstrate how to care for someone who is choking.

Applicable SECOND CLASS Requirements (All items not necessarily covered on trail)
   2. c. On one campout, demonstrate proper care, sharpening, and use of the knife, saw, and ax, and
      describe when they should be used.

       d. Use the tools listed in requirement 2c to prepare tinder, kindling, and fuel for a cooking fire.

       e. Discuss when it is appropriate to use a cooking fire and a lightweight stove. Discuss the safety
       procedures for using both.

       f. Demonstrate how to light a fire and a lightweight stove.

       g. On one campout, plan and cook over an open fire one hot breakfast or lunch for yourself, selecting
       foods from the food pyramid. Explain the importance of good nutrition. Tell how to transport, store,
       and prepare the foods you selected.

   5   Identify or show evidence of at least ten kinds of wild animals (birds, mammals, reptiles, fish, and
       mollusks) found in your community.

Applicable FIRST CLASS Requirements (All items not necessarily covered on trail)
   4. a. Help plan a patrol menu for one campout that includes at least one breakfast, one lunch, and one
      dinner and that requires cooking at least two meals. Tell how the menu includes the foods from the
      food pyramid and meets nutritional needs.

       b. Using the menu planned in requirement 4a, make a list showing the cost and food amounts needed to
       feed three or more boys and secure the ingredients.

       c. Tell which pans, utensils, and other gear will be needed to cook and serve these meals.

       d. Explain the procedures to follow in the safe handling and storage of fresh meats, dairy products,
       eggs, vegetables, and other perishable food products. Tell how to properly dispose of camp garbage,
       cans, plastic containers, and other rubbish.

       e. On one campout, serve as your patrol's cook. Supervise your assistant(s) in using a stove or building
       a cooking fire. Prepare the breakfast, lunch, and dinner planned in requirement 4a. Lead your patrol in
       saying grace at the meals and supervise cleanup.

   6. Identify or show evidence of at least ten kinds of native plants found in your community.

   7. a. Discuss when you should and should not use lashings

       b. Demonstrate tying the timber hitch and clove hitch and their use in square, shear, and diagonal
       lashings by joining two or more poles or staves together.

     c. Use lashing to make a useful camp gadget.

8.   a. Demonstrate tying the bowline knot and describe several ways it can be used.

                             MERIT BADGE PROGRAM

We are aware that many troops and boys are repeat campers at the High Plains Camporee. In
an effort to improve our Merit Badge program activities, we have added some additional Merit
Badges we have not offered previously. These badges are in addition to those badges that have
become the trademark of the High Plains Camporee.

Some of these badges will have to be limited to a specific number of boys because of the nature
and scope of the activities the youth will be involved in, and our ability to manage the group
with the resources we have available.


1. Merit Badge assignments will be made by the Merit Badge Program Director; considering
   the scout’s preferences and their age, as well as their rank. We will also consider such
   issues as: health & safety, as well as space availability in the merit badge class. (NOTE:
   Pre-Registration for a badge IS NOT a guarantee of entry to the merit badge class, but will
   certainly be considered to the maximum extent possible.)
2. Merit badge registration will be “first come, first serve.”
3. In completing the Merit Badge Registration form, please include all information
   requested. This will assist the program staff in the registration process and reduce errors.

(Note: It is our intent to notify units prior to Camporee of the Merit badge Assignments so that
the Merit Badge blue cards can be filled out prior to arrival at camp. Issues involving the merit
badge assignments will be resolved by the Merit Badge Program Director or his Staff.)

1. Merit Badge classes with less than 3 scouts registered may be canceled.
2. All of the merit badges offered are designed to last an entire day.
     Blue cards must be turned in at registration NLT 9:00 Friday night!

The Merit Badge program is not designed as a Merit Badge “give-away”. We have taken extra
steps to ensure that the badges are taught in their entirety, and the boys have actually had the
opportunity to earn the badge through learning, participation, and demonstration.

Assigned volunteers will be responsible for the Scouts for the Merit Badge class. It will be
their responsibility to verify that all scouts present are registered and a blue card is in the packet
for that assigned merit badge, (only registered scouts will have a blue card) After the merit
badge counselor has signed the blue cards, they are to be returned to the Scout, who will
return them to his Scoutmaster! It is the Scoutmasters responsibility to ensure that the
correct merit badge cards for each scout are completed and returned to him PRIOR to
the Scoutmaster meeting on Saturday night. It is not possible to correct blue cards once the
Camporee has ended.

If you are assigned to transport scouts to a merit badge, then you are to remain at the merit
badge site with the youth you transport, for the entire time the merit badge is being taught.


1. Lunch at the remote merit badge sites will be eaten at the merit badge site. This means that
scouts and leaders must plan to bring their lunch and carry it with them. Bring everything you
need for the day to the Opening Ceremony, or you might miss your transportation! Scouts
at remote Merit Badge sites in Burlington will either need to bring lunch or have money to
purchase a lunch at one of the fast food establishments in town. Scouts at Merit Badges on
the Farm will bring their lunches for the day.

2. Some Merit Badges simply will not be able to be completed at the Camporee. The extent
that a scout prepares for his merit badge selection by completing the needed pre-requisite
requirements prior to coming to Camporee and any follow-up reports after the class will
enhance his chances of completing the badge at the Camporee.

3. If a scout has a partial merit badge from a prior Camporee and would like to try and
complete the badge at this year’s Camporee, the Merit Badge Program Director must be made
aware of this need at the time of registration so we can try to arrange time with the Merit Badge
Counselors to work with the scout to complete the partial.

4. NO SCOUT SUBSTITUTIONS on Merit Badges without Registrar’s authorization &

5. Blue Cards will be returned by the Scout to his Scoutmaster upon completion of the Merit
Badge Saturday night. It is the Scoutmasters responsibility to check the blue cards on
Saturday for accuracy and completeness. If there is a problem, it must be settled by the
end of the Scoutmaster meeting Saturday night. Changes are NOT possible after the
Camporee ends. NOTE: Scouts are responsible and accountable for their blue cards. The High
Plains District will not assume responsibility for lost Blue Cards.

6. There will be a special additional coordinated event connected with the Emergency
Preparation and First Aid Merit Badges which will involve the scouts in these merit badges
using the skills learned and applying them to a practical situation. More information about this
will be available at the Friday evening leaders meeting at the Camporee site.

7. Questions about the Merit Badges should be referred to Jerry Gross, District Chairman, or
Robin Arends, District Advancement Committee.

                                          MERIT BADGES - 2009
                      Bring Scout Handbook, Merit badge book, pencil and paper.
  (All merit badges will take an entire day to work on, BUT some you will only be available to receive a
                                            partial completion.)

++ = Merit Badge Requirements changed in 2009
** Indicates Merit Badge Offering is tentative pending counselor availability.
                                                                            Registration Status
Archery                                            (Class Size 12)           STEVE HERNDON
                                                                                  TERRY ADAMSON

Aviation                                           (Class Size 15)          JOHN STEWART

Animal Science/Veterinary Medicine (Class size 20)                          MIDWEST FARMS
                                                                                GARY PENNY

Automobile Maintenance                             (Class Size 15)           SCOTT EDMUNDS

Camping                                            (Class size 15)           RON WEST

Cooking                                            (Class size 18)               BRIAN HORNER

Electricity                                        (Class size 12)               K.C.ELECTRIC
                                                                                       LANCE SMITH

Emergency Prep                                     (Class size 18)               TERRY BRUNSON
        MUST have First Aid Merit Badge to complete MB.

Farm Mechanics                                     (Class Size 25)               JOHN DEERE DEALER

First Aid                                          (Class Size 20)               PAM SMITH
        Class will include CPR training. Have Requirement 2B Done.

Fish & Wildlife Management                         (Class Size 20)               TOM SEAMANS

Geology                                            (Class Size 12)               JIM FROBEITER

Insect Study                                       (Class Size 15)               BRAD SHAEN

Metal Work                                         (Class Size 10)               CASEY BOYD

Pioneering                                         (Class size 18)               BOB HERIFORD

Radio                                              (Class Size 10)               Fr. ERNEST BOND

Scout Skills Challenge                    (Max: Two-Scouts                  MARK TAYLOR / LIZ TAYLOR
(Must be First Class)                            for each team)

Weather                                            (Class Size 12-15)            MIKE BAKER

Wilderness Survival                                (Class Size 20)          SHELDON TATKENHORST
                                   High Plains District Camporee
                                   McArthur’s Farm, Bethune, CO
Registration Deadline: April 10, 2009                   ** => Updated based on 2009 Requirements Book
ARCHERY                           Farm                          None
                        (Must be 1st Class AND Age 12)           Steve Herndon/Terry Adamson
AVIATION                Kit Carson County Airport                Req. 3
                        (Must be 1st Class AND Age 14)
                        Midwest Farms/Penny Ranch                None/6a, 6b
      Gary Penny
AUTOMOBILE MAINTENANCE           Vince GM Center                             None

CAMPING                        Farm                              9a, 9b, 9c.
      Ron West

COOKING                        Farm                              4b, 7d
      Brian Horner

ELECTRICITY                    Farm                               2, 8, 9a
      Lance Smith

EMERGENCY PREP                 Farm                              1, 8b, 8c
      Terry Brunson
FARM MECHANICS                 John Deere Implement              4

FIRST AID                      Farm                              2d
       Pam Smith
FISH & WILDLIFE MGT            Farm                              None
       Kristi Gay

GEOLOGY                        Farm                              None
     Jim Frohbeiter

INSECT STUDY                   Farm                              Req 4a, 4b, &7
      Brad Shaen

METAL WORK                     Burlington                        None
      Casey Boyd

PIONEERING                     Farm                              Req.
      Bob Heriford

RADIO                      Stratton – Catholic Church Rectory    Req. 7
        Fr. Ernest Bond

SCOUT SKILLS CHALLENGE         Farm                      Refer to: See Scout Skills Packet
      Mark Taylor

     Mike Baker                        Farm                                  8

WILDERNESS SURVIVAL                      Farm                            None
         Sheldon Tatkenhorst
Scout Name: __________________________________________ Age _______ Rank ___________
(Circle One) First Class Trail           Merit Badge
1st Choice __________________ 2 nd Choice ___________________ 3 rd Choice ___________


We are happy to announce that Coleman Camping Products will again set up their
famous outdoor camp store with a wide variety of products that will be available for
sale to scouts and scouters at greatly reduced prices. In addition, any scouter who
shops at the Coleman outlet store in Castle Rock automatically receives a 20% discount
on anything they buy simply by showing the cashier your scout ID card or by wearing
your uniform.

At the High Plains Camporee, as a special added promotion FOR THIS EVENT
ONLY, the Coleman Camping Store will also offer a wide variety of camping gear at
prices even greater than their normal 20% discount.

So scouts and scouters, come prepared to shop and get some excellent buys on any
equipment you purchase. Remember, the remote campsite store will accept cash,
checks, or credit cards.

                  CAMPOREE AGENDA
                   FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2009
1:00-9:00 pm          Registration/Check-in & Campsite setup
9:30 pm               Scoutmaster/SPL Meeting at Registration tent
11:00 pm              Lights Out
                  SATURDAY, APRIL 18, 2009
6:00 am               Reveille
7:00-7:55 am          Breakfast & Cleanup
8:00-8:30 am          Opening Ceremony / Additional Information (All Eagle Scouts)
8:30-12:00noon        Merit Badge Classes
                      First Class Trail
12:00-1:15pm          Lunch & Clean-up
1:15–5:00pm           Merit Badge Classes
                      First Class Trail (Continued thru 3:30)
(1:00-3:30 pm)        Campsite & Scout Gadget Inspections
3:30-5:00 pm          Scoutmaster Advancement Review (First Class Trail)
                      Troop hospitality time (Visit other troops & Coleman site)
5:00-6:30pm           Troop Free time / Dinner preparation / Cleanup
7:00-9:30pm           Flag Ceremony / Campfire Program / Awards Presentation
9:45 pm               SM/SPL Meeting / Feedback / Problem Resolution
9:30-11:00pm          Troop Time
11:00pm               Lights Out
                    SUNDAY, APRIL 19, 2009
6:30am                Reveille
6:30-8:20am           Breakfast & Cleanup
8:30-9:00am           Nondenominational Church Service (Near flagpole)
9:00-11:00am          Pack-up / Campsite Inspection / Depart

                        TRAVEL FROM COLORADO SPRINGS
If you are traveling from Colorado Springs, take Hwy 24 East to Limon. Continue past the
McDonalds to I-70 East. Go east on I-70 east until you come to the Bethune Exit #429. Turn
North (Left). The Camporee site will be approximately 16 miles North, on the Bethune Road.
Watch for signs (turn left) to the Camporee that will direct you to the site.

                             TRAVEL FROM BURLINGTON
Take I-70 to Bethune. Turn north (right), and travel approximately 16 miles. The Camporee
site will be approximately 16 miles North, on the Bethune Road. Watch for signs (turn left) to
the Camporee that will direct you to the site.


                         YOUTH & ADULT ROSTER
Troop/Crew/ # ____________________             DISTRICT ________________
      (Circle One)

1. ______                               9. ______
2. __________________                   10. ______
3. ________________________________ 11. _________________________________
4. ________________________________ 12. _________________________________
5. ________________________________ 13. _________________________________
6. ________________________________ 14. _________________________________
7. ________________________________ 15. _________________________________
8. ________________________________ 16. _________________________________

                     Unit leaders must retain in camp throughout Camporee

                       PARENT/GUARDIAN CONSENT FORM
                          FOR BSA AVIATION FLIGHTS

I certify that I am the parent or legal guardian of the participant listed below, and I give my consent for
him/her to participate in flight/flights listed. I understand that participation in aviation activities
involves a certain degree of risk that could result in injury or death. I have carefully considered the risk
involved and agree to hold the Boy Scout of America, Inc. the Pikes Peak Council, BSA (this is your
local council), their agents and employees, and the Merit Badge Counselors harmless for all personal
injury which could result from participation in this flying program.

Date of flight: April 10, 2009

_____________________________________                 ______________________________________
Name of Boy Scout / Venturer                          Parent/Guardian Signature

                                                      Parent/Guardian Signature
                                                      (If two parents/guardians, both need to sign)

Bin No. 23-673 (96)

Pikes Peak Council Camper Information/Permission Form
Name of Activity: High Plains District Camporee
Date: April 17, 2009 – April 19, 2009
Scout’s Name: _________________________________________________________________
Home Address: _________________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip: __________________________________________________________________

Parent or Guardian Name: _________________________________________________________
Home Address (if different from above): ______________________________________________
City/State/Zip: ____________________________________ Phone: _____________________
Place of Employment: ______________________________ Phone: _____________________

Parent or Guardian Name: _________________________________________________________
Home Address (if different from above): ______________________________________________
City/State/Zip: ____________________________________ Phone: _____________________
Place of Employment: ______________________________ Phone: _____________________

In case of an emergency, contact: __________________________________________________

Persons designated to take child from camp (include name, address, and phone #):____________
Scout’s Doctor’s Name: ___________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip: ____________________________________ Phone: _____________________

                               Authorization For Emergency Medical Care
I hereby give permission to camp officials to call a doctor or emergency medical services and for the doctor,
hospital or medical service to provide emergency medical or surgical care for my child should an emergency
arise. It is understood that camp officials will make a conscientious effort to locate the emergency contacts listed
above before any action will be taken. If it is not possible to locate emergency contacts listed, I/we will accept
the expense of emergency medical or surgical treatment.
Parent (s) or Guardian (s) Signatures:

                  ___________________________________                Date _______________________

                  ___________________________________                Date _______________________

              Authorization To Participate or Exclude Participation in Camp Activities
I hereby give permission for my child to go on trips away from camp premises, whether on foot or by vehicle. I
give permission for my child to participate in all camp activities with the following exceptions.
Parent (s) or Guardian (s) Signatures:
                 ______________________________________              Date _________________________

                                Pikes Peak Council
                                Health History Form
Name:   ______________________________________      Birth date: _____________

Home Address: __________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip:   ____________________________      Phone: __________________

Date of last physical exam by a physician:    ____________________________

Name of Health Insurance:    _____________________________________________

1. List communicable diseases and/or serious illness or surgeries, which
Scout or Staff Member has or has had: __________________________________

2. List any know drug reactions and allergies which the Scout or Staff Member
has or has had: ________________________________________________________

3. List any prescription or nonprescription medication which the Scout or
Staff Member must take:
  Name of Medication        Dosage      Frequency     Prescribing Physician

4. Describe any special diets which the Scout or Staff Member must follow:

5. Are there any activities that the Scout or Staff Member should not
participate in? ________________________________________________________
6. Date of last Tetanus vaccination: _________________________________
** This form is to be completed and/or updated by the parent before each
outing. It does not require a physician’s exam, but there should have been an
examination by a physician within the last calendar year.


     1.    You will enforce reasonable travel speed in accordance with state and local laws in all motor vehicles.

     2.    If by motor vehicle:
           a.       Driver qualifications: All drivers must have a valid driver’s license and be at least 18 years of
                    age. Youth member exception: When traveling to an area, regional, or national Boy Scout
                    activity or any Explorer event under the leadership of an adult (21+) tour leader, a youth member
                    at least 16 years of age may be a driver, subject to the following conditions: (1) Six months’
                    driving experience as a licensed driver (time on a learner’s permit or equivalent is not to be
                    counted); (2) no record of accidents or moving violations; (3) parental permission has been
                    granted to leader, driver, and riders; (4) a 21-year-old licensed driver must be a passenger in the

           b.       If the vehicle to be used is designed to carry more than fifteen persons (including driver) the
                    driver must have a commercial driver’s license (CDL).
                    CDL Expiration Date:

           c.       Driving time is limited to a maximum of 12 hours and must be interrupted by frequent rest, food,
                    and recreation stops.

           d.       Seat belts must be provided, and must be used, by all passengers and driver.
                    Exception: A school bus or commercial bus.

           e.       If trucks are used, all passengers will ride only in the cab of the truck.


     1.    We will use the Safe Swim Defense in any water activity.
     2.    We will use trucks only for transporting equipment -- no passengers except in the cab. All passenger cars,
           station wagons, recreational vehicles, and cabs of trucks will have a seat belt for each passenger.
     3.    We agree to enforce reasonable travel speed (in accordance with national, state and local laws) and use
           only vehicles that are in safe mechanical condition.
     4.    We will be certain that fires are attended at all times.
     5.    We will apply for a fire permit from local authorities in all areas where it is required.
     6.    We will at all times be a credit to the Boy Scouts of America and will not tolerate rowdyism or un-Scout
           like conduct, keeping a constant check on all members of our group.
     7.    We will maintain high standards of personal cleanliness and orderliness and will operate a clean and
           sanitary camp, leaving it in a better condition than we found it.
     8.    We will not litter or bury any trash, garbage, or tin cans. All rubbish that cannot be burned will be placed
           in a tote-litter bag and taken to the nearest recognized trash disposal or all the way home, if necessary.
     9.    We will not deface trees, restrooms, or other objects with initials or writing.
     10.   We will respect the property of others and will not trespass.
     11.   We will not cut standing trees or shrubs without specific permission from the landowner or manager.
     12.   We will collect only souvenirs that are gifts to us or that we purchase.
     13.   We will pay our own way and not expect concessions or entertainment from any individual or group.
     14.   We will provide every member of our party an opportunity to attend religious services on the Sabbath.
     15.   We will observe the courtesy to write thank-you notes to persons who assisted us on our trip.
     16.   We will, in case of backcountry expedition, read and abide by the Wilderness Use Policy of the BSA.
     17.   We will notify, in case of serious trouble, our local council service center, our parents, or other local
     18.   If more than one vehicle is used to transport our group, we will establish rendezvous points at the start of
           each day and not attempt to have drivers closely follow the group vehicle in front of them.

                 HAZARDOUS WEATHER
                  EVACUATION PLAN

This document will be sent to registered units with your MB


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